DSers Releases Tmall Marketplace Exclusively for Fashion Clothing Stores to Source Quality Products

DSers Releases Tmall Marketplace Exclusively for Fashion Clothing Stores to Source Quality Products

As fashion clothing is in a really high demand, and it’s easy to promote, your competing capabilities might be catching the new trend, special styles, high quality, even good-looking pictures, etc. For dropshippers, the sourcing for fashionable as well as high-quality products is always not easy, but essential to success.

DSers has partnered with Tmall (a B2C e-Commerce platform) to make it possible for you to dropship fashion clothing easily with high quality directly in DSers, Tmall Marketplace rather than AliExpress or any other sourcing platforms.

Tmall Fashion Clothing Display

Pink floral frilly corset mini dress

With the bright dyeing and fine folds and laces, this gorgeous rose printed dress brings a feeling of romance and elegance.

Pink floral frilly corset mini dress - DSers

Black midi dress with a high slit

Featuring a high slit and tight design, this pure black dress gives a sexy and glamorous look. It is carefully made of knitted fabrics and not easy to deform.

Black midi dress with a high slit - DSers

Print sleeveless crop top

Printed with thermal hands in the chest position, the strechable white T-shirt is a great choice for sweet cool style or chic ideas. The sleeveless and navel-exposed design makes it comfortable to wear as well.

Print sleeveless crop top - DSers

Blue hollow out knitting suit

This is an inclusive suit. No matter what the body shape is, the light blue and soft knitted fabrics allow styling it that accentuates the best features and personality.

Blue hollow out knitting suit - DSers

Sheering boob tube top bag hip dress

Covered with barbie pink and black houndstooth, this sexy dress presents a look with a strong personality. With a pair of long opera evening gloves, it makes a shiny appearance at the parties.

Sheering boob tube top bag hip dress - DSers

Discover more on DSers, Tmall Marketplace!

Benefits of Tmall dropshipping

Stay on top of trends

Regardless of the products you are selling, it is important to keep up with the trends to grow customers and sales. With the integration with Tmall, you are able to source products that are in style, including a wide selection of women's fashion clothing.

Access products of good quality

To achieve long-term dropshipping success, you’d better provide products with high levels of quality. For this part, Tmall is the very place that you can trust for finding products that meet strict quality standards.

Enjoy rich product SKUs

If you dropship across different countries, your customers’ needs may vary significantly. Tmall dropshipping can enrich the products’ variants pushed to your store, which will help you meet different needs of your customers and achieve more sales.

How DSers Tmall Dropshipping Works

In-App Sourcing for Tmall Products

Unlike sourcing on AliExpress, DSers enables you to check Tmall product details directly within the app and import them with one click, which brings you convenience and saves you time.

Professional Supply Services

DSers Supply Team provides one-on-one service to help you with any questions or problems about Tmall products and suppliers, which will help you make better business decisions.

One-Stop Dropshipping Experience

When dropshipping, you may have to switch between several services and apps. With the integration of Tmall, from product sourcing to order fulfillment, you’re able to only use DSers.

One-Stop Dropshipping Experience - DSers

Final Words

As mentioned above, dropshipping Tmall products through DSers can be a great way to optimize your product supply and workflow.

If you focus on product quality and trends, the Tmall marketplace is the perfect place for you to source products. So don't miss out on this new opportunity to dropship quality and trendy products.

Feel free to reach out to Customer Support with any questions.

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