TikTok Statistics, Facts and Trends: How to Market on TikTok in 2022

TikTok Statistics, Facts and Trends: How to Market on TikTok in 2022

It would be extremely challenging for you to find someone who hasn’t heard of this platform yet. TikTok is so popular that you can easily find its videos on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media apps. In fact, the app has made headlines a considerable number of times due to controversial videos.

Despite the challenges, pandemics, and other disruptions, TikTok has experienced immense growth. Gen Z is consistently using the platform to grow its audience. Can your dropshipping business use this platform for better business revenue Let’s find out. Here are some TikTok statistics to help you.

A Few TikTok Statistics and Trends

Some TikTok statistics and trends that will help you use the platform for marketing your dropshipping business:

  • Across the globe, TikTok is the 7th most popular app. According to these TikTok statistics, the platform is used by many users to create content and view content. Many users create and view content; some only create, and a large audience only likes viewing content by other creators.
  • The same report also revealed TikTok statistics that the platform hosts around 732 million active users in a month from across the world.

Other platforms have been in the digital space for so long, but it took them a much longer time to reach this audience base.


Even during the pandemic, when almost every business was dramatically affected, TikTok creators didn’t stop. You can now see more TikTok videos on the internet than ever. We don’t even need new TikTok statistics to prove this. On your Instagram, Facebook, and every other platform, you may observe more TikTok videos. This is because the pandemic increased internet and social media usage, which automatically grew business for online content creators. As a result, TikTok usage has increased.

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Earlier, we saw Gen Y more engrossed in the digital media. That was the era where Gen Y loved working from home and enjoyed connecting with loved ones over social media. Today, we are living in the world of Gen Z. It is the generation after Gen Y that likes TikTok. This means that TikTok may replace the TV for the new generation.

Based on the data released by IBM, 75% of people in the Gen Z category already like a smartphone more than a TV.

How to Market Your Dropshipping Business onTikTok

As a dropshipping business owner, you have the responsibility to market your business well. The reason why we are saying this is that you have marketing as your prime tool. In this business, we are not producing anything, we are not even sourcing material, and there’s no inventory. So, ideally, we are marketing products well.

To make this marketing shine, TikTok is one of the best platforms. If you are a business whose target audience includes Gen Z or Gen Y, you should definitely try TikTok marketing for higher revenue.

Since we have already evaluated TikTok statistics, let’s see how you can turn them into reality for your business.

1. Create Original Content

The first, and obvious, approach to TikTok marketing is to create original content. On any platform, if you are not unique, you are just a trend follower. However, on social media, trendsetters are able to earn revenue and drive traffic.

Therefore, in the initial days especially, you need to create original content and build trust with your audience. But, remember that, initially, you may also need to pitch in on ongoing trends and be the first one to create something unique out of them.

There are so many ongoing trends on the internet today. For example, someone creates a song and then everyone starts using it on TikTok or Reels. If you quickly use the trend and add a unique element related to your brand, then you can stand out.

2. Tie-Up With Influencers

Whether it is TikTok or Instagram, you will always find influencers on social media. With TikTok statistics, we can already tell that there are some people who are very popular on TikTok. These are the influencers you need.

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Selecting an influencer to market your brand is crucial. You have to deeply analyze their work, check their audience, and know that this audience is your potential customer, then move ahead. You have to have a clear idea of why you are moving ahead with one influencer and not others.

Once you have carefully selected your influencer, you will be able to improve your traffic on your TikTok business page.

3. Use Ads

Other than the above tips, one thing that never ceases to give results is advertising. You can use TikTok ads to improve your revenue and website visitors.

You need to explore different types of TikTok ads and select which one would work for your dropshipping store. Sometimes, you may need to try two to three types of ads to observe the results, such as in-feed ads and topview ads.

4. Create Business Account

One thing that you should keep in mind while marketing your dropshipping store on TikTok is your business account. The reason why we are saying this is that TikTok offers a wide range of tools for business accounts. For example, audience insights, performance metrics, and other real-time information.

So, if you don’t have a business account on TikTok for your dropshipping store, you should visit your profile right now and change it.

5. Appropriate Use Hashtags

An important factor to consider on any social media platform today is hashtags. You have to use the right hashtags to help your users find you, engage with your dropshipping business, and finally purchase from you.

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Here are some tips for hashtags on TikTok:

  • There are three major hashtag categories on TikTok: niche, featured, and culture. Initially, you should try using a mix of these hashtags. In the long term, you should analyze and see which one of these is working well for your dropshipping business.
  • If you have already managed to create an audience around your niche on TikTok, then you can easily focus more on niche hashtags. Why are we saying this? Because niche ads help you connect to the relevant audience easily. So, in this case, use 5-7 relevant hashtags in your niche.
  • When you wish to find hashtags, you should write your niche or relevant keyword in the search and go to Hashtags. This will give you a list of popular hashtags. You can then research these hashtags individually, using A/B testing, and find the hashtags you should use.
  • On TikTok, you should always stay updated with what people in the same niche are doing. Following these popular videos will give you some idea of the hashtags that can be used on your page.

In the case of hashtags, every business needs to thoroughly understand how its audience is responding. This is because what might work for your competitor may not work for you. Hence, you need to find hashtags that convert the audience for you.

6. Analyze Data

Lastly, analyze insights related to:

  • What time should you post?
  • What type of content should you post?
  • What hashtags should you use?
  • What audience are you attracting?

Using statistics around these questions will help you identify the loopholes in your videos and TikTok strategy. Knowing where you are lacking helps you fill the gap with the right strategy, isn’t it?


TikTok statistics and trends helped us understand the popularity of the medium. You may have originally believed that TikTok is for amateurs or people who just like to create funny content.

However, that is not it. TikTok statistics clearly reveal the true story of the platform’s popularity. Hence, use the above guide to create your marketing strategy and market your dropshipping store on TikTok.

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