Welcome to DSers! Let's Dropship!

Welcome to DSers! Let's Dropship!

We are very glad to meet you here. DSers is AliExpress official dropshipping partner and the new standard for dropshippers. You will find some details about what we do below. DSers blog is to introduce useful tools, give you detailed guides and a place to improve your dropshipping business!

Let's Dropship!

What Is DSers?

DSers is a tool that makes you work faster than ever.

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!

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DSers is a free dropshipping working flow managing app which helps dropshippers find, import and edit products, earn cash back, manage multiple stores with one DSers account, create special bundles and BOGO offers, publish to your store, place multiple orders on AliExpress in one click, track shipping information, and even more.

What Is It for?

Basically, you receive an order, you place it to AliExpress with DSers, you pay for it, and voila!

2 simple steps to process your orders instead of long hours of manual labor, this is what DSers does!

Let's take it step by step, shall we?

1. You receive orders to your store

2. The orders are synced to DSers automatically

3. You place all your orders together from DSers to AliExpress in 2 clicks

4. You pay for the orders on AliExpress

5. You are done!

You actually just need to do something on step 3 and 4, DSers takes care of the rest!

After you paid for the orders, DSers will automatically synchronize the status of the orders.

It will first move to Awaiting Shipment, then once your supplier actually ships the orders and the tracking number is generated, DSers will automatically synchronize the tracking number from AliExpress to DSers, moving the order to the Fulfilled tab.

After that, DSers will also automatically synchronize the tracking number from DSers to your store. At this point, your order will be fulfilled on your store!

Note that for Shopify users, DSers can also automatically trigger the Shopify Shipping Confirmation email you set on Shopify to let your clients know that the package is on the way!

Why DSers? What's the Difference with Competitors?

AliExpress Official Partner

As AliExpress official partner, we can directly import the information of a product from the AliExpress database, and not only copying info from the product's page. This ensure reliable information and a completely up to date store for you effortlessly.

Place All Your Orders at Once to AliExpress

After syncing order data from your store, DSers helps with placing multiple orders to AliExpress at once. During the process, shipping method selection or product overriding can be easily completed. Check our video to learn how to process 100+ orders to AliExpress in minutes or our fully detailed guide!

And much more! You can check a list of all our features.

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