TikTok Marketing: How to Do It As an Online Business

TikTok Marketing: How to Do It As an Online Business

TikTok isn't simply a social networking site anymore; it's become a huge element of popular culture. There are a lot of brands blooming there. And, because it's still new, the possibilities are limitless. TikTok is also a fantastic platform for e-commerce businesses.

On TikTok, all that is necessary is a little imagination. TikTok marketing opens up the possibility of increasing brand exposure, website traffic, and client acquisition. So, what is TikTok Marketing, and how to do it as an online business? Let’s check out!

About TikTok & TikTok Marketing

About TikTok & TikTok Marketing - DSers


TikTok is a short-video-focused social networking platform. Users may use music from the app's library or sounds from other uploads to make short clips. TikTok was first released in 2016 by ByteDance, the app's owner. It bought competitor startup Musical.ly a year later and published the united version in 2018. After the merger, the number of users continues to double.

TikTok Marketing

TikTok marketing is utilizing TikTok to promote a brand, product, or service. Influencer marketing, TikTok advertising, and developing organic viral content are just a few examples. Businesses can benefit from TikTok marketing in the following ways:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Advertise products and services to target audiences.
  • Sell products and services.
  • Provide customer services.
  • Get feedback from customers and audiences.
  • Build your communities.

Why Implement Tiktok Marketing for Your Online Business

It's no longer a secret that businesses that don't use TikTok are missing out on business. Here are the 5 reasons why it’s a must for online business owners to be on TikTok.

Rising of TikTok Influencers

An influencer is particularly effective since it appears to be better advice than an advertisement. They can build the viewer's trust and makes them more likely to buy.

This is taken to a whole new level with TikTok influencer marketing. While Instagram marketing is still efficient, the site has been flooded by businesses attempting to profit from it. TikTok, on the other hand, is a relatively new platform with a low number of sales. Because it isn't as extensively utilized by companies, it preserves more of Instagram's personal touch before it got so popular.

Effectiveness of TikTok Ads

Effectiveness of TikTok Ads - DSers

Around the world, there are a billion TikTok users. TikTok is gaining popularity, and it's doing so quickly. Furthermore, TikTok advertising is more genuine. Compared to other platforms, users believe TikTok content to be more authentic and original. While older, more formal commercials may still be found on the site, brands can be more creative and casual.

Diverse Content

TikTok isn't simply another social media platform. It's a brand-new kind of internet expression. TikTok is bringing small media to the spotlight. TikTok creators need to have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of this new platform.

This means you can't just copy and paste your Facebook and Instagram postings into TikTok. Although you'll have to double down on your social media efforts, it also allows you to test out fresh ideas that you wouldn't have tried on other channels.

Higher Chance of Going Viral

TikTok is a new and unique mean of democratizing content. Unlike other social media sites, which prioritize content depending on the popularity of influencers or posters, TikTok has verified that followers of your TikTok account have no bearing on what your content appears on other newsfeeds.

What exactly does this imply? After only one video, you may become an overnight success. With follower counts removed from the equation, the new man has just as much chance as the major pop singer to go viral. Then, can you estimate how many users can access your online products?

TikTok Hasn’t Been Saturated

As mentioned above, TikTok is a brand-new platform. It was just 6 years old when it was first introduced in 2016, and it only became popular in 2018 when its parent business decided to merge it with Musical.ly. Furthermore, TikTok for Business, which will debut in July 2020, is more likely newer.

TikTok is still in the early stages of development, at least in marketing and revenue. You have less competition as a newbie to TikTok. Besides, there are fewer popular names that are vying for the same target customers as you. Thus, if you are considering a platform to build your own online businesses, TikTok seems to be a bright candidate.

How to Do TikTok Marketing As an Online Business

TikTok marketing is actually a lot easier than you would assume. Now, let’s see how to do TikTok Marketing as an online business with only 7 simple steps.

Step 1: Get a TikTok Business Account

Switching to a Business Account is simple. If you currently have a personal TikTok account, just move to step 4 below:

1. Download TikTok.

2. Create your personal account. You may log in with your email or a Google, Twitter, or Facebook account.

3. Tap on Profile > Edit Profile. You may include a profile photo and bio, as well as connections to other social media profiles in this section.

4. Tap the three dots in the top right corner > Choose Setting and Privacy > Manage Account.

Step 1: Get a TikTok Business Account - DSers

5. Tap on Switch to Business Account > Next.

Tap on Switch to Business Account > Next - DSers

6. Now, choose the category that best describes your business and tap on Next.

choose the category that best describes your business and tap on Next. - DSers

7. Add a website and email address to your profile.

And then, you get your own TikTok Business Account!

Step 2: Prepare a Detailed TikTok Strategy

Even if you currently are a Facebook marketing expert, keep in mind that TikTok is its own gorgeous, chaotic beast that necessitates a unique strategy. Here are some tasks that you need to prepare for your TikTok strategy:

Get to know TikTok: Spend some time on the For You page, watching the videos. Experiment with the editing tools, filters, and effects available.

Learn about the TikTok algorithm: Although the TikTok algorithm is continually changing, you have to start somewhere. You may learn more about the TikTok algorithm on the internet or in various communities.

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Identify your target audience: Know your audience before starting your first video. While teens and Gen Z are the most popular users of TikTok, the app has appealed to a wide spectrum of groups.

Learn your competitors: Is your business rival already a TikTok user? Keep an eye on what they're doing to glimpse what's working and what isn't with your common audiences.

Set goals and objectives: After you've gathered all of this information, it's time to create some objectives. What you want to accomplish on TikTok should be outlined in your TikTok strategy.

Plan out a content schedule: A social media content schedule guarantees that you don't forget critical dates and have enough time to produce new content.

Step 3: Decorate Your TikTok Profile

You only have a few words and one link to post on your profile, but your TikTok profile is essentially your digital storefront, so make the most of it.

Pay attention to your profile photo: Make sure your profile photo is attractive and accurately reflects your brand. It should ideally visibly tie your TikTok account to your other digital channels, utilizing the same logo or colors to keep everything in harmony.

Keep your bio short and sweet: With only 80 characters to deal with, your TikTok bio must be succinct and feature a call to action.

Step 3: Decorate Your TikTok Profile - DSers

Pick your URL: Is it best to link to your eCommerce site, a specific landing page, additional social media profiles, or a recent blog post? That is entirely dependent on your strategic objectives.

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Step 4: Create Your Own Content

There is no magic formula for creating a successful TikTok video, but there are a few solid guidelines to follow.

Make sure your video is high-quality: It may seem self-evident, but the higher the sound and video quality, the more pleasurable it will be to view your content.

Use hashtags: TikTok hashtags will aid in the discovery of your content via search and will help the TikTok algorithm to determine the kind of themes you're developing.

Step 4: Create Your Own Content - DSers

How-to videos and tutorials: Audiences enjoy a little bit of knowledge in their feed, whether it's a fitness video or a cooking demonstration.

Team up with other TikTok creators: Use the Duets tool to interact with other videos or hire an influencer for a collaboration.

Step 5: Interact with Your Audience and Try to Grow Your Following

The #1 approach to obtain those views and following is to provide amazing content (see above!). Once your followers are on board, use the same guidelines as any other social media site to keep them interested and engaged:

  • Try out interactive live streams.
  • Comment and like the content on other TikTok accounts.
  • Respond to comments and questions.
  • Experiment with polls and questions.
  • To stay on top of popular issues in your TikTok community, practice social listening.

Step 6: Track Your TikTok Analytics

Step 6: Track Your TikTok Analytics - DSers

It's critical to examine the situation objectively. What are your metrics for reach and engagement? Is it true that those training videos are genuinely working? Who is truly looking at and engaging with your content?

Analytics removes the uncertainty from content planning by demonstrating what works and what doesn't. The analytics tool of TikTok may provide you with some extremely fascinating stats to help you decide what to do next.

Step 7: Try Out TikTok’s Advertising Options

Although advertising isn't for everyone's social strategy, TikTok advertising allows online businesses to access younger, content-hungry populations. Here's a list of all the different types of advertising you may place on TikTok's ad platform. In certain places, not all ad kinds are accessible.

In-feed ads: These are self-serve advertisements that you may make using the TikTok Ad Manager interface.

Spark ads: Your online business may utilize Spark ads to promote organic content from your account or other users. Spark Advertisements have a greater completion and engagement rate than above In-Feed advertising.

Image ads: These feature a picture, app name, or brand. What’s more, ad text is exclusively available in TikTok's News Feed applications (BuzzVideo, TopBuzz, and Babe).

Video ads: Video ads are offered on TikTok. They appear in the user's For You stream as 5-60 second full-screen videos. A video, an ad display picture, the app name or brand, and of course ad text are all included in each ad.

Pangle ads: Advertisements sent through the TikTok Audience Network.

Carousel ads: These advertisements can only be found in TikTok's Feed. It features up to 10 photos with different caps in each ad.

Final Words

TikTok is a fantastic way to stay updated on what's new and popular. The newest from your e-commerce company might be included in what's new and popular.

Get out there, be innovative, and sell a lot of things to your new Generation Z audience by implementing TikTok marketing. Learn more about TikTok marketing and many unique ideas for your online business on DSers Blog.

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