Best Shopify Review Apps of the Year 2024! (Free+Paid)

Best Shopify Review Apps of the Year 2024! (Free+Paid)

Updated by March 18,2024

Do you want to increase the dependability and credibility of your online store? Displaying customer reviews and ratings is one efficient approach to do this. If Shopify is the platform that powers your online business, you can manage and display customer reviews using various Shopify review apps. Let’s take a look at the top 7 best Shopify review apps of 2024.

Why Do You Need Shopify Reviews

Why Do You Need Shopify Reviews - DSers

For retailers using Shopify or another eCommerce platform, product reviews may be a valuable resource for several reasons:

  • Social proof: When potential consumers learn that other people have had good experiences with a product, it can boost their trust and increase their likelihood of making a purchase. In eCommerce, trust is crucial.
  • Search rankings: More favorable ratings can increase a store's exposure in search results since search engines like Google frequently consider customer reviews as a ranking element.
  • Stable development: Reviewers can assist in finding opportunities for development by providing merchants with insightful information about the positive and negative aspects of their items. This can assist businesses in identifying areas for development and modifying their offerings or customer support.

In general, customer reviews may benefit retailers that sell on Shopify and other eCommerce platforms since they can boost sales, enhance search rankings, and give retailers helpful information.

What Makes the Best Shopify Review App

What Makes the Best Shopify Review App - DSers

These requirements must be met by a top-tier Shopify review app:

Easy to use: A seamless, user-friendly drag-and-drop interface is essential because most Shopify business owners are not tech-savvy.

Image and video reviews: Reviews that include photos and videos are unquestionably more trustworthy and exciting.

Good integration: Especially with popular Shopify apps that you may already have easy to integrate

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Pleasing aesthetics: To encourage consumers to read and leave more evaluations, the review area must be appealing to the sight.

Reasonable price: It must offer unique characteristics that are efficient and deserving of your hard-earned cash.

Incredible customer support: Store owners may have problems installing, debugging, and customizing new apps. They require an eager and accommodating support group.

Rewards and loyalty incentives: Three out of four customers will favor a shop with loyalty programs if it offers incentives and prizes. Rewards incentives have shown to be incredibly successful in upselling and retaining devoted clients. Apps that don't offer this functionality are one step behind the market competition.

Top Best Shopify Review Apps of the Year 2024

Let's now check out the top Shopify review apps of 2023 and for 2024.

1. Loox

1. Loox Shopify App Store - DSers

A senior Shopify review app that has gotten good reviews is Loox. With its excellent basic functionality, gorgeous design, and budget-friendly plan, it offers a minimalistic approach to app evaluations.


  • Beginner: $9.99/mo.
  • Growth: $34.99/mo.
  • Unlimited: $299.99/mo.


  • 14-day free trial period, quite a long trial.
  • Automatic emails for review requests.
  • Review widgets are present on a wide range of eCommerce pages.
  • Discounts can be offered to customers in return for reviews of their images. Reviews can be shown in sidebars, pop-up widgets, galleries, and carousels.
  • Enable Google Shopping and rich snippets.
  • Google Analytics integration for further marketing and sales research.
  • Effective integration.


  • No free subscription.
  • The pro plan is the only one that offers complete customization.
  • No video reviews exist for the more affordable subscriptions.
  • Has several crucial elements missing, such as powerful AI analysis capabilities or a shoppable Instagram.
  • Google Shopping is not included in less expensive membership plans.

Best for: Loox is a simple yet powerful solution for customer reviews for companies of all sizes. If you have a lot of items and your business gets plenty of reviews each month, Loox is also perfect for you.

2. Ali Reviews

2. AliReviews Shopify App Store - DSers

On the list of Shopify review apps, Ali Reviews also stands out. Increasing the exposure of consumer evaluations, it's a powerful software that aids business owners in developing a reputation and raising conversion rates. To satisfy the needs of various sorts of organizations, there are several beneficial features, user-friendly interfaces, and different subscription plans accessible.


After 7-day free trial, you can try these plans as below:

  • Free.
  • Starter: $9.90/mo & Free SMS credits ($0.3).
  • Essential: $19.90/mo & Free SMS credits ($5).
  • Premium: $49.90/mo & Free SMS credits ($15).


  • Possible to quickly input more than 100 AliExpress picture reviews.
  • Completely responsive and mobile-friendly, and perfectly compatible with any shop theme.
  • Send personalized, automated review requests via SMS and email.
  • To add the widgets to any store page, just drag them there (zero coding required).
  • Personalized reviews based on user information and website behavior are displayed.
  • Customer and product ratings should be shown in the Google Shopping stream.
  • Review migration from other applications is simple.


  • Short free trial.
  • No video reviews.
  • Less expensive plans provide fewer features.
  • This particular app for product reviews has a very slow loading time.
  • The branding "powered by Ali review" is clearly evident in any section featuring customer reviews.

Best for: Retailers that dropship products from AliExpress.


3. Shopify App Store -  DSers seems to have the most reasonable price. It contains a number of supplementary features including scheduling review requests and Google speed test consultation in addition to providing simple and efficient review operations. Once you start doing the actual job, these capabilities will unquestionably be useful.

But what really strikes us about is that it offers a fantastic free plan with useful features. People and stores with a tight budget should certainly use this app.


  • Forever Free: $0/mo.
  • Awesome: $15/mo.


  • Easy to use.
  • Offers a free plan with a variety of features.
  • Unlimited requests for reviews of any plan.
  • The free plan offers advanced features including critiques of images or videos within emails.
  • Import/export capabilities for reviews.
  • Good compatibility with almost all Shopify themes.
  • Native support for Google rich results and snippets is available.


  • Free trial for the premium service just for fresh improvements.
  • The software still leaves a script in your theme even after it is deleted.
  • Adverts on the free plan.
  • The admin user interface occasionally seems unnecessarily complicated; it might be a little more user-friendly.
  • Coupons need a paid subscription.

Best for: Any type of company that requires a free plan and limitless review requests.

4. Vitals

4. Vitals Shopify App Store - DSers

Vitals has 40 distinct applications in one, so it's not only a review app. It is quick, simple to use, light, and economical. The most intriguing product review we currently have is for Vitals, which has an average rating of 5 stars from thousands of users.


Only Basic plan: $29.99/mo.


  • 30-day very lengthy free trial.
  • 40 applications may be easily integrated.
  • Send email requests for reviews, import CSV data, or export from Ali.
  • Comments, reviews, and confirmed review badges on images.
  • Outstanding and prompt customer service.
  • Lightweight and won't slow down your website's speed.


  • Has no video reviews.
  • Has no customer loyalty program.

Best for: Small- to medium-sized organizations in need of a simple, lightweight solution. It's also worth a try if you're interested in some of the other additional features that Vitals has to offer.


5. Shopify App Store - DSers

One of the most popular Shopify review apps available on Shopify is The expansion is effective; it has both necessary and distinctive elements that have the potential to significantly increase sales figures. You may have a look at reviews or the option that allows the same review to appear simultaneously on several websites, for instance.


  • Lite plan: Free.
  • Basic plan: $23/mo.
  • Premium plan: $59/mo.
  • Business plan: $149/mo.


  • Reviews may be seen on the most significant shop pages thanks to various displaying widgets.
  • Gather feedback from a variety of methods, including FB Messenger, AliExpress, email, and SMS.
  • Large-scale review moderation is made simple by avoiding the use of sensitive terms that have been pre-listed.
  • Enable structured data that is SEO-friendly (rich snippets).
  • Publish reviews on Google Shopping.
  • Shoppable Galleries that are easy to manage and add tags to Instagram photos that link back to websites create a lot of user-generated content (UGC).
  • Outstanding client service. There is always help available, even with the free plan.
  • Net promoter score (NPS), which gauges client happiness.
  • Excellent analytical tool with AI.
  • Many different applications are simple to integrate.
  • Q&A is permitted on the product page.


  • The free and basic plans are deficient in many crucial aspects.
  • Depending on each plan, the total number of orders is constrained. The most popular plan restricts orders to 500 per month.
  • The loyalty and rewards programs are independent. As a result, you must buy new software or a whole suite of programs.
  • Only the Pro package includes the Shoppable Instagram functionality.

Best for: The premium subscription is ideal for mid-sized companies that process less than 500 orders per month and want a robust, feature-rich app with excellent technical support.

6. Yotpo

6. Yotpo Shopify App Store - DSers

Yotpo, one of the first Shopify review applications, is well-known among those who are knowledgeable about the platform. The app is more expensive than average. But with its top-notch features, solid integrations, substantial app library, AI-powered analyses, and personalized strategies, it is truly outstanding.


  • Free plan
  • Growth 50 plan: $15/mo.
  • Growth 100 plan: $24/mo.
  • Growth 250 plan: $49/mo.


  • Using client input, construct a solid data table.
  • Utilize the primary dashboard to manage all client evaluations (approve or deny).
  • Even for a free subscription, customer support is excellent.
  • Highlight the main ideas from each product evaluation.
  • Management of reviews and user-generated content (UGC) from all retailers in one place.
  • Facebook page with strong social interaction and integrated reviews.
  • Google Shopping, Rich Snippets, and SEO-friendly.


  • Little-used free plan with few features.
  • High beginning costs and no plans with excellent value.
  • Inaccessible to less knowledgeable retailers.

Best for: Big businesses or established companies that require a robust, feature-rich reviewing tool with total support and customization.


7. Shopify App Store - DSers is more reasonably priced. The software just offers the bare minimum in terms of unique features and integrations. However, Fera obtains an incredible 5-star average rating, demonstrating that the company's "simplicity is the best" concept seems to be flourishing wonderfully.


  • Free
  • Startup plan: $9/mo.
  • Small plan: $29/mo.
  • Medium plan: $99/mo.


  • Unlimited reviews for the free subscription.
  • Import current evaluations from a variety of sources.
  • Enabling reviews on Google Shopping and Google Search.
  • Different customers' offers of incentives for reviews.
  • To make displaying product reviews easier, group related goods.
  • You may utilize photo/video wall widgets, shop reviews, average rating badges, and product reviews to show reviews on your store.


  • The free plan has a maximum number of widgets and review requests (10 to 100 requests per month).
  • Cheaper plans with fewer admin users.
  • It lacks several great features, like SEO tools and statistics, when compared to competing programs.
  • Developer customization is only available in more-priced plans.

Best for: Individual newcomers and small enterprises on a restricted budget looking for an affordable option that works well.

Final Words

You have undoubtedly seen that there isn't just one app that could rule them all. And there are many more Shopify review apps available to pick from! How then can you approach it?

Choose an app that offers all the functions you want and give it a try. Discover more helpful tools for your eCommerce business on DSers.

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