Solopreneur vs Entrepreneur: Know the Differences and 10 Mind-Blowing Tips for Success

Solopreneur vs Entrepreneur: Know the Differences and 10 Mind-Blowing Tips for Success

As a newbie in the market, you may be wondering what are you? Are you a solopreneur or entrepreneur?  Let's see the differences in the post:

The answer to that depends on your working methodology, such as what type of work you do, how you handle your business, etc.

In this article, we have answered whether you are a solopreneur or entrepreneur. Later in the post, we have also discussed 10 mind-blowing tips for success. These tips help you become better at your business and receive higher revenues. Keep reading for more details.

The Difference Between a Solopreneur and Entrepreneur

Who is a solopreneur?

A solopreneur is a person who is managing a business on their own. They are not really delegating tasks or hiring too many people. This means they are the founders and managers of the business. They are responsible for creating, packing, delivering, and reviewing products sold under their brand.

At max, you will find a solopreneur hiring a freelancer or consultant to handle office activities.

Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who runs the business solo in the starting but wishes to build a big team someday. So, they eventually wear a dozen hats, but slowly and gradually they delegate tasks, hire people, and refine their products.

This means that as an entrepreneur, you need to think about creating a team and moving to a more valuable role of a manager or mentor to others.

With these definitions, we can say that entrepreneurs are always aiming to achieve big. They will receive mentorship, funding, and they will have a team to manage marketing and sales. For a solopreneur, it is about growing with self. So, they keep working on a small scale. They may grow but in a range where one person can handle everything.

One of the best examples of a solopreneur is a dropshipping business owner. This is a business model, but with unique marketing and ideas, the business owner manages work and activities.

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10 Tips for Success

Do you wish to become successful as a solopreneur or an entrepreneur?

Becoming successful is a product of many good habits that both solopreneurs and entrepreneurs harbor. Therefore, in this section, we will walk you through things you can do to improve your revenue and value in the market.

1. Have a Plan

Planning is imperative for every business. Therefore, before starting as a solopreneur, you should start in a good place. This includes knowing your weaknesses, skills, and strengths. Check how unique you are and what is your selling pointer.

Once you know these details, you will be able to prepare yourself mentally and physically for things that can go wrong.

For example, you need to know that your shipments can be delayed in your AliExpress dropshipping business.

2. Be Prepared

One thing that no one prepares you for is financial glitches. When you start as a solopreneur, you need to spend a lot of money on things.

Even when you are just a dropshipping business, you have to prepare a Shopify store, purchase a dropshipping tool, and maintain your network. To get the cash flow going, you can save first and start your business later.

Another thing to keep in mind is to never get into extreme debt. Always keep the cash flow healthy

3. Remember You Are Just Starting Out

Even when your livelihood depends on this business, you are still a solopreneur and you are just starting out. So, you need to cut yourself some slack, but also double-check everything.

This tip works both ways:

  • You need to understand that minor setbacks are okay.
  • You also need to check and double-check everything to keep the cash flow healthy.

4. Market on a Budget

Another finance-related advice is to create a budget for marketing. When you are a solopreneur who is dropshipping, you need to be extra cautious in how you spend your money on marketing.

In dropshipping, marketing is the key to getting you new customers, but that should not come in between your budget and financial efficiency.

Make a budget for Facebook ads, Instagram spending, and other expenses of the marketing department of your business. Understand how these expenses can be minimized in the long term and optimize your budget.

5. Look Beyond

This is something that no one might tell you: solopreneurship and entrepreneurship are close to a lifestyle. It is not really a business model, it changes your entire working pattern. Anyone who is used to doing a 9-5 job, should understand that that’s going to change. You can no longer leave the office on time and keep some time for yourself. In the starting at least, all the time you have should be dedicated to your business. Eventually, you will learn to work around it and understand how to make time for friends, family, and yourself.

6. Keep Learning

Any professional should keep learning. If you become an entrepreneur or solopreneur, you can’t stop learning. This is not the end goal. Your end goal is to survive and grow. For that to happen, you need to keep learning and improving your knowledge.

For example, an entrepreneur can’t survive in the market without knowing about core business operations. So, they learn and hire new employees to guide people correctly. Similarly, a solopreneur needs to keep learning to grow its dropshipping store.

Here, even something as small as TED talks can help you.

7. Use Technology

It is essential to keep using the right technology for your dropshipping store as a solopreneur or entrepreneur. This is more important for a solopreneur because you are working alone, so you need all the automation and help that you can get.

For example, solopreneurs with their dropshipping store can use DSers AliExpress dropshipping tool for their business. This tool will help them streamline the supply chain, track orders, update pricing, and manage everything with ease. Without this tool, solopreneurs need to spend extra time placing every order individually and managing them separately.

Here are some features of DSers that can help solopreneur progress their business:

  • DSers helps you place more than one order at one time. Tired of all those piling orders. Just use DSers to place every order at once.
  • To update the product list on your website, you don’t need to manually search on AliExpress. Go to DSers and find a range of products. Select a relevant product and add it to your website.
  • When you have to find the right seller for an order, DSers tool’s AI engine helps you look for an optimum seller based on their rating and predictive history.
  • You can use a pricing rule on all orders. Add this rule to DSers and when you add a product to your website following this, the pricing will be automatically updated.

Similarly, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs can use different technology to ease their functioning, improve spending, and reduce errors.

8. Get Rest

Don’t forget to take some time for yourself. You are working really hard and you are allowed to take a day off. So, don’t exhaust yourself too much that you start making errors or poor decisions.

Make a schedule, find time for friends and family. Go out with loved ones and sleep properly. For each day, decide an upper limit of when you will sleep and wake up. This will help your body charge up and stay functional without fatigue.

Also, another important thing is to eat right. You can’t keep skipping meals or eat out every day. Either prepare meals for yourself at home or order something healthy and nutritious.

9. Join a Community

Every solopreneur and entrepreneur needs to stay active in at least one community. This helps them stay updated with the latest trends and understand the market deeply.

In a community, many learned professionals can help you break barriers and move towards success. You also have the feasibility of asking questions from the community to receive valuable solutions to your problems.

10. Manage Your Money

Finally, something about your personal finances. You need to manage your personal finances and always separate them from your office finances. Mixing both will increase errors in your taxes.

So, separate your personal and business accounts. This will help you manage your books and accounting details in the long term.

For business money management, spend wisely in the starting. Only purchase things that are extremely necessary for the health of your business. Don’t purchase additional software, hardware, furniture, or anything that may not be required.


We are sure that the above tips will help you. However, here, it is necessary to note that you don’t really need to follow everything for success. If you think only some of the tips may be beneficial for your business as a solopreneur, then focus on these methods. Avoid wasting your time on irrelevant activities.

But, we would like to remind you that using appropriate technology for your business is a no-question deal. You have to have the right technology to help you organize your work. For example, the DSers tool helps you manage your supply chain and improve dropshipping efficiency. If you are a dropshipping business there’s no way you should miss an opportunity to use this tool.

To know more about the tool, visit our website, explore, and use DSers now!

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