Squarespace Review: Read This Before You Start Using Squarespace

Squarespace Review: Read This Before You Start Using Squarespace

These days, creating a website or an eCommerce storage has become easier than ever. For instance, with platforms like Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace, anyone can set up a website and start selling their products.

Since Squarespace has been around for over 18 years, it has gained a lot of popularity in the industry. Therefore, in this detailed Squarespace review, I will make you familiar with its major features, pros, and cons. In this way, you can easily decide if Squarespace is the right tool for you or not.

What Is Squarespace: Pros, and Cons

Founded in 2014, Squarespace is a popular online platform to create websites and eCommerce stores. Presently, Squarespace has over 3 million subscribers who use numerous services offered by the company.

One of the best things about Squarespace is that it lets us come up with unique websites without any coding. You can use its readily available templates or drag-and-drop widgets to set up your online space. Apart from that, you can also directly buy domains on Squarespace and measure the performance of your website using its inbuilt analytics.

What Is Squarespace: Pros, and Cons - DSers
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  • There are tons of website creation and analytics tools in one place.
  • Using Squarespace is extremely simple as it doesn’t need any prior design experience.
  • It provides excellent security features and has a strong uptime.


  • Compared to its direct competitors, Squarespace can be quite expensive.
  • There are limited payment options and third-party integration tools.
  • If you own an online dropshipping store, then it can be tough to scale up with Squarespace.

Squarespace Review: Major Features and Pricing

After covering the basics, let’s explore a detailed Squarespace review by discussing its prominent features. Ideally, you can use Squarespace to create a website and even host an online store. Therefore, I have included the features of both these solutions while writing this review.

Ease of Use

This is the first thing that we look for while selecting any online B2B tool. The good thing about Squarespace is that it is extremely simple to use. Over the last few years, Squarespace has drastically changed its website builder tool. Now, almost anyone can come up with a unique website design with its block editor and widget-based website builder.

Ease of Use - DSers
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Squarespace features a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor, which means you can instantly know how your designs would look like. If you want, you can also preview your website’s interface on different screens. You can try its reusable pages like contacts, reservations, calendars, and more to make your job even easier.

Available Templates

This is another prominent reason why so many people prefer Squarespace for their website’s design. At the time of writing this Squarespace review, the platform had 80+ different templates, listed in dedicated categories.

You can find a wide range of templates for blogging, online stores, businesses, and more on Squarespace. Most Squarespace templates follow a minimalist and clean appeal, making them mobile and web-friendly at the same time. You can instantly use any readily available template and can later customize it on the website editor.

Available Templates - DSers
‌‌Source: Squarespace

SEO, Marketing, and Analytics Features

As I was working on this Squarespace review, I discovered that most of its marketing features are only available for business and commerce plans. Therefore, if you are using its personal plan, then you might not get access to these options.

SEO and Marketing

You can easily link your Squarespace account with 20+ leading social platforms and make it more interactive. Squarespace also has a beginner-friendly SEO tool to let you customize pages and elements. Though, several heavy SEO features that are available on WordPress are still missing in Squarespace. To do email marketing, you can use the native feature of Squarespace or integrate a Mailchimp extension.

SEO, Marketing, and Analytics Features - DSers
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While the basic website metrics are available for all plans, its advanced analytics can be used in business and commerce plans only. You will get access to dedicated website analytics to measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns. Also, you can get access to the Squarespace Studio and integrate your Google Ads account into your dashboard.


Just like other leading commerce platforms, Squarespace also has an inbuilt extension store. Though, unlike Shopify or WordPress, Squarespace only has a curated list of 25+ extensions. These compatible extensions are available in categories like finance, sales, marketing, shipping, and so on. You can readily use any extension and integrate it with your account by buying its relevant subscription.

Extensions - DSers
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If you are planning to start a dropshipping store with Squarespace, then you must be cautious. As of now, it only supports two dropshipping providers, Printful and Spocket. Therefore, you might be restricted by these limited options. Though, there are powerful commerce tools like abandoned cart recovery, subscription management, commerce APIs, dynamic discounts, and other merchandising tools that you can use on Squarespace.

What More

Before I wind up this Squarespace review, it is important to cover a few other important features.


Squarespace has most of the popular payment options out there. By default, Stripe would be integrated as a part of your commerce account for its payment support. If you want, you can switch to PayPal or Apple Pay as well. Please note that its business account users have to shell out 3% of every transaction. Also, the local payment support option is limited to selected currencies.

Payment - DSers
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As I have listed above, Squarespace follows strict security guidelines from start. Irrespective of your account, you will be given free SSL layer protection. If you want, you can apply an added layer of HSTS security to your website.


Squarespace provides 24/7 in-house customer support (irrespective of your account type). You can directly get in touch with any representative to get your queries resolved. Also, Squarespace has a detailed learning center where you can browse guides, video tutorials, and more.

Support - DSers
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Our Squarespace review would be incomplete without listing all the available pricing plans offered by it. They will cost the following if you go with their annual subscriptions:

  • Personal: $25 per month
  • Business: $23 per month
  • Basic Commerce: $27 per month
  • Advanced Commerce: $49 per month

Thankfully, all these Squarespace plans offer unlimited bandwidth. If you are a blogger or a small business owner, then you can try its personal plan. Though, for online store owners, its basic and advanced commerce plans are recommended.

Besides that, Squarespace also charges a 3% transaction fee in the business plan while there is no fee in its commerce plans. If you want, you can also explore Squarespace for free in its trial duration of the first 14 days.

Pricing - DSers
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Final Verdict

If you own a small or medium-scale business and want to come up with a stunning website, then Squarespace can be an ideal solution. It can also be used by people with no design background to create an impactful online presence.

Furthermore, Squarespace can also act as a content management system via its available widgets and apps. It can even help you set up an online store with its eCommerce platform integration.

Though, you should note that it is not as flexible as other alternatives like WordPress or Wix. If you are simply starting and don’t have many resources, then Squarespace can certainly help you. Nevertheless, in spite of its advanced features, its hefty pricing, and a restricted environment can be a dealbreaker for growing businesses.

Final Verdict - DSers
Source: Squarespace

Start Dropshipping Journey with DSers

As you can see from our Squarespace review that the tool is quite restricted and it has better alternatives like Shopify, Wix, and WordPress. Therefore, you can explore these options and come up with a dropshipping store with the help of DSers.

DSers dropshipping

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Final Words

In this detailed Squarespace review, I have listed all the major features that the tool offers. Though, to make things even simpler for you, I have also included its pros, cons, and pricing plans.

Since Squarespace can restrict the growth of your online business due to its closed environment, you can also consider checking its alternatives. Besides that, if you want to host an online dropshipping store, then you can also take the assistance of DSers, which is the official AliExpress dropshipping provider.

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