How Can You Start a Dropshipping Store with DSers?

How Can You Start a Dropshipping Store with DSers?

Is starting a business in 2022 the right decision? Can you set up a feasible store with DSers dropshipping tool? Let's see in the article:

Dropshipping is the new trend in the business landscape. It is a hassle-free option requiring a low initial investment. You can practically start dropshipping with USD 500 in your hand, considering the fees for website, tools, and internet access.

DSers dropshipping tool is software that helps streamline your dropshipping business. It is the top 1 rated dropshipping solution on Shopify app store to optimize seller selection, place bulk orders, and improve your profit margins. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed how you can realize your dream of starting a dropshipping business with DSers dropshipping tool.

DSers dropshipping

Start a Dropshipping Business Now to Grow Your Online store with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


Start Dropshipping With DSers: the Best Dropshipping App

If you are starting dropshipping for the first time, then you can check all the steps. It is a complete guide helping you move from one stage to another without any glitches.

However, if you already have a dropshipping store and you just need to use DSers dropshipping tool, then skip to Step 4 and set up the tool in minutes. Its functioning is simple, check out the benefits and start using the best dropshipping app.

1. The Concept: the Fuel to Your Business

If you look at it, then the dropshipping businesses that are able to make ends meet and earn a profit from their store are the ones that are built on a concept. This means that they have a central idea in mind and they have products that radiate this concept. Similarly, you need to find that concept for your online business. This requires thorough product research and brainstorming.

Even when you have a fuzzy notion but a unique idea, you can proceed with that. This is because you are not really hooked to an inventory. You can change the idea and start again if it comes down to the worst-case scenario.

However, to avoid reaching the worst-case scenario, try researching for the products and concepts in a niche. This can be clothing, accessories, or any other niche.

Here are some unique methods to find your categories and sub-categories:

  • Conduct thorough product research on Amazon. Check the bestseller’s list on Amazon in a particular niche. This will help you know which category is getting more attention and what your users want to buy.
  • Similarly, visit AliExpress and check the best-seller category on this marketplace. Shortlist the products that are available on both websites and cross-check the availability in the market.
  • You may want to sell categories that are easily available on the AliExpress marketplace but rarely sold on niche websites. This will help you become popular amongst users.
  • Lastly, use the best dropshipping app, such as DSers, to find product listings from various sellers. Having this list will allow you to understand the feasible categories you can sell on your dropshipping store.

2. Where Will You Get the Products from?

DSers dropshipping business owners usually work with AliExpress sellers. AliExpress is an amazing marketplace containing a range of products. Check how you can select items from a particular seller:

  • How popular is a product? Check the number of products sold by the seller, the number of reviews, and other details. In a certain category, you will find these products at the top of the list.
  • Is the product profitable? You need to check if products in your categories are profitable or not. This means knowing the shipping, processing fees, and other charges. If you are getting a hairpin at USD 10, at what price can you sell it? Will users buy it? Will it be profitable?
  • What is the quality of products? When you have created categories and sub-categories, order one of each product and check the quality of the product. Today, quality matters and no one is willing to buy cheap quality products.
  • Can you rely on the seller? On AliExpress, you can check the rating of the seller to understand if you can rely on the seller. Check the reviews and ratings offered by customers of the seller to know the feasibility of making a purchase.
  • What is the return policy? The return policy of the seller helps you cater to the return requests of your customers. If they don’t accept returns, you can’t too. So, you need to check it beforehand.

3. What Your Website Will Look Like?

Once you have shortlisted items your DSers dropshipping store will have, you need to add them to your website. But, what will your website look like?

For simplicity, you can just use Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wix to create a user-friendly website. On Shopify specifically, you are able to pick a name, add a logo, and use a template to make an entire website.

It is amazing that DSers is the best dropshipping app to integrate your Shopify store. You can easily integrate the two and enjoy advanced functioning without any hassle. From placing bulk orders to checking the status of your shipped orders, DSers dropshipping tool integrated into Shopify helps you track the entire supply chain.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


4. How Will You Manage The Supply Chain?

DSers dropshipping tool helps you manage your entire supply chain. From the ability to place an order without any issue to track the shipment, you get everything well-structured in a dashboard. Let’s explore the features of the best dropshipping app:

  • DSers dropshipping tool has a seller optimizer engine. This means that it has an AI-powered engine to help us understand which seller is best for an order. You can easily find the right seller for product orders.
  • If you have many orders pending on the dashboard, DSers dropshipping tool helps you place all these orders at once.
  • When you want to run festive offers and create bundle orders, DSers allows making a bundle and placing the order at once.
  • You can track these orders from the dashboard without any additional effort. Once the order is placed, DSers dropshipping tool automatically integrates order details to your dashboard, from where you can check the status of an order.
  • If you have an online dropshipping store on various platforms like Wix and Shopify, you can integrate it all to DSers dropshipping tool.

Do you want to know how you can start using DSers dropshipping tool? Let’s explore the process of achieving the same:

Sign Up

Once you have created the website (Here we take the WooCommerce store as an example), visit our DSers dropshipping tool’s website and sign up. On signing up, we will send you an email that you need to confirm.


After confirming you email ID, you need to follow these four-step process:

a. From the dropdown, click on the platform of your website. For example, select Shopify if your website is created on Shopify.

b. Now, add the link to your store or the URL of your store to Add Store.

c. Accept or approve connecting your website to DSers dropshipping tool.

d. Click on Get Started to customize your DSers dropshipping dashboard according to your preferences.

Shopify - e-commerce platform


Once you sign up for DSers dropshipping tool, you can set it up. The easiest way is to open your dashboard and select Link to AliExpress. You will be asked to offer details of your AliExpress account. You can add an ID and password, if you don’t already have one, then create an account on AliExpress.


After linking your AliExpress account, you can also add a Wishlist to your website, which will help you offer additional features to users. For example, on your DSers dropshipping dashboard, you can select tracking notifications, account shipping, pricing rule, and other options.

Import Product List

The final step is to import your products to DSers dropshipping dashboard. For this, under the Products, click on Import List.


Another method is to use AliExpress dropshipping center to find and add products to DSers dropshipping dashboard.

5. What’s Your Customer Acquisition Plan?

Now that you have a website and the DSers dropshipping tool, you need to decide on your customer acquisition plan. How will you get customers to buy from you?

There is a range of things that can help you achieve this:

  • Facebook has the largest audience, and you can’t miss this platform. It has a huge customer base and you can easily market your business here. So, start by making a brand page on Facebook and placing Facebook ads. Usually, Facebook’s smart engine helps you automate spending and specifications of the Ads. But, you can learn how to personalize and run really specific ads according to user interests and demographics.
  • The second best option is to use Google Ads. Apart from Facebook, you can market your products through specific keywords on Google. These ads will show on the top or side of the search page of users. You can run specific and dedicated ads on Google at a required budget.
  • Send your products to relevant social media influencers and ask them to market your products. You will immediately get a wide audience that trusts your brand.
  • Try blogging and content marketing. While this type of marketing has a slow impact on dropshipping businesses, you should still try it for brand building and customer experience.
  • Lastly, you can try email marketing during specific supply chain phases. For example, if a user leaves products in the cart, you can send an email to convert the customer.


Using a dropshipping tool for your business helps you streamline the supply chain, maximize profit margins, and optimize seller selection. DSers dropshipping tool is the best app to manage your entire supply chain and multiple dropshipping platforms in one place. Check how you can start using the DSers tool for your business, get the subscription, and improve your profit margins. If you need more details on the working of the best dropshipping app, get more details on our website.

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