7 WhatsApp Business Features to Excel in Your Dropshipping

7 WhatsApp Business Features to Excel in Your Dropshipping

There is no secret that companies are embracing this platform to boost their client interaction and connect with them quickly.

In this post, we'll show you how to get started with the WhatsApp Business features and how they may benefit your dropshipping company.

What Is WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is the most recent addition to the well-known firm. As the name implies, the app is completely devoted to enabling communication between companies (B2B) or between businesses and customers (B2C). The free software is designed with small and medium-sized company owners in mind. It provides powerful, simple, secure, and dependable communication solutions that not only enhance customer interactions but also allow businesses or users to study and track their performance.

What Is WhatsApp Business - DSers

WhatsApp Business is a free app that offers a variety of services for companies of all sizes. Using a WhatsApp Business account means creating a seamless purchasing experience for your consumers, from saving time to personalizing chats. WhatsApp Business, when combined with the WhatsApp chatbot, is a highly effective tool for business.

Development of WhatsApp Business

Before the WhatsApp Business was released, this argument had already been going on for more than two years. When Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014, the business promised not to include advertisements since doing so would compromise the user experience. But it also abandoned its $1 yearly subscription charge, leaving few alternatives for revenue generation except charging companies for the tools. The addition of sponsored messages and display adverts to Facebook Messenger may signal a softening of WhatsApp's anti-ad stance.

This restful time, though, wasn't very long. The 1.3 billion monthly users of WhatsApp have encouraged the corporation to work on an extension that caters to the corporate community that may use WhatsApp.

As a result, WhatsApp Business was created - a distinct tool that helps startups and small companies connect with both present and potential customers. That was the goal at the start. With a debut that shocked the world and rapidly rose to the top of Google Play's most downloaded apps. Then, WhatsApp became accessible on iOS devices.

7 WhatsApp Business Features to Excel in Your Dropshipping

It will provide highly important innovations for your company because of the significant variations between WhatsApp Business and standard WhatsApp.

1. Facebook Shops Integration

Your WhatsApp Business number may be integrated with a variety of different applications thanks to the fact that it is a member of the Meta family. Facebook Shops gives you the ability to create streamlined and personalized buying experiences for your customers.

1. Facebook Shops Integration - DSers

For instance, a customer who is browsing your Facebook Shop would be able to contact you via your WhatsApp Business number and leave a message there.

2. Quick Replies

You don't have to type out individual answers to some of the most often asked questions. For example, "When does your business open?" or "Do you have any current specials?" Make a note of the responses and refer to them anytime you have a similar problem. When the platform suggests responses, press "/" and then choose one.

3. Interactive Messages

Interactive messages are one of the most user-friendly WhatsApp Business features. By enabling this, you may display buttons as responses to client inquiries. Your contacts will save time and effort by not having to write out their responses. You may also include call to action (CTA) buttons that route consumers to websites or phone numbers.

Interactive Messages - DSers

4. Auto Greetings

Auto greetings are a WhatsApp Business tool that may make your dropshipping business seem professional and pleasant. You may customize a welcome for new users or those who contact you after two weeks of participation on the site. To enable auto greetings, go to Settings, Business Settings, and then Greeting message.

5. Auto Away Message

You may employ auto-away messages for clients that call you after hours or on weekends. You may access this feature by going to Settings, Business settings, and Away message. There, you may activate the away message. Aside from editing, you may also schedule your message by selecting Always send, Custom schedule, or after work hours.

If you're going on vacation and won't be able to contact your consumers, you may also program automated messages to do so. During your absence, your clients will receive automated messages from WhatsApp Business using the "Away Message" function.

6. Catalogs

Have a new product line? To display them, use WhatsApp Business's catalog function. Instead of distributing products individually with their prices and descriptions, you may bundle them in catalogs with all of the required information. Customers will be able to view your dropshipping products without having to visit your website.

7. Contact Labels

The final significant feature of WhatsApp Business is the conversation label function. You may add multiple labels to each conversation and even color-code them. This will allow you to keep track of your orders, create leads, and manage your WhatsApp Business account.

Contact Labels - DSers

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business have both significantly aided our daily operations. WhatsApp allows us to stay in touch with people who are most important to us. While WhatsApp Business helps us to expand our business, manage a large number of users, provide timely replies, use templates to send professional messages, and more, it also allows us to respond quickly. So, if you run a dropshipping business, WhatsApp is an excellent option.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business Features

The advantages of the features for sellers, particularly small and medium-sized sellers on the digital platform, can be seen quite clearly since they were built exclusively for business. Moreover, implementing GB WhatsApp can significantly enhance communication for businesses, fostering seamless interactions with clients and customers, ultimately contributing to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Text messages make contacting new clients easier and more casual. Because people currently use and connect to WhatsApp, it might be utilized for commercial reasons instead of SMS

Strengthen Customer Relationships - DSers

Manage Communications between Devices

It became simpler to manage communications and file sharing across several platforms as they were available on the web and mobile devices. The sole difference between the two programs is that they need different phone numbers to work. For the web extension, only one account may be established per browser.

Be the Most Cost-Effective Gadget

Downloading the program is not at all going to cost you anything. Additionally, it enables open communication with the customers who are already being served.

Make Communication Core Secure

End-to-end encryption is available for all chats on WhatsApp Business. That is, only the people engaged may read the message. Even WhatsApp is unable to. Each communication has a security lock, according to the company. "...only you and the recipient have the one-of-a-kind key needed to unlock and read them."

DSers dropshipping

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For further protection, each message you send has its own lock and key. There is no need to activate settings or create specific secret chats to protect your messages since everything happens automatically.

Become Simple to Locate

The app enables real-time location sharing. While the business profile contains links, phone numbers, operation hours, and other information that clients may want.

Using the app to deliver discounts and promotions Because no one likes spam marketing, account status is great for conveying time-limited offers or the launch of new items. In addition to status updates, businesses may send customized messages to their filtered consumers. To avoid being excessively forceful, just talk to those who are interested in the message.

Improving Customer Service & Help

Customers may use the app to contact the firm at any time with inquiries or complaints. This is equally true in reverse. Consumers and companies may engage in order to share offers, delivery and shipment information, and so on.

Facilitate Group Cooperation

When the work is completed, WhatsApp Business automatically saves messages and data and even generates statistics. There is no need to be concerned about team members who are not tech knowledgeable utilizing it since it is quite easy to use. The API is similar to WhatsApp, however, it is more complex. Furthermore, it facilitates file sharing and decreases the potential for mistakes.

How to Leverage WhatsApp Business Features

E-commerce and dropshipping businesses must make their online interactions quick, simple, and effective because they seldom contact customers in person. Businesses may do that thanks to services like WhatsApp. For e-commerce enterprises, the Whatsapp Business API has created a new channel for client engagement.

Following-Purchase Experience

A significant benefit of the tools is that after clients make a purchase and enable (or choose this as the preferred method of receiving notifications) your dropshipping business to send them alerts, you have a very strong tool for providing a wonderful post-purchase experience to your customers.

Personalized Suggestions

Sending customized product suggestions is an excellent method to boost lifetime value while engaging your consumers favorably. You may submit product suggestions using WhatsApp Business.

Delivery Monitoring

The use of GPS for the purpose of real-time location sharing on WhatsApp has always been an effective piece of equipment to have at one's disposal. You are now authorized to take advantage of live location sharing in order to provide assistance to your clients in determining the location of their delivery. Then, it has a good auto update order status feature like many dropshipping tools.

Final Word

Lastly, Whatsapp Business might be an excellent communication tool for your dropshipping business, enabling you to improve your connection with clients and reach out to them more swiftly. It also gives you the ability to contact consumers more quickly. Keep in mind that people in this day and age place higher importance on speed than they do on quality.

If you do not capture the attention of your customers within a reasonable amount of time, they will just walk away and look for another option. Discover more experience as well as helpful tips for dropshipping business on DSers Blog.

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