How to Optimize the Shopify Thank You Page: Tips for Effective and Attractive Design

How to Optimize the Shopify Thank You Page: Tips for Effective and Attractive Design

When someone gives us something valuable, we usually thank them. When we buy something from a great shopkeeper or cashier, they thank us for our business. We have given them something valuable, and that is our time, money, and trust!

With every transaction, customers are looking for a touch of humanity, and eCommerce doesn't lose this element. It makes all the difference to the customer experience, and therefore their likelihood of returning to your store, to have a great Shopify thank you page.

What Is a Shopify Thank You Page

The Shopify thank you page is the page you are taken to after completing a final action on the store. As usual, the page gives you a brief thank you message that expresses the owner's appreciation for you completing that action - just like any customer would expect.

A transactional thank you page is the most common type of Shopify thank you page, which thanks a customer for completing a purchase.

In contrast, a growing number of online marketers are opting for thank you pages that thank users for becoming leads, such as signing up to email newsletters, downloading e-books, or registering for a free trial.

Why Optimize Your Shopify Thank You Page

You should optimize your Shopify thank you page for several reasons. Here are a few of them.

It's expensive to get new customers.

It is hard to reach your target audience when the number of online stores grows by the day. The competition to offer the best discount isn't just for the spotlight, you're also vying for the limelight. At the end of the day, you're spending on ads to promote your brand, then on acquiring customers, etc.

Customers who purchase more frequently make larger purchases.

The shopper who just completed a purchase on your store has demonstrated trust in your brand and the products you offer. These customers are more likely to check out other products, deals, and sales in your store than new ones. It only takes a timely reminder to encourage them to do so. And what's more? Your average order value increases as well!

Revenue increases with repeat sales.

With an optimized Shopify thank you page, you can sell more to an existing customer. You will also spend less money acquiring new customers this way. Repeat sales are less expensive than trying for a new one, resulting in more revenue for your store!

Essential Components of A Shopify Thank You Page

It seems that something so effective in building customer loyalty must be pretty difficult to construct. That's not the case. If you know what elements to include, creating a Shopify thank you page can be very simple.

To help you determine which Shopify thank you page features will work for your store, here are some of the key features:

1. Create a Customized Message

You can make your thank you page design feel a little more personal by adding a personal touch. When you include a customer's name in a thank you note, you convey your appreciation and importance to the individual.

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If you want to impress your customer even further, include their shipping address on the thank you page. Indirectly, it confirms the customer's successful purchase and leaves a personal touch on their heart. When creating a non-purchase thank you page, such as one for a newsletter subscription, you can be creative and add another element of personalization.

2. Provide a Reason for them to Return

You can't just expect customers to come back because of your name. A concrete, financial reason for them to return to your store in the future is in addition to the quality of your product.

You can achieve this by two effective methods:

  • A discount - such as 20% or 30% off your next order.
  • Customers can earn points through repeat purchases and eventually claim rewards through a loyalty program.

There are already many excellent articles about the power of discounts and the effectiveness of loyalty programs, so we won't delve too deeply into them here. In essence, you just need to know that a great Shopify thank you page will leverage both of these to foster both near-term and long-term repeat purchases.

3. Establish a Stronger Connection

You can add your social media icons to the thank you page. Your customers can then get in touch with you via the social media platform of their choice.

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To keep clients engaged with your brand, social media is one of the most effective channels. However, it may be difficult to get them to follow you on your social media page. Alternatively, you can encourage existing customers to follow you if you want them to convert.

4. Referral Incentives

Customers may need an extra push to recommend your brand to friends and family. No worries if your 'share to social' buttons aren't cutting it, there are other options. Referral programs offer financial incentives to your best advocates, your customers, so they will spread the word about your company.

Your Shopify thank you page is a great place to display the visual steps of a referral program to get new customers involved. Taking advantage of this psychological high, a customer is motivated to seek out the highest referral tier immediately after purchasing a product.

5. Share a Survey Link

A brand new customer can also be utilized in another way. An onsite survey on your Shopify thank you page gives your customers a chance to evaluate the process they've just been through.

Your store's future is dependent on the results of completed surveys. You need to find out what's working and what's not working from the people who are buying your products.

6. Tracking Details

Online shopping is an exercise in trust that we are all familiar with. A major concern of eCommerce customers is that they won't be able to track their product once they've bought it, and they'll have to rely on their faith in humanity to ensure that their purchase reaches them.

Shopify Thank You Page - DSers

This innate faith in humanity is understandably rare in these times. As a result, tracking information can help eliminate trust issues and foster long-term relationships between you and your consumers.

7. Get Additional Details

As you thank your buyers for their purchase from your eCommerce platform, you can ask for more information. You may want to know their date of birth, for example. You can then send an email containing a discount or an impressive offer on their birthday using this simple data. The benefit of doing this is that existing customers will be re-engaged and will repeat their purchases.

8. Trust Badges

You naturally want to reward trust in the sport of repeat purchases by putting it on a podium, draping medals around its neck, and drenching it in Gatorade.

In this rather contrived analogy, trust badges are the medals. They are visual symbols that represent important assurances about the product your customer just bought, like free shipping, money-back guarantees, and endorsements from third parties.

Usually, trust badges appear on product pages and checkout pages to encourage conversions. Even so, it is a good idea to include them on a Shopify thank you page after the conversion is completed. It cultivates long-term confidence in your company.

Simple Tips to Optimize Your Shopify Thank You Page

eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay customize their thank-you pages, so do you want to not do the same?

Here are the top tips for optimizing your Shopify thank you page and making more money from each sale.

1. Include Survey Questions

Qualitative survey questions are an excellent way to enhance the quality of your business, website, and marketing. In addition, adding a survey to the customer journey can disrupt the conversion process itself.

You can put your survey on this Thank you page. In the case of a customer signing up for an account, why did he choose to invest in your store, etc., you can simply ask why that person made that decision.

2. Increase Social Sharing

Now that you have customers who have made purchases on your store, if they seem more committed to your brand and enjoyed the experience, then you should make use of them to share things about your store.

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By encouraging them to share your website with their friends and followers, you can boost your social sharing rates. This will result in free advertising for your brand.

3. Include a Video for Customers to Watch

All a customer expects to see on the thank you page is their order information. Make it memorable by embedding a video that talks directly to them.

A video can be used to inform your audience about upcoming product launches, subscription plans, shipping processes, or upcoming sales.

4. Use a Pop-up to Promote a Time-sensitive Offer

The purchase has just been completed by the shopper. This customer is bound to leave as soon as they check the order details. Consider using their intent to leave the site to promote something that keeps them on the site for a few more minutes rather than just letting them walk away?

Utilize a popup to grab the customer's attention and offer a time-sensitive discount. Your customers will make more purchases before they leave if they sense urgency and fear of missing out on a great deal.

5. Engage Social Media and Drive Referrals

Followers of brands on social media spend more money with them. When your brand appears repeatedly on the social feeds of your customers, you're indirectly building a relationship with them.

After a purchase, many brands request a follow, but why wait? You should ask your customers to follow you on social media on your order confirmation page so they stay engaged with your brand.

Customers want to flaunt their new purchases, so the easier it is for them to do so, the more likely they are to become new customers.

6. Upsell Your Products

Thank you pages on Shopify are usually boring. There is only a bill and a customer order. You will also send the same information to the customer via email and text message. Isn't it time you added more information to the checkout page?

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It is already known what this customer's preferences are and how much money they have to spend. Make use of this information to upsell products from other ranges.

7. Use Social Media to Stay Connected

The most effective way to keep your customers engaged with your brand is through social media. However, it can be difficult to get these customers to follow you online. It is more likely that an existing customer will convert when you nudge them to follow you.

The Shopify thank you page is a good place for encouraging customers to connect with you on Facebook or Instagram. You can also reward them for sharing your brand or their purchase by offering incentives.

8. Get to Know Your Customers Better

The products they browsed and the ones they purchased have already been tracked. Try and get more information before they leave that doesn't get recorded easily.

It is possible to set up automated marketing campaigns based on that data to re-engage and convert shoppers. One example is sending them a birthday discount!

9. Reduce Buyer's Remorse

Have you ever bought something and felt guilty or even regretted it? Then you know what buyer's remorse feels like. Eight out of ten people confess to experiencing buyer's remorse regularly.

We experience buyer's remorse when we subconsciously regret spending too much money or wish we'd bought something else instead. The good news is that a thank you page can do a lot to ease these uncomfortable feelings.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Don't just say "thank you," reinforce the benefits of your product - remind customers why they just made the right choice.
  • To assuage any doubts you may have about your products, you can use customer testimonials.

10. Sending Post-purchase Emails

Customers also tend to close their browser tab when they see the line "Thank you for your purchase". Moreover, many people only read about 20 percent of the pages when they see them. It is a smart move to send a post-purchase email to encourage them to follow up.

When all of the products in an order have been paid and completed, a post-purchase email is sent. Including coupons, sharing buttons, surveys, resources, and so on, is totally up to you in your post-purchase emails. In turn, it provides your customers with another opportunity to engage with your brand more.


Optimizing your Shopify Thank you page presents a great opportunity to turn shoppers who already trust you into repeat customers. It's essential to customize, but don't go overboard. Please keep in mind that your thank you page must provide clarity above all else - clarity about your customer's payment status, their order details, and their shipping status.

The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your new customer with overly aggressive upsells and endless requests for engagement. It's important to find a balance between pushing for more conversions and not sacrificing the customer's experience.

You will find that customers come back more time and time again when you add value to your thank you page instead of just asking.

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