User Acquisition: An Ultimate Guide to Win New Customers in 2022

User Acquisition: An Ultimate Guide to Win New Customers in 2022

It is a known fact that acquiring customers can be one of the toughest jobs in marketing. Since user acquisition is the last state in the marketing funnel, implementing it can get complicated.

The good news is that with some professional tips and advanced tools, you can easily meet your requirements. Here, I will let you know how to acquire and retain customers for your online store in different ways.

Understanding the Marketing Funnel

Before we work on user acquisition tactics, it is important to understand the overall marketing funnel. This is because customer acquisition sits at the bottom of the funnel. Since it is the last step that your target customers would take, you should work on the preceding stages beforehand.

  • Segmentation: This is the first step in which we identify the target audience and segment them into different categories.
  • Targeting: Once we know our target audience, we perform various marketing tactics to generate more traction.
  • Awareness: As the audience would get to know about our product/service, they would be aware of our brand.
  • Information: Eventually, we try to inform our target audience about our products and offerings with push/pull marketing tactics.
  • Engagement: With frequent and targeted marketing tactics, we try to generate more engagement.
  • Acquisition: Lastly, our engaged and targeted audience would land on our online store and become a customer.

Understanding the Marketing Funnel - DSers
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This is the overall journey of an individual from a user to a potential lead and an end customer. Since the total number of users would shrink in every step, it takes the shape of a funnel, with acquisition at its last step.

Best User Acquisition Tactics to Follow in 2022

Great! Now when we have covered some basics, let’s learn how to work on user acquisition by applying these smart tips:

Tip 1: Set Measurable Goals & Analyze Your Marketing Plan

As you can see, customer acquisition is a stepwise approach, and you need to start from the basics. For this, I would first consider setting up specific and measurable goals for your marketing plan.

To do this, you can simply perform a SWOT analysis of the present plan. This will let you identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to it. You can identify what works well in your present marketing plan and how you can make it better.

Tip 1: Set Measurable Goals & Analyze Your Marketing Plan - DSers
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After getting valuable results from the SWOT analysis, it is time to set quantifiable goals for your plan. For instance, you can devise the number of sales and marketing leads you plan to capture in the present quarter or year.

Tip 2: Set Your Target Audience

To align your marketing plans with your results, you need to bridge any gap. This can be achieved by understanding your audience and filtering your targeted customers. After all, to do user acquisition, you need to specifically know who your leads will be. You can try to segment your audience based on different parameters like:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Spending habits
  • Pay grade
  • Preferences
  • Future goals

Tip 2: Set Your Target Audience - DSers
Source: Justinmind

One of the best ways to know more about your audience is by creating user personas. You can come up with dedicated personas for the prospective users of your products or services. In this way, you can know more about their buying preferences and psychology so that you can target them in a better way.

Tip 3: Identify Social Platforms and Scale Your Presence

Great! Once you have set your target audience, you can start implementing your marketing plan. Ideally, to optimize your user acquisition tactics, you need to select the right social media platforms.

For instance, if your target audience is working professionals or B2B brands, then LinkedIn would be an ideal place. Similarly, if your brand is related to fashion or has more female customers, then you can prefer Pinterest and Instagram. Since there are so many apps and platforms out there, you need to weigh their pros and cons beforehand.

Tip 3: Identify Social Platforms and Scale Your Presence - DSers
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After identifying some key platforms, you can gradually scale your presence. While it is okay to be present on a handful of platforms, you need to be more bullish on at least 2-3 places. Apart from posting organic content, you can also get in touch with influencers or run paid promotions. This will help you in brand building and customer acquisition.

Tip 4: Optimize Your Website & Make it SEO-friendly

Let’s say you have identified your target customers and you have started acquiring leads from social platforms. Now, the overall design and look-and-feel of your website can be a dealbreaker for them. For example, if your website is cluttered or it takes a lot of time to do a checkout, then you can end up losing customers.

To improve your user acquisition tactics, you need to optimize your website. You can start by making it friendly for different platforms like mobile and desktop. Also, try to work on scalable content that can easily be accessed by people on different devices.

Tip 4: Optimize Your Website & Make it SEO-friendly - DSers
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Besides social media, your audience can also be coming from search engines like Google or Bing. Therefore, you should also have a foolproof SEO plan right from the start and implement it during the website building phase. You can also consider setting up a dedicated blog on your online store to improve its SEO.

Tip 5: Reward Your Customers & Host a Referral Plan

As I have listed above, user acquisition and retention go hand-in-hand. Once you have acquired new customers, you need to make sure that they are retained in your store. To do that, it is recommended to reward your customers.

Tip 5: Reward Your Customers & Host a Referral Plan - DSers
Source: Sephora

You can give them an exclusive discount for their first purchase or provide a referral bonus. In this way, your customers can earn loyalty points while referring other users, which would be a win-win for everything.

A lot of online stores also come up with specific reward and loyalty sections for their customers. They can buy the insider plan to get attractive discounts or early access to sales. You can also work on gamifying their purchasing experience by allocating new rewards according to their levels.

Tip 6: Make the Most of Videos

You might already know how powerful videos can be in customer engagement. To start with, you can include small product demos on your website as videos. You can also include videos as a part of your marketing plan.

Focus on creating unique videos and sharing them with your audience. Not only would it help in customer engagement, but it will also let you land more leads.

Tip 7: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Email Marketing

Most importantly, you should also utilize the power of email marketing. It is still considered the most relevant solution for user acquisition as it can directly help you reach out to your leads. From promoting your referral programs to working on direct sales, email marketing can help you do it all.

Tip 7: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Email Marketing - DSers
Source: MBA Skool

I would recommend using a reliable email marketing tool like MailChimp, Drip, MailerLite, HubSpot, or Active Campaign. These tools can optimize your email marketing campaign and let you get measurable results in less time.

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Over to You!

As you can see, by applying these smart tips, you can easily acquire more customers for your online store. To work on user acquisition, you need to start with a flexible marketing plan and target the right channels. Also, after you have acquired new customers, you need to make sure that they are retained in the long run.

For this, you can take the assistance of DSers. It is one of the most popular dropshipping tools that will let you select the best products for your store and manage everything in one place.

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