How to Use Trust Badges on Your Ecommerce Store to Boost Sales?

How to Use Trust Badges on Your Ecommerce Store to Boost Sales?

Trust badges on your website help your visitors understand that you are a trustworthy business. You can usually collect trust badges from a third party and display them on your website to allow your customers to understand your legitimacy.

What Is a Trust Badge

A trust badge is what it sounds like. It is proof of trust on your webpage. Generally, you may find trust badges on the checkout page of e-commerce or dropshipping websites. These trust badges ensure that the checkout page is secure and your card and account details are safe.

If you look at it, then trust badges mostly involve some or the other security feature that helps keep your credit card, personal, or other detail secure. This means we can also say that trust badges are actually seals of trust offered as per the security of your website.

Do you think trust badges can help you improve conversions?

Of course, trust badges can improve your credibility and conversions. This is because cyber threats are on the rise today. People avoid buying from new ecommerce or dropshipping stores. If you use trust badges from Shopify, PayPal, and other trusted sources, your website is trusted as well.

In this article, we have discussed how you can add trust badges and improve conversions.

Types of Trust Badges

On your website, you can add five categories of trust badges that help improve the credibility of your website. Every trust badge Shopify has a different purpose, hence, all of these can also appear at once on your website.

Let’s explore what are these trust badges:

1. Secure Checkout

There’s no doubt in the fact that the most important trust badge on our list is the secure checkout badge. When you use an SSL certificate, the company offers you a Secure Socket Layer protection seal that protects the checkout details of customers on your website. SSL certificate allows data in a secure tunnel so a cyber attacker can not perceive the ongoing information. RapidSSL certificate, AlphaSSL certificate, and Comodo SSL certificate are a few low-budget SSL certs that an eCommerce store can install on the server and assures customers about data security.

Secure Payment Badge

With the help of this trust badge, your customers can trust that the process you used for checkout is trustworthy and the information offered by the customer is encrypted and secured. This trust is the key to higher conversions.

There are so many trust badges for secure checkouts, such as VeriSign, Norton, etc.

2. Free Shipping

Another important trust badge is free shipping offered by your dropshipping store to your customers. This trust badge indicates that your users can return products and receive them without paying extra shipping charges or any other charges.

Fee Shipping Badge

While we should place a secure checkout trust badge on the checkout page, this badge can be placed anywhere on your website. Ideally, you should have this trust badge on the home page of the website and all the Add to Cart pages. This will allow users to check the free shipping badge and add the product to the cart immediately.

Why this trust badge is necessary?

It is necessary to retain customers’ trust by helping them understand your free shipping trust badge.

This badge is accompanied by a Money-Back guarantee.

3. Payment Trust Badge

When your customers see a payment trust badge from a well-known provider, they are able to trust your dropshipping store. For example, a payment badge from Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, etc. can be effective for your payment page. To improve customers’ trust in your dropshipping store, add a payments badge to your website.

Why does this badge help?

When users need to make payments online, this payment trust badge helps them trust your portal and process. In fact, this badge also helps them trust your dropshipping store. Think about it, wouldn’t you feel that if PayPal trusts this store I can purchase from it?

4. Money-Back Guarantee

One of the most effective trust badges on our list is the money-back badge. This money-back guarantee means that you would be able to pay back the customer if the services or products are not up to the market. For example, if the customer doesn’t find an appropriate use of the product which was promised, they know they can get their money back.

Money-back Guarantee Badge

This type of trust badge is created by the company itself. You don’t need another person to create a money-back guarantee badge for you.

However, remember when you are adding this trust badge to your website, you should ensure that it is visible to every user clearly on your website.

5. Endorsements

Endorsement trust badges are offered to users from different businesses. For example, an accreditation badge from Google Customer Review, etc. For these trust badges, you have to submit a form to the provider and fulfill the requirements of the same. This will help you get approved for the relevant trust badge.


Which Trust Badges to Use

Do you want to add trust badges to your website or dropshipping store?

If so, then check this list of free trust badges, such as trust badges Shopify and PayPal. You can also purchase some trust badges, such as the McAfee Secure badge.

1. Trust Badge Shopify

The first trust badge is the trust badge Shopify. If you are a dropshipping business on Shopify, you can easily add this badge to your website. On Shopify, you additionally get 670 different payment badges that you can drag and drop to the website pages.

However, to have a trust badge Shopify on more than one web page on your dropshipping store, you need to have a premium membership for the same.

2. PayPal Trust Badge

PayPal trust badge is offered to you if you accept payments via PayPal. Ideally, this is a valuable addition to your website, as it tells your customers that you are trustworthy.

You can use download these trust badges in PNG formats and put them on your Shopify store now.

Here are the badges available:

  • Backed by PayPal
  • Return Shipping is On Us
  • Support Small Businesses

3. gives you a range of 120 and more trust badges that you can download and use on your website. These include:

  • Guaranteed Safe Checkout
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Fully Secured SSL Checkout
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • AED 256-BIT SSL Secure

There are many more trust badges offered by However, you can only use these badges without logo. For the logo, you need to get a premium account.

4. Convertful Trust Badge

Convertful gives us 60 free trust badges, which can be downloaded in PNG format. In every trust badge, you can find different styles, which you can select according to your store outlook.

Some of the trust badges by Convertful are:

  • Free shipping & free delivery
  • Express checkout
  • Fast shipping and delivery
  • Secure payments
  • Payment options
  • Money-back guarantee

How Trust Badges Enhance Conversions

As we have already discussed, trust badges help you convince customers that your payment portal and website are secure.

Did you know that 17% of customers abandon a cart because they don’t think that the website is secure for transactions?

If you display a trust badge from a Trusted source, such as PayPal, right before the payment, more customers will trust you. You can retain this 17% of customers.

Have a look at this Checkout Usability Study. It says that for customers, trust in a website or dropshipping store comes with how the website looks rather than the technical knowledge of the same. And adding a little trust to your website improves the level of security )as perceived by your customers).

Even a generic trust badge can improve your users’ trust in your website. However, we recommend using trust badges from only trusted sources, such as Trust Badge Shopify or PayPal.


Trust badges help enhance the credibility of your website or dropshipping store, which improves your conversions. Check out the above details of trust badges and improve your conversions and revenue.

If you wish to maximize the revenue of your dropshipping store, then apart from using trust badges, try a dropshipping tool as well. For example, DSers is a robust dropshipping tool that helps you boost conversions and maximize revenue on your dropshipping store. Visit our website and know more about the DSers tool.

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