What Is Shop Pay Offered by Shopify? Is It Safe and Fast?

What Is Shop Pay Offered by Shopify? Is It Safe and Fast?

Shop Pay offered by Shopify provides more than just a straightforward "checkout button." It dramatically improves client satisfaction and might boost your store's revenue. But that's not all. Let’s check out what Shop Pay is and whether it is really safe or fast.

What Is Shop Pay Offered by Shopify

What Is Shop Pay Offered by Shopify - DSers

Shop Pay, formerly known as Shopify Pay, is a quicker checkout solution for Shopify shops. This app has been one of the most widely used payment methods ever since it was first introduced in 2017. Nearly 1.3 million people have already chosen Shop Pay as the payment solution for their businesses.

Shop Pay is a component of the store, a virtual shopper that goes with clients while they shop online. This app promises better payment, tracking, and buying for online customers.

Shop Pay Features

Shop Pay Features - DSers

Shop Pay offers various features that are helpful for both buyers and sellers. Let’s look through some key features of Shop Pay.

Key Features of Shop Pay for Buyers

Shop Pay provides distinctive characteristics for online customers and merchants. Let's begin with the functions targeted at internet shoppers.

  • A cart filler: Shop Pay's primary goal is to speed up the checkout procedure. Therefore, you only need to submit your payment information once, and the platform will recognize your profile anytime you go to an online retailer that accepts Shop Pay.
  • Paying in installments or in full: Shop Pay's feature to allow you to select how you wish to pay for purchases is one of its best features. You have the option of making the whole payment at once or dividing it into several interest-free installments.
  • Transaction auto logging: Shop Pay keeps a record of every order you've ever placed, so you can access your purchase history to view all the information about previous Shop Pay purchases.
  • Easy access to customer support: You may use Shop Pay to gain immediate access to the online resources of the shop you're now shopping at. You may thus access all of the customer support links, FAQs, and other tools the retailer gives to assist customers.
  • Customized shopping recommendations: You can get purchasing recommendations from Shop Pay as well, but it uses a different method to do so. The platform employs a variety of data, some of which comes from your shopping preferences and some of which are created from your inputs, like your preferred retailer.
  • Shop local functionality: With this feature, you may indicate the neighborhood shops you favor or search for neighborhood shops.

Key Features of Shop Pay for Retailers

Up until now, you have got some of its most valuable features for online customers. These merchant-specific features have helped it become highly well-liked among shops:

  • Marketing automation: While Shopify's standard checkout modules offer many marketing opportunities, Shop Pay has taken things a step further. Shop Pay is already installed on client devices, so businesses can easily send automated marketing messages along the customer journey.
  • Performance tracking: Shop Pay monitors several variables to assess the effectiveness of retailers. All of these assist you in not just gaining precise insights into the success of your company but also in fostering consumer confidence.
  • Complete store and checkout customization: Shop Pay allows retailers to choose how and what their customers will see throughout the checkout process. Along with letting you personalize several crucial elements, Shop Pay also enables you to upload custom photos for your business, including your cover photo and logo, as well as contact information and customer support resources.
  • Shop Pay button: Today, retailers may utilize Shop Pay without having a Shopify store, which is one of its best features. Unlike in the past, non-Shopify businesses can now benefit from Shopify's assistance. Simply adding a Shop Pay button will enable them to sell on Facebook, Google, and Instagram.
  • Mobile app to manage notifications, shipping, and marketing: All facets of your business may be easily managed with the Shop Pay merchant app.
  • Placement on curated lists: One of the main strategies used by internet businesses to introduce their products to potential clients is through things like product suggestions, curated lists, and local shopping options. Shop Pay also provides all of these.

How Does Shop Pay Work

How Does Shop Pay Work - DSers

A small company' Shopify account settings allow it to enable and disable Shop Pay. Small businesses may utilize Shop Pay regardless of whether they use the integrated payment processor built into Shopify or other payment processors. Shop Pay is available to merchants that sell on social media like Instagram or Facebook platform.

Here is the checkout process by Shop Pay:

  • When utilizing Shop Pay, customers are directed to the order review page during the checkout process. They get an email or SMS with a digit number when they approve the transaction. The order is completed once they input the code on the checkout page.
  • Customers may utilize their stored information to make another purchase using the same device without re-verifying themselves.
  • Customers can modify the details of their Shop Pay accounts and withdraw their consent to Shop Pay at any time.
  • If a company offers pickup or delivery services, Shop Pay lets customers choose those options.

Is Shop Pay Safe

Is Shop Pay Safe - DSers

There are many reasons to say that Shop Pay is safe.

Due to factors like PCI compliance, SMS verification, and encrypted data, both customers and retailers can enjoy a high level of purchasing security. That is essential at a time when fewer consumers than ever before have confidence in online businesses. Customers and businesses may interact with more assurance thanks to the added protection.

Even on behalf of the merchants, the processor manages all payment security components. Technical knowledge is not required. Because of this, Shop Pay is a fantastic option for businesses that don't want to engage a developer to make their website user-friendly.

Is Shop Pay Fast? Shop Pay Pros and Cons

Shop Pay was created to streamline and expedite your checkout process, improving customer satisfaction and increasing conversion rates. Thousands of Shopify merchants have already begun taking Shop Pay. These establishments have witnessed up to 40% faster checkout completion times and up to 18% greater conversion rates for repeat consumers.

Now let’s take a look at the Shop Pay pros and cons:


  • Reduces cart abandonment: It might feel like an opportunity is being lost when a consumer decides not to complete a transaction. Fortunately, customers who have Shop Pay enabled may skip the time-consuming procedure of entering their personal information and proceed directly to placing a purchase.
  • Saves time for shoppers: Customers save time since utilizing Shop Pay is 70% faster than a standard checkout and has a 1.72x greater conversion rate, according to Shopify statistics. Every eCommerce vendor enjoys seeing those figures.
  • Increase in client loyalty: Customers are more likely to pick your brand over the competition if they are certain that buying from your business will be simple and quick.
  • Several customer support channels: You can get answers to your queries on many platforms. To allay any residual worries, there is an active online community, a support center with FAQs, and a chat and email service.
  • Carbon-neutral deliveries: Shop Pay has previously taken significant steps to safeguard rainforests throughout the world and is presently preparing to plant 4.6 million trees with allied organizations. Using Shop Pay is an action to take part in this project.


  • There are still actions to be performed: Customers must choose to participate, and in some situations, they must still input a one-time code sent by SMS.
  • Possibly not still relevant: It gives rise to the danger that consumer information may not always be current since details are not continually manually recorded and validated. Customers can, however, use the tool at any time to update the information that is currently on file.
  • Only better for specific kinds of retailers: If you don't have many loyal consumers, this tool may not be as important. You may specialize in selling expensive items that customers buy just once. However, clients who make these substantial purchases might still gain from using Shop Pay Installments.

How to Enable Shop Pay on Your Shopify Store

Now that you have got almost all the essential things about Shop Pay. Based on your target market, you can also choose other proper payment methods. Now let's find out how to activate Shop Pay on your Shop Pay store.

  • Log in and go to your Shopify dashboard.
  • At the Shopify Admin dashboard, navigate to Shopify Payment > Manage.
  • Scroll down to the Accelerated Checkouts section > Choose the option of Shop Pay to enable Shop Pay payment.
  • Click on Save.

How to Enable Shop Pay on Your Shopify Store - DSers

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Shop Pay vs. Shopify Payments

Shop Pay and Shopify Payments are two different products. After creating a Shopify account and turning on the functionality, Shopify Payments is an integrated payment processing solution that enables small companies to take credit cards and other payment types.

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Shop Pay uses third-party vendors or Shopify Payments to handle transactions.

Payment processing companies frequently impose fees and restrictions on the kind of goods you may sell using their service. The issuer, the acquirer, and the credit card firm all collect fees for their services concerning credit card transactions.

Shop Pay Fees

Shop Pay has small fees. Shop Pay is free to use for those who already use Shopify and Shopify Payment. Additionally, Shop Pay installment payments are not subject to late penalties. Even yet, late payments may bar consumers from ever again using installment payments.

That stated, Shopify charges 5.9% + $0.30 for each installment order. Similar to other costs, installment fees are determined on a case-by-case basis and hence may differ from one firm to another.

Who Should Use Shop Pay

Who Should Use Shop Pay - DSers

Shop Pay is best suited for business owners that conduct most or all of their business online. The bulk of its distinctive features, such as speedy checkout and storing payment information, are largely applicable to online sales.

Additionally, if your company benefits significantly from consumers making frequent, recurring purchases, Shop Pay may facilitate these transactions more quickly and easily, fostering customer loyalty and lowering the rate of abandoned carts.

Final Words

Shop Pay is a straightforward and cost-free service that provides your customers with a quick, safe, and easy checkout experience if you operate a Shopify store and use Shopify Payments as your payment processor. Discover more helpful tips for your online business on DSers Blog.

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