How to Earn Extra Penny with Side Business: Top 10 Business Ideas

How to Earn Extra Penny with Side Business: Top 10 Business Ideas

Is there any perfect time to start something new? If your desire is real, it will propel you forward. We commonly overhear successful people in our community making this comment.

You can start a side business anytime if you believe your 9 to 5 work isn't providing you with enough financial security. So do your study in advance and start with your preferred course of action. We'll give you our top 10 picks for side businesses that you can launch anytime to help you focus your online search.

Parameters to Start Side Business: A Few Tips

If you're passionate about enhancing your income, it would be better to  opt-out for a side business. But before it starts, you must lay the groundwork on a few measures so that it’ll go for the long run:  

  • Your skill set
  • Your knowledge of a specific field
  • How much time can you give
  • Whether you need investment
  • What is your target audience
  • How to reach your target buyers etc

You must check these key elements before jumping into any side business. Chalk out the points and do ground research to understand the market scenario.

We're presenting the top 10 best side business ideas that you can start with minimum investment and get maximum return.

10 Best Side Business Ideas You Can Try!


Drop shipping can be your first choice if you're aware of online business trends and their craze among buyers. DSers dropshipping tool is helpful in this context so that you can start your first side business anytime soon. DSers is considered as the best AliExpress dropshipping tool for your e-commerce start-up, where you can find multiple supplier options for products that you can outsource, procure, store and ship to another location.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


Furthermore, DSers integrates with Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce that you'll have exclusive deals for your business. The plus point is that with DSers, you can place a single order or bulk, fetching profit for both. The dropshipping function is simple and easy, from placing an order to tracking the shipment under the DSers banner, to make your business deals hassle-free.

With DSers, you can work with stable suppliers, experience a superb customer base, and stand your position high with industry trends. Keep the considerable margin with you with DSers and do good business.

Cloud Kitchen

If you’re a food lover and relish your taste buds with fusion, authentic, traditional food, you can try Cloud Kitchen. You don't need any office space, cooks, or kitchen setup. You need to join a food delivery service application, and you can manage your local online food order and delivery from your home comfort.

Cloud Kitchen - DSers

To run a successful cloud kitchen, you need an integrated technology system for accepting online food orders, payment processing, and effective kitchen management. You only need to know how to take online food orders and how you can deliver quality and tasty food within time. And if you grab your local market, it'll fetch a good profit.

Stock Photographer

A high-resolution clear photograph has a good buyer base. If you have good hands-on Photography technology, you can try it as your side business to make money. Stock photos have good demand in the media and videography industry, and users are always fond of original images to keep as system wallpaper or make videos after creating collages.

Stock Photographer - DSers

So, if you have a good  camera and you often click to pass your time, it's time you should contact the stock photo collector and earn a few bucks.

Digital Marketer

In this digitalization era, digital marketers’ demand is at the top, especially if you’re a freelancer and operate the entire system from home. There are approx 39 business modules a digital marketer can do, but specifically, a marketer attempts to deal with 3 to 4 modules and run the business successfully.

Digital Marketer - DSers

The required knowledge is good marketing sense and how to operate devices to get the desired results. You can start it after finishing your specific job timing. But it is advisable before starting; you must enroll in an introductory course on digital marketing to be equipped with various tools and how to operate them.

Freelance Writer

If you love to play with words and they flow  almost automatically from your mind and heart, you can hold your pen again and start your side business as a freelance writer. There is massive readable content floating on the internet for which organizations need writers.

Freelance Writer - DSers

You can join any organization as a part-time writer or start it entirely as a freelancer, working with multiple clients. All you need are a typing device, a stable internet connection, and basic knowledge about Google. You can set your niche and start writing on the topics.

Boutique Owner

You can open your personal boutique if you have a good clothing sense and strong knowledge about fabrics, threads, design, etc. The most creative people engage in boutique business and keep it as their side income. The plus point is you can make customized dresses and target your local markets for sales.

Boutique Owner  - DSers

You can use an unused room to open your boutique or rent a small space to store all the clothes you want to sell. All you need is to convince your buyers how the clothing is valuable and how they look while wearing them. Here you must remember if you rent a shop for your boutique, you must have a trade license for billing, etc.

Travel Planner

If you’re a globe trotter and have already visited many tourist destinations, you can be a good travel planner and help people to plan their holidays. People are often confused about what they should visit and how the accommodation would be; local food, culture, and language also influence their trip decision.

You can arrange the plan for them and charge them a few bucks for your service. If you have contacts, you can book flight tickets and hotel rooms on behalf of your clients.  

Life or Career Coach

After high school, students are often in a dilemma about which stream to opt for college studies. In this context, a career coach can save a student’s life. A career coach can guide students about college, stream, and country selection.

Sometimes career coaches play the role of student counselors who can show them the right path to shine in life. Similarly, a life coach helps to offer the proper guidance when people cannot make the right decision for their life or especially when they’re going through hard times. It's a very responsible position, and you should know how to guide them to face life challenges practically.

Online Dating consultant

If you have strong interpersonal skills and love communicating with people, you can start your side business as an online dating consultant. The job is to match people, guide them about their first date, or advise them about their marriage. It doesn't require any license, so you can start from your comfort zone and match couples or help singles to find a better life partner.


If you're great at home fixes, Handyman can be a great start as a side business. People generally prefer to call a familiar person to fix the flowing taps, damaged sink, or modify the bathroom fittings. Electrical fixation is also in demand as these are essential for living, and you cannot stay with damaged electric components. With the essential toolkits, you can start with your friend's home and ask him for a referral; that's it.


You can start any of the above-mentioned professions as a side business because they are all in high demand. A part-time business can be started without a license or other legal documentation. You only need to have a specific understanding of your goods or service and know how to sell it to potential customers.

Above all else, starting a side income through dropshipping with DSers may be the most profitable option. Online trading generates good profits even if you start with a small or no investment.

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