Steady vs. Trending Niche: Things to Know When You Dropshipping with AliExpress

Steady vs. Trending Niche: Things to Know When You Dropshipping with AliExpress

When you start a dropshipping store or any online business, selecting the niche of products is an imperative task. Obviously, it is a difficult choice because if you select the wrong niche, you won’t earn profits from your dropshipping store. So how do you select from steady vs. trending niches? What is the right way to find the best niche for your dropshipping business?

There are many methods to pick the right dropshipping niche, and we have explained a few valuable tricks. First, we will discuss steady vs. trending niches, which will help you know when you can sell which niche. Then, we will give some tips to help grow your dropshipping businesses.

What are the Steady Niches

A steady niche is a product category that is sold throughout the year. This is an evergreen category that never goes out of style. For example, people buy woolen products every year. Another example is dog food or pet products. If you need more clarification on whether your product is steady or trending niche, then check it on Google Trends.

Here are the results that show a somewhat steady line:

Steady niche pet food - DSers
Source: Google Trends

What are the Trending Niches

Trending products are kind of the opposite of steady products. These trends flow in and out of style. A few years back, fidget spinners and fidget cubes were trending, while fewer people talk about it today.

Here’s the trend analysis from Google Trends:

Trending niche fidget spinner - DSers
Source: Google Trends

Another example is mask. It has been extremely popular around the coronavirus. But the popularity may decrease if COVID becomes endemic. When should you sell trending products? These products can’t be a permanent category on your dropshipping store. Once the trend is gone, you need to remove this category to make room for new trending products.

However, this is not to say you should not look for trends. If you enter the trending market at the right time, you may make huge profits. So, always try to sell trending products, but make intelligent product category choices.

Methods to Find the Right Niche

Now you know the difference between steady and trending niche products, next step is to focus on  how to find the right products. We will explain 4 important tips that we believe would help every type of dropshipper.

We are not implying that everything will work in the exact same order since every entrepreneur's journey is different. Keep in mind that you need to explore these tips and make modifications for a perfect fit.

1. AliExpress Trending Niches

The best option to select steady vs. trending niches is to check your marketplace, AliExpress. On AliExpress, you will find trending and steady niches. How can you tell the differences between the two? Many niches are always on the home page of AliExpress. These are steady niches. You can pass it through Google Trends to be sure.

DSers dropshipping

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Trending products change and evolve every day. You can check Google Trends for the correct amount. You may want to choose a niche that is starting to grow in place of one that is already at its peak.

You can also check other marketplaces for ideas. For example, Amazon is another good place to evaluate steady and trending products. Here’s how you can come up with the best niches for your AliExpress dropshipping store:

Make a list of trending products from 2-3 marketplaces.

  • Compare these lists.
  • Keep elements that are common in all.
  • Keep elements that are rising currently.
  • Add innovative categories, if any.

2. Twitter Trending

Twitter trending is an important method for finding steady and trending niches. We believe it is one of the best places to pick up trends. You will find things trending on Twitter once they start becoming popular.

  • Keep track of what is trending on Twitter. You may find relevant products for your dropshipping store.
  • Search on Twitter using a hashtag and compare the posts with that hashtag. This will help you find the top steady and trending niche.

3. Facebook Stores

Another great way to find trending and steady niches is through Facebook stores.

Look for Facebook Ads and randomly search for 2-3 niches on Facebook to see the following:

  • What are people selling?
  • How are they selling it?
  • What is the number of followers?
  • What is the shipping model?
  • How soon do they connect with users for queries in the comments?

Read to learn how to sell on Facebook Market:

4. Competitor Niches

The last method on the list is to check competitor websites. Randomly look for dropshipping stores and check what types of niches they have included.

There are a few things you can do here:

  • Search for dropshipping stores and check their niches. This will give you an idea of the niches that are popular.
  • Check for stores that sell in the steady and trending niches you have shortlisted. Evaluate their other niches to know what you can sell.
  • Take note of the categories and their best sellers.
  • You also need to keep a note of mistakes to avoid making them. You can easily become a critic on any other website, so this is the best way to find errors that you can avoid in your store.

Read to learn how to gain an advantage over your competitors when operating in a crowded marketplace

Things to Avoid

In your dropshipping store, you have to avoid a series of niches.

  • Food products
  • Beauty products
  • Generic products
  • Multiple niche categories
  • Tech products

The reason for this is:

  • Food products can be easily damaged during transit. You don’t have control over the supply chain, quality, and packaging. So, avoid these products.
  • Similarly, people are specific about beauty products, and if you can’t customize or offer quality products, avoid dropshipping these.
  • Generic product niches are lack of competitiveness in dropshipping. Customers can easily buy these from the AliExpress marketplace. So create a dedicated niche store.
  • Don’t include multiple niches, as that will confuse users as well as divide your audience. Focus on one niche and work on it.
  • Technical products are crucial, and techy users are very particular about things. If you get things wrong, you might lose your popularity and market quickly.

Find a Value-Generating Niche

While we have discussed most of the tips in the above sections, to run a successful dropshipping store, you need more. Here are some personal tips that we have extracted from our experts. These are insider tips that enable you to set up a dropshipping store with steady and trending products.

· Enjoy whatever you are doing. Think about it: we love doing things we enjoy. If you are starting this business for the sake of it, then you will exhaust yourself at some point. Therefore, find a niche that reflects your personal interests. For example, a crafty person would love to sell craft items.

· Always look for gaps in the market before starting a dropshipping store and selecting niches. If the demand-supply gap is greater, you are more likely to succeed. Demand should be high and supply should be low. The opposite would be a disastrous scenario.

Look for gaps in the market - DSers

· Always believe in your products. If you don’t believe that your products can offer value to your customers, you won’t be able to market them well. So, regardless of what you are selling, you should believe in it and use these products yourself. For example, if you are selling papers for watercolor painting, upload videos of your painting on the product. If you are selling accessories, upload images of you wearing those accessories. This can convince the visitors that the products are worth of purchasing.


Dropshipping is a simple business model with a complex niche selection. One of the most important steps in dropshipping is to decide what to sell. The right niche selection takes you a long way.

Hence, read the above tips and focus on what’s important. Don’t hesitate to make innovative choices, as you can always change your niches and modify a few things in dropshipping. Just remember to research as much as you can for better results.

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