Dropshippers, Get Ready for the Largest Selling Holiday: Single's Day

Dropshippers, Get Ready for the Largest Selling Holiday: Single's Day

To maximize the Christmas shopping season, you should add several Q4 shopping holidays to your eCommerce calendar in addition to Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Let's concentrate on Alibaba's Singles' Day on November 11, which began as a sarcastic response to Valentine's Day in China and developed into a world-record shopping occasion. As a dropshipper, you should not miss the information below.

What Is Single’s Day

What  Is Single’s Day - DSers

Single’s Day was created by Alibaba Group in the ’90s. It originally began as a sort of counter- Valentine's Day, which has become a way for businesses to boost sales by encouraging unmarried people to treat themselves to presents.

The holiday was set for November 11 because that day is written as 11-11, which only encompasses the number one and is appropriately symbolic of singles.

This day has gained popularity over the years, and individuals have begun to plan social events, typically dating gatherings to meet soulmates, hiring employees, and getting married.

Why Single’s Day Is the Largest Selling Holiday for Dropshippers

Why Single’s Day is the Largest Selling Holiday for Dropshippers - DSers

Jack Ma, the founder and CEO of Alibaba in China transformed Singles Day into a single day of shopping in 2009 under the Double 11 Shopping Festival. He repeated it the next year since it was so well-liked, and a new custom of internet shopping was created.

The Singles Day buying craze has now moved beyond the borders of China. Most South-East Asians participate in the Singles Day discounts, and every year more and more European consumers do as well.

Due to this, eCommerce merchants and dropshippers have a lot of opportunities on Singles Day. In 2020, Singles Day generated even more revenue globally than Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Single’s Day Statistics Dropshippers Need to Know

Single’s Day Statistics Dropshippers Need to Know - DSers

Currently, Double Eleven outpaces comparable shopping days in other regions. The impressive numbers from Statista, Alizila, and CNBC are as follows:

  • Sales on Singles' Day in 2021 drew 900 million shoppers.
  • Sales on Singles' Day in 2021 were more than $139 billion.
  • Alibaba's Tmall made $84.5 billion, had 8% YoY growth, and was responsible for 57.59% of total Singles Day sales.
  • Alibaba recorded single-digit growth for the first time on Singles' Day in 2021, with revenues increasing by a meager 8%. Sales increased by 85.6% between 2019 and 2020 as a point of reference.
  • During the Singles' Day sales in 2021, Chinese buyers paid $38 on average per order.
  • In 2021, 11.11 featured over 1.3 million goods from over 29,000 international companies on Alibaba's Tmall Global.
  • In 2021, a record 200 premium companies participated in Singles' Day discounts.
  • During Singles' Day promotions, JD.com said that customers purchased Apple devices worth $15 million from their website in only two seconds.
  • Alibaba extended the shopping festival to 11 days for the second year due to Singles' Day's growing popularity, extending sales from the first of November until the 11th.
  • Alibaba also distributed $15.7 million in "green coupons" to entice customers to buy eco-friendly products.
  • In 2021, Gen-Z customers in China made up 31% of all Singles' Day purchases. Just 23% of all sales were made by those over 40.
  • The top three reasons given by Chinese consumers for buying on Singles Day were: seeking specific products or discounts (61%), desiring the newest product launches (50%), and supporting or experimenting with companies (36%).
  • 505 million consumers made mobile purchases on Alibaba's Taobao on 11.11.2021. About 49.9% of these 505 million people visited the payment page.
  • In China, 1.16 billion parcels were shipped on just November 11. Due to a lengthier Singles' Day shopping period, it is down from 1.33 billion in 2020.
  • With the deployment of 350 driverless delivery robots to fulfill more than 1 million orders during the 11.11 sales, Alibaba advanced its logistics technology in 2021.

Single’s Day Ideas for Dropshippers

There are many more ways to take advantage of this worldwide shopping day if you can't get ideas to advertise your 11/11 discounts, which is probably the case for most business owners. Let's discuss some successful Singles' Day marketing ideas.

Singles’ Day Deals

Discounts are the major draw at every shopping event, so consider holding a sale or providing your clients with a special offer. Check out our article on how to price your items before deciding on prices or a discount. After all, generating revenue is only one aspect of being profitable.

Now look at some illustrations of deals you can provide:

  • A bundle deal: Purchase one, get one free, buy one, get the second at a discounted price, buy two of the same sort and receive a discount, etc., are all examples of bundle deals.
  • Site-wide sale: One tactic is to discount all your products. This offers a great deal of freedom to your clients. Calculate the average discount you can provide without going out of business because of profit margins for each product variation.

Single’s Day Content

Self-love is the central theme of this event. Every brand ought to be able to support this. And you should do the same, especially if it applies to your products. Consider employing infographics as well as information that is humorous or personal. In that sense, pictures and videos frequently do well. Our eyes contain around 70% of our sensory receptors, and humor can improve concentration and memory.

Here are some suggestions on what you may produce to increase awareness of your company through Single’s Day content:

  • Infographics on the value of self-love.
  • Memes about being single that make jokes or use amusing GIFs.
  • Images of your next Singles Day products.
  • Videos with realistic comedy about treating yourself or being single versus being in a relationship.
  • Give instances of self-love in action.

Products Promoting Self-love

Products Promoting Self-love - DSers

Self-gifting, a practice becoming more popular among Gen Z and Millennials, is the ideal time to indulge during this shopping holiday. Why not follow suit and provide your clients with merchandise that encourages self-love?

Personalized Shopping Experience

Alibaba has advanced the concept through gamification. The days of consumers waiting for a sale to make a purchase are long gone. They now engage in really immersive purchasing experiences.

Games and quizzes are frequently used by online shops to enhance the shopping experience and create leads for sales. Here are some suggestions for entertaining your clients on Singles' Day:

  • Quizzes: Suggestions for discussion topics include "Are you a holiday shopaholic?" and "Find the ideal Singles' Day present for yourself!"
  • Polls on Facebook or Instagram: Suggestions for discussion topics include "What Singles' Day offers would you want to see?" and "Which product do you think will be a Singles' Day bestseller?"
  • Surveys: What new products would you want to see in our Singles' Day collection, for example? or "What's the greatest gift you gave yourself on Singles' Day?"

How to Boost Sales for Dropshippers in the Single’s Days

How to Boost Sales for Dropshippers in the Single’s Days - DSers

Unsurprisingly, many online merchants want to participate in Singles Day since, with the correct technique, you may benefit from significant sales. Check out these essential actions you should take for your online store on this occasion.

Start Early

Although November 11th may seem far off, Singles Day sales start in October, and Alibaba begins enrolling sellers in August. Now is the perfect time to sign up for Singles Day and plan your sales approach.

Livestream Singles’ Day Sales

Depending on your audience, live streaming can help you generate buzz. Many eCommerce companies utilize Facebook Live to increase sales and attract new clients because they see its potential. What's best? There is no need for production or editing expertise because it is affordable and straightforward.

Boost Social Media Engagement

Engage your social media followers to help you get ready for a Singles' Day sale at your shop. As mentioned above, go heavy on the graphics, and don't be scared to add some comedy because 80% of marketers utilize images in their social media marketing.

Create an Email Campaign

Create an Email Campaign - DSers

A well-planned email campaign is a terrific approach to contacting your audience. With the habit of regularly checking cell phones, anyone who receives fresh notice cannot resist its allure. Using an email campaign to instill a feeling of urgency is the best method to capture your audience's attention.

Plan Online Content

Millions of people watch Alibaba's Singles Day festivities every year, which is a massive part of the spirit of Singles Day.

While you can't compete with Jack Ma's content, you can, for instance, recruit influencers to model the apparel you're selling. Consider how you may give a live mini-fashion or unboxing show because people enjoy live streaming.

Optimize for Mobile

Optimize for Mobile - DSers

Mobile commerce is essential to a successful Singles Day 2022 worldwide, not just in China. Make your pages mobile-friendly. 57% of sales during the first quarter of 2021 came from international internet orders. Optimize your offer, or someone else will.

Review Inventory and Shipping

During Singles Day, you don't want to run out of the best-selling items. Track social media discussions about this year's hottest products, and then make sure you have adequate inventory to match demand.

Online buyers always prefer free delivery and returns. Customers even prefer free shipping over a price reduction. To select the finest choice, speak with various logistics and delivery providers to ensure your shipment times are as quick as feasible.

Improve Customer Support

People want immediate responses to their questions, and if they have tomust wait for too long, they will choose an alternative store, even if the cost is somewhat more. Numerous eCommerce systems have chatbot plugins, allowing you to reply immediately, even in the middle of the night. Additionally, you might wish to add a few more employees for customer service.

Plan for Reorder

Even with accurate demand forecasting, you can still run out of supplies. Use automatic reordering solutions to avoid disappointing your consumers by stating that you are out of stock. As soon as the inventory level drops below a specific threshold, you'll order more things in this fashion.

Final Words

Singles' Day is not just observed in China but is now gaining popularity in the US and many other countries. Don't pass up this opportunity to greatly increase your sales and draw in new clients. If you need more tips on scaling up your online business, check out DSers Blog.

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