Spocket vs Oberlo: Which One Is Better for Your Shopify Store

Spocket vs Oberlo: Which One Is Better for Your Shopify Store

When opening an AliExpress dropshipping store, the importance of a dropshipping tool is unmatched. While in the beginning, it was easier to manage orders and offer customer support, the task has become more difficult by the day. With more orders, we have to complete a lot of activities, which leaves us no time for support and marketing.

For this reason, using a dropshipping tool for your Shopify store is imperative. Considering this, we have compared Spocket and Oberlo, two well-known dropshipping tools for Shopify.

Defining Both Tools

Before we move to the comparison of Spocket vs Oberlo, let’s first define these tools. Here’s a basic sense of the functions offered by these tools.


Spocket is a type of Shopify tool created for dropshipping. It has a marketplace that helps you connect with suppliers and find products. This is a type of one-click feature that allows you to offer better services to customers.

Spocket Homepage - DSers

Needless to say, Spocket automates many business functions as its primary function. The fulfillment is synchronized, and the data is centrally available.


Oberlo is the second Shopify tool for dropshipping on our list. This software also enables the sourcing of products from AliExpress for order fulfillment. Unfortunately, this tool is only available for Shopify exclusively.

Oberlo Homepage - DSers

Similar to Spocket, Oberlo also helps you automate your dropshipping store and its functions. You can centrally manage data and the supply chain.

Spocket vs Oberlo

Now that we know the basic features of both tools, here’s a detailed comparison of Spocket vs Oberlo.

We have discussed the features of Spocket vs Oberlo differently. Check out:

Features of Spocket

Some features of Spocket:

  • Spocket takes 2-5 days to ship products you have ordered for your customers. However, this time frame is subjective and depends on the location of the customers. Some other variables also impact the shipment, such as the supplier, preparation time of the product, product size, and subscription.
  • Since Spocket works towards automating your AliExpress dropshipping store, you can import products with a click. First, select the products from the marketplace and then hit the Import button to send the list to your website or e-commerce store.
  • Another automation through Spocket is data management. When an order is placed, details can be shared with the respective seller quickly. You will then receive automated notifications and automatic data integration when the product or order ships. Your dashboard can show you a complete picture of product orders, tracking IDs, and other details.
  • The pricing process can be hectic if you are selling multiple products. Spocket has some pricing markup processes. You can select the type of pricing you need for your products and it will be automatically updated. It is possible to use options, like fixed price, multiple, percentage, etc.
  • Spocket allows you to change product details on your website. When you select a product for the website, you have the freedom to change details and descriptions as per SEO rules or the unique requirements of your business.

Features of Oberlo

Some features of Oberlo:

  • Oberlo helps manage and automate your supply chain. Integrating with the tool allows dropshipping business owners to fulfill products from the dashboard itself.
  • If we need to compare Spocket vs Oberlo, then Oberlo needs more time to ship products. From AliExpress, the seller needs at least 10-40 days for shipment. Spocket has a lower time for shipment and delivery. However, you can use filters to find the lowest shipping time.
  • Similar to Spocket, Oberlo also provides a provision for markup pricing.The pricing can be decided manually as per the requirements of the dropshipping store. However, it can be automated as per the rules decided by the owner of the store or user of the tool.
  • Oberlo also offers product customization. It is not necessary to use descriptions offered by AliExpress on your website. You can properly define your products and change the description to offer more details to your customers in an organized manner.

Comparing DSers with Oberlo and Spocket

In the above comparison, we compared Spocket vs Oberlo. In this section, we will talk about another dropshipping tool, DSers. It is an amazing, robust tool that helps you maximize your profits.

Some features of DSers - AliExpress dropshipping tool are:

  • On DSers, you have the power to optimize supplier selection. The hectic process of selecting the right supplier for product sales is no longer needed. Based on the type of product, DSers’ AI engine suggests the right seller.
  • When different orders are piling up, use the bulk order. In one click, send details of hundreds of thousands of product orders to the supplier. This can be automated to reduce time spent on the activity and maximize profitability.
  • If you wish to put a product on your page or website under a different name, you can map the variant DSers. This will help you virtually link AliExpress products with your website’s products, which will aid order placement.
  • On special occasions, offer bundle deals. On DSers, create bundle offers and place bundle orders with the sellers. Providing discounts and offers to customers without challenges is now possible.
  • The tracking number of orders that are placed via DSers on AliExpress are synchronized automatically. You can review the details of every order from the dashboard of DSers. Every detail is in front of you in a readable and simple format, which aids customer support and communication.
  • Based on the availability of stock on AliExpress with a seller, the stock on your DSers tool updates. This allows them to stay updated with the current inventory of the seller. You can quickly mark a product out of stock when it runs out on AliExpress.
  • According to different user groups or other factors, it is possible to set shipping methods for DSers. This reduces shipping challenges and helps dropshipping businesses deliver products quickly.
  • Create pre-set rules for pricing similar to Spocket or Oberlo. Define how you wish to markup the price, and the product is marked up automatically.
  • A valuable feature of DSers is the ability to manage more than one store. You can integrate different stores on Shopify, WordPress, or Wix.
  • When you have an excel sheet containing a list of products that should go on your website, you can import the list of products directly to users. Automating this activity saves so much time spent on manual entries.


Which one should you select?

As a dropshipping business, your requirements are unique and different from those of similar businesses. This means that the selection of the right dropshipping tool is dependent on your needs and the requirements of the software. There is no one-size-fits-all here.

Create a list of features you require in your dropshipping tool and then use the above list to compare Spocket vs Oberlo and DSers.

During this comparison, remember that you also need to research the user-friendliness of the tool, social media reviews, Google reviews, and efficiency. If you are getting a free trial, take it and carefully assess its features.

Considering these factors allows you to make the right purchase. You are spending a significant amount of time on this decision, so ensure that you are factoring in every important detail necessary.

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