Small Business Saturday in 2022: A Guide for eCommerce and Dropshipper

Small Business Saturday in 2022: A Guide for eCommerce and Dropshipper

November offers business opportunities through Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, etc. Among all, Small Business Saturday (SBS) allows local business owners to serve their communities. E-Commerce and dropshipping too can avail the opportunity to increase their sales in SBS. How? Let’s understand.

What and When Is Small Business Saturday

This year, Small Business Saturday falls on 26th November. American Express was founded in 2010, and SBS officially cosponsored the event in 2011. Small Business Saturday movement was the initiative to support local businesses, increase sales and provide a platform for maximum customer exposure.

As dropshippers and e-commerce business owners deal with online customers, this national shopping event can help them reach closer to their buyers. However, you must understand how these two businesses can channel and benefit from the event. So let’s learn more about it.

How Does Small Business Saturday Help eCommerce and Dropshippers

The small business Saturday movement started to support small and local business owners. Sellers from different platforms get ready to attract them and secure their deals. In other words, it's an opportunity to expose their business even to local and long-distance buyers.

Small Business Saturday is a nationwide shopping day in the USA; business owners get the registry through the business directory to appear in the online search. As an E-commerce business owner, you can also avail the opportunity to increase your sales. Besides, Small Business Saturday or shop small is all about discounts, offers, gift coupons, etc., and provides an opportunity to create new customers and close business from the existing customers.

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As in dropshipping business, Small Business Saturday will impact your sales if you know how and what to display on your store window and attract buyers. In addition, there are shopping holidays for buyers, including Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and if you need to highlight what you are offering them. Shop small is shopping local, so you can highlight the local products in your store, so your visitors know you are included in this event.  

Both dropshippers and e-commerce business owners can get the limelight of Small Saturday Business hype, target your sales and achieve it. And it's possible.

Let’s discuss tips on how to increase sales and create new customers during Small Business Saturday.

Tips for E-Commerce and Dropshippers on Small Business Saturday

After Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday is the big event for shopping. Update your business strategy before the event and act accordingly. Being an owner of an E-Commerce or Dropshippers, follow the below tips:

Prepare Marketing Campaign based on Shop Small

It's a nationwide shopping holiday so revenue generation may cross billions. Keep the opportunity in mind, and prepare your marketing strategy. Get a shop local badge, display it on your e-commerce and dropshipping store and let your buyers know you’re into this part.

You can prepare a custom Small Business Saturday design and attach your logo during the branding. Next, you will get attention while you display on social media, email marketing, or storefront.

Use Social Media

Another great platform to project your business is social media. Though Facebook-like social platform has their own marketplace, yet you can utilize the platform to get the buyers' base. E-commerce and dropshipping business owners maintain their business page for recent updates.

You can post about your store and your products so that your followers can come to know all the news. Thus, the outreach will be vast.

Offers and Discounts Add Values

A national shopping holiday without discount offers is incomplete. Various incentives and flash sales are the best strategies to attract customers to your store. Based on the product and the value, decide on the offers and discount coupons for your buyers. During the campaign, you must mention the offer prices and discounts so that it'll reach a maximum number of people.

Try Paid Campaign

Facebook, like giant social media, offers a cost-effective paid campaign facility. Through the paid campaign, your store outreach will be enormous if you can channel the drive on the right platform.

Create a Touchy Ads Story

An emotional story can touch the viewers' hearts. Create ads with such a story and place them on various channels during the campaign. The appeal can hook the buyers. Storytelling with product visualization alignment hit the floor with secure sales.

Customize Your Store Website

When buyers check your store site, they must return with all their queries. It would be best if you add an FAQ page that answers all the possible questions regarding the Small business Saturday event and upcoming holidays. This page can influence them and their buying decision.

Tie up with your Suppliers

Before the event, collaborate with your suppliers and check the stocks. For dropshippers, there's no need for inventory. If E-commerce manages your own list, double-check the availability of the high-demand products. Your customers should not return for unavailability of the items. Instead, communicate with the suppliers and get ready for the products which are trendy, fashionable, yet necessary.

The E-commerce and dropshippers business should leave no stone unturned to reach out to your customers. However, due to your online presence, you must focus on online trends and fashions to attract buyers to this Small Business Saturday event.

If you have a store on Shopify Or WooCommerce, Or any E-commerce platform and want to start a dropshipping business and connect with suitable suppliers in this national event, you can try the DSers Dropshipping tool.

DSers Dropshiping: Helps You on Small Business Saturday

DSers Dropshipping tool can extend its service to make your store stand out amid the competition. With DSers, you can contact the best suppliers from AliExpress and provide quality products to your customers.

Further, the tool helps you manage bulk orders, auto-update the orders, and provide 24 x 7 customer care support to ensure your business growth in this Small Business Saturday event and many other upcoming holiday events. It offers many other benefits; let's check.

Key Benefits of Using DSers

Managing and controlling your online store in this nationwide shopping event is a bit complex and challenging. Let's check how DSers helps you to do so:

  • You can place bulk orders to AliExpress in seconds
  • Get better and cheaper suppliers
  • Its auto-syncing tracking numbers connect your store and PayPal
  • You can pre-select your desired shipping method
  • You can create attractive offers for buyers
  • Hide products that are out of stock for a while

You can better manage your online store in this grand shopping event with DSers once you link your store and get started.

Bottom Line

People have been waiting for Small Business Saturday event to take participate. It's a fantastic event for E-commerce and dropshippers that ensure large-scale shopping nationwide.

Thus, we have covered practical suggestions for actively participating in this great event. For example, you can try the DSers Dropshipping tool and let the automation manage your store efficiently.

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