The Best Shipping Method Nowadays? Get AliExpress Official Report!

The Best Shipping Method Nowadays? Get AliExpress Official Report!

DSers supply team is releasing its first report regarding the shipping methods.

All the data is provided by the official AliExpress team, including the whole order system data.

We sincerely hope this data analysis will help you when choosing your favorite shipping methods.

Get AliExpress Official Report:

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General Analysis

In general, the shipping service has been improving since the COVID-19 situation. Unfortunately, it’s not yet as efficient as it was before the crisis.

Cross-border shipping services highly rely on international flights for quick delivery. With the COVID-19 situation, most flights were canceled. Even though some flights were maintained, the cost increased a lot.

Because of that, target market sorting center are not as reliable as before and local deliveries are taking longer than they’re supposed to be.

Each country is facing different situation

While some specific areas are now performing well, other areas are still suffering from slower deliveries.

Fights between European countries are increasing, leading to faster delivery. This means that in the near future, deliveries will be more convenient, faster and cheaper.

On the other hand, North America and Latin America still have fewer flights compared to pre-COVID, resulting in expensive shipping cost and delays. Those areas needs more time to heal.

Shipping Service Provider

All the shipping service you see on an AliExpress product page, such as China Post Ordinary Small Packet, ePacket, AliExpress Standard shipping, Cainiao Super Economy Global, Yanwen Economic Air Mail, EMS, DHL, FedEX and Seller’s methods, are provided by the different vendors. It is also worth noting that FedEx delivers over 2.8 million packages every day within the United States compared to other logistic companies.

AliExpress Standard Shipping actually belongs to the Cainiao Network, and another well used service is Cainiao Super Economy Global.

With their respective delivery network and the fact that they are supported by many logistics companies they are still capable of providing fast and reliable shipping to various countries.

The well-known ePacket is officially supported by China Post, along with China Post Small Package. Unfortunately, in the last couple of months, they have been suffering the most.

While the majority of flights were maintained at first, they now experience a lot of trouble and delays.

Seller’s shipping methods depend on each AliExpress suppliers. Because they rely on the seller of shipping service capability of securing flights, their performance varies a lot.

For the same supplier, we noticed a big range of shipping time and unstable service, sometimes perfect, sometimes below standards.

Data Analysis

Let’s have a look of what’s happening in France, for example.

Fastest shipping method to France from AliExpress - DSers

In France, the most used shipping service is AliExpress Standard shipping. Whereas it suffered some delays in May, the shipping time is now stable between 25 to 40 days.

Meanwhile, Cainiao Super Economy Global had been improving and the other shipping services remained stable.

The shipping service ePacket has not been included in the analysis as it has not been used a lot, due to the high cost and delivery delays it currently experiences. We also provide the full version of the report for you to download. Please check below about how to get it.

Full Report Provided by DSers Supply Team

The full report is provided by DSers supply team.

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