A Dropshipping Store to Make More Than USD 5,000 in Less Than Eight Weeks

A Dropshipping Store to Make More Than USD 5,000 in Less Than Eight Weeks

You don’t have to be an ace at making a website, designing, sourcing, and selling. You just need to be smart enough to start making real money from your dropshipping store.

Let’s first embark upon the definition of dropshipping:

Dropshipping is a selling model where you can find products on AliExpress from different sellers, market these products on your website, and they will directly ship the product when a customer places an order.

When you are tired of your 9-5 job, and you need a consistent source of passive income, a dropshipping shop can be your go-to option. However, the point is how do you succeed?

What will set you apart from every other dropshipper? How you can make more than USD 5,000 in less than eight weeks with a dropshipping store?

This post will explore just that, let’s get started.

1. Find a Niche

When we are starting a business, it is easy to only think about what we are going to do first. However, the question we are looking at here is how to start a dropshipping store. So, explore things you would sell.

Take a piece of paper and brainstorm. Of course, there are tools and notepads in your phone, a piece of paper works best in this case. Brainstorm several ideas and write them down. Sort in order of things that seem most profitable.

Here are the tips you can use when selecting a niche for your dropshipping business:

  • Food is a no-no! Maintaining the quality is not easy.
  • Avoid electronics, it can be a hassle with warranty, returns, and everything,
  • Heavy goods take more shipping charges, so initially, we can avoid these too.
  • Low-price products that are great but don’t seem beneficial initially.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list. You can add things that you think should be ruled out. Overall, brainstorm and find products you can sell in your dropshipping store.

2. Validate Your Niche

The second step is to validate your niche. For example, if you are starting a dropshipping store for clothes, then check if this business is going to pan out. Will it offer you any returns?

The first thing to check here is Google Trends. Visit and search for products you are trying to sell on your dropshipping store. Now if there’s actually a trend regarding the same. You can check the search volume in different regions and see if this product is in trend or not.

Google Trends

Next, check three things: search volume, niche of the product, and related product ideas. If all these align, then you can sell in this niche. For example, minion products or merchandise.

You have to be careful when finding the niche. Not only your products should have a high search volume, but also it should be sustainable with various options to sell. You can’t keep selling minion footwear for multiple years. There must be some diversity to pitch in more merchandise and niche products.

3. Find Products

Once you have explored the niche, you need to start finding products related to your niche online. For us, AliExpress is one of the best stores for dropshipping. Many AliExpress sellers are in the business to allow dropshipping.

So, you should visit AliExpress and search your niche. In the search bar, you may observe various product options.

For example, here’s what we found for minion:

  • Minion footwear
  • Minion kids toys
  • minion bean bag
  • Minion bean bed
  • Minion T-shirt
  • Minion bags
  • Minion soft toys

From these picks, you can start exploring the available products. If you find a considerable amount of products related to the category, you can easily create 10–20 categories for different products. For example, 2–5 options for minion T-shirts.

4. Validate On Social Media

We are living in the digital world and now everyone expresses their feelings on social media. Whenever we need to buy something, we tend to evaluate the trend on social media and check reviews around the same. Hence, a social media validation check for your dropshipping business is imperative.

Go to Twitter and search for specific products. By just searching Minion, you may get nothing on Twitter. Search with specific products and see if people are even talking about the product you are trying to sell.

Social Media

The next stop should be Instagram. On Instagram, everything works with hashtags, so you need to use your keywords or product name in the hashtag to find out the popularity and acceptance around your main products.

On Facebook, validating your product can be a little difficult. You have to get creative and add keywords that your users might search. For example, Minion footwear free shipping. You should know what other people are selling, at what price, and what conditions.

5. Create a Logo and Name

Once you have resolved your curiosity around the products you are going to sell, you need to make a list of categories and subcategories and keep it aside. We will jump back to the list later on.

Before we start making a dropshipping store, you need to have a logo and brand name. Every business in cyberspace should have an identity different from others. This helps your users remember you later on. When your customers purchase from you and they like the product, how will they contact you again if they don’t recognize the brand name?

DSers dropshipping

Adapt Your Product Prices Automatically

DSers Automatic Pricing - Pre-set Pricing Rule to mark-up your product price automatically


So, we need both logo and brand name to create a strong brand identity.

Here, you can go all-in with the creativity or keep it simple and appealing. It completely depends on you. Just remember to keep a name that is unique and appealing, and the same goes for the logo.

However, you need to keep the entire theme of the website aligned with everything else and your products. You can’t create an all burgundy website or green website for the minion product. It should match and synchronize.

6. Create the Store

This step is the most important one for your business. Therefore, spend a considerable amount of time selecting the storefront and dropshipping tool.

We like the idea of using Shopify for your storefront. It is easy, simple to use, and user-friendly. Even with minimal technical know-how, you can create a nice storefront in days.

You have to take care of the following:

  • Core pages, including terms of service, return policy, contact us form, privacy policy, etc.
  • Shipping details, including free shipping policy, etc.
  • Payment gateway data and policies
  • Dropshipping tool integration and management

Using a Dropshipping Tool

When you are starting a dropshipping store, you need to install and integrate a dropshipping tool to manage everything without any hassle.

DSers is the right dropshipping tool for AliExpress products. You only need to download and integrate the tool to enjoy its amazing features. Let’s see what are these:

  • AI-powered supplier optimization. On AliExpress, you can find multiple listings of the same product at different pricing. Ideally, you need to explore these listings manually, compare pricing and shipping to place an order. With DSers, you can use the AI engine to optimize sellers and receive a recommendation for optimum order placement.
  • There’s no restriction on the number of orders you can place on AliExpress. Simply place all your orders together with a single click.
  • Once you have placed dropshipping orders on AliExpress, these automatically sync to your DSers dashboard. So, now when you need to track orders or help customers with queries, just open your dashboard. There’s no need to keep a separate tracking mechanism for orders.
  • It is also possible to create a bundle of products and order them together on AliExpress using the DSers tool without any hassle. Provide, promote, and place bundle orders via DSers.

A dropshipping tool like DSers is a blessing in disguise when you need to manage hundreds of orders at once. It helps you achieve business efficiency, earn more revenue, and automate manual time-consuming activities.

7. It Is about Marketing

In the end, it is time to understand that creating a dropshipping store depends on your marketing efficiency.

When you are out in the world trying to sell products to a stranger, it is not easy. They have every reason to doubt your marketing, your content, and everything you say. So, you need to make your potential customers trust you, rely on you, and then purchase from you.

For this, you have to keep trying new tricks. Using the same old methods will stagnate your progress and you will eventually stop receiving orders too. So, keep abreast with the latest trends, research a lot, and come up with new marketing campaigns to keep your orders running.

If you work on everything correctly and design a dropshipping store as discussed above, you can earn more than USD 5,000 in less than eight weeks. Don’t forget to take help from a dropshipping tool to reduce your burden. To know more about DSers dropshipping tool for AliExpress, visit our website and start exploring.

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