How to Increase Sales of your Online Store with Video Marketing

How to Increase Sales of your Online Store with Video Marketing

You may have used high-definition product images, written product captions, or posted customer feedback on your online store or social media profiles. But you will lose customers if you don't use video content in your Social Media Strategy Marketing effectively.

When it comes to online shopping, consumers want to see what they are buying, how it works, and why others are interested. And there's nothing better than a fantastic video that will introduce your store visitors to your products and open their wallets. Product videos can increase your AOV (Average Order Value) and improve the uptime of your website.

If you need more proof, check out this Wyzowl report: 80% of video marketers say videos have directly helped increase their online sales.

Quick look at the content:

Since most people prefer visual representation, a compelling video can keep them on the page longer than text information or graphics. The longer they stay, the more they will explore your website and make long-term purchases.

If you're still skeptical about the benefits of video marketing, you can take our word for it that market may be satisfied with their ROI.

Are you left behind on video marketing? Do not worry. It's never too late to jump on the video market. And I have the right resources to accelerate your efforts. In this post, I've put together the best ways to use video marketing for your online store to increase your sales in record time.

Let's dive in.

1. Add an Introductory Video to Your Website

One of the easiest ways to drive a lot of traffic to your website is to put a video on it. In this way, you can increase your chances of Google marking your website as a "good" website, eventually increasing your search engine rankings. Make an introductory video about who you are, what you do, what products and services you have.

Let your visitors make a better buying choice and also get them to spend more time on your site, increasing their chances of purchasing additional products.

2. Use Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short animated video that briefly explains the problem you are about to solve, how you will solve it, and why the user should choose your solution over another. Depending on your product, you can stick to statistics and facts or create an emotional video to generate maximum interest.

Video Marketing 1 - DSers

Whatever you choose, make sure you understand your audience and the problem you will solve for them. It is also necessary to use a short but meaningful text and symbolism to convey the message. According to Wyzowl, 96% of people watched a video presentation to learn more about a product or service.

3. Showcase Your Products via Unboxing Videos

Particularly popular with an online unboxing video of regular customers opening packages of a particular product will often intrigue people to look at the items there.

Those who made these videos sometimes focused on expensive and often high-tech items such as smartphones and tablets. Still, if the price of each item is low—as is the case with many clothing and accessories—these videos can serve as video footage where customers review their purchases in detail.

Whether you are an e-commerce brand or a retailer, you can use unboxing YouTube featured videos for your benefit to drive interest in your products and increase demand from your customers.

4. Use Video Chat to Recreate the In-store Experience Online

The social distancing with COVID-19 has dramatically changed the consumer market. With Chat Video software, you can securely chat with clients from home or go.

In addition, visitors are more likely to have their questions answered as they explore your page. However, it is often challenging to communicate the benefits of a product through messages. The integration of video chat software will help you create an online experience that allows your customers to guide the customer throughout the process.

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It's also easy to build a personal relationship while chatting on videos and understanding physical information to have a more meaningful and purposeful conversation at this stage. Modern communications combine video chats and labs, allowing for face-to-face communication, resolving remote user queries, and providing quality product samples from a distance.

5. Keep Your Customers' Needs in Mind

Given the time and effort required to create compelling content, it's no surprise that few brands do anything other than advertising.

But by creating videos that meet your customers' needs without selling them anything, you have the opportunity to build trust among customers and position yourself as the account manager in your business.

One retailer that cares about the needs of its customers is Home Depot, whose YouTube channel has a wide range of videos. In addition to on-the-go videos for products, Home Depot also provides informational videos on topics such as repairing drains or replacing siphons, ensuring they are the first type to consider. They have customers when it comes to home renovations.

6. Build Trust with Testimonial Videos

Even if your products and services are the best in town, customers won’t fully trust you until they’ve heard about it from other customers. Using testimonial videos on your website is a good idea to build trust with social proof.

The easiest way to do this is to ask your most loyal customers to talk about their experience with your brand. For better results, you may conduct a survey report to get all the important information on camera.

You can also add testimonial videos to your email list to increase your click-through rate.

7. Show Videos Near the Checkout

A clever way for brands to use video content is to display them next to the check, where customers appear to be standing.

Placing videos next to sales can be very helpful in promoting and selling products, especially if they are easy to place next to the checkout. In addition, the key here is the presence of specific features that grab the buyer's attention and motivate them to buy the product.

Pro Tip

Just as important as investing in high-quality video content for your brand, you should know the recent facts and figures to avoid the spread of false information through your platform. It's important not to look like a one -size -fits -all brand, and too much storage can distract customers.

One smart strategy is to offer a combination of live video and text that can be used in various ways, such as on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and your website. Once you know what your audience likes—whether it's an unboxing video or stop motion—you can put more time and energy into that type of video, but it's worthy of exploring all the options you have.


Those looking for an easy and affordable way to increase sales for your business should start generating more videos.

Create a YouTube channel and add a video. Then, you will share the same videos on other media such as social media pages, your website, and even email advertisements.

In addition to sharing pre-recorded videos, use live video. You can use Facebook and Instagram for this purpose.

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