When Is Black Friday 2022 and How Should Dropshippers Prepare for It

When Is Black Friday 2022 and How Should Dropshippers Prepare for It

Online retailers from all around the globe are getting ready for Black Friday 2022, which is just around the horizon. Due to the growth of e-commerce, this American sales event is spreading to new regions, making it increasingly relevant to online business owners all over the globe.

We will go over everything online business owners need to know as they get ready for Black Friday in this post. Before offering a practical Black Friday preparation checklist, we will first explore what Black Friday is. We will conclude by responding to some of the most prevalent inquiries about Black Friday.

What Is Black Friday

In the United States, the day following Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, when retailers have deals. It is regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season. It has a long history of offering doorbuster discounts during this sales event. People wait in lines outside of shops to acquire the best prices before the sales products run out.

Boxing Day, which is marked the day after Christmas in several Commonwealth countries, is comparable to Black Friday.

Midway through the 2000s, Cyber Monday evolved into a Black Friday-specific online extension. As a result, Black Friday has changed to become a longer-lasting weekend-long sale and shopping extravaganza. Even while some retailers still do doorbuster bargains, many concentrate their efforts online. Customers in the US spent an astounding $8.9 billion on Black Friday deals online just the previous year.

According to industry analysts, this amount will reach the US $9.5 billion for Black Friday in 2022. This year Black Friday takes place November 25th. Despite having its roots in the United States, Black Friday has gained increasing significance globally as e-commerce has expanded. E-commerce has made it simple for firms to sell to American customers wherever they are, which has greatly aided global development. Naturally, the concept of Black Friday shopping has spread to additional markets as a result of digitization and globalization.

Dropshipping Tricks for Black Friday

Black Friday is expanding into the internet market and is a lucrative cash cow for many businesses, particularly those selling online.

Despite its long history and widespread practice of providing clients with fantastic discounts, the event is taking larger space online with online sales which climbed by 18% while retail visits fell to 4%. The impending Black Friday sale may see a continuation of this pattern. Here are a few dropshipping tips that can benefit your company.

Deal of the Hour

The first dropshipping strategy we want to discuss in this post is having a limited-time offer for the Black Friday promotion. To attract customers to your website and close a transaction, you should simply give a competitive price and the associated deal.

Have a set of deals that change every hour throughout the sale. Note any bargains you previously have from the Black Friday sale that still applied. Therefore, the deal of the hour should have 50% off on it if the offer offers a 40% discount.

Create a homepage banner for each bargain being presented to promote the deal of the hour. A countdown timer to go with it would be useful as well. Letting the client know how long they have to take advantage of the offer.

Additionally, be prepared to post about these offers on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Have these postings automated in advance since that day will be busier than normal?

Countdown Timer

Out of all the Black Friday advice we offer, this specific tip is well-liked for the deal-of-the-hour promotions. With the aid of excellent software, you can also use this strategy to promote impulsive purchases.

The feeling of urgency that a countdown timer instills in clients is a noteworthy benefit. When used in conjunction, urgency and scarcity may boost sales. A timer on your product pages should work in your favor given the Black Friday deals.

Product Optimization

The next dropshipping technique we'll discuss is SEO. Remember to use the Black Friday search terms while building up your SEO for the items in advance of the sale on Black Friday.

Find the best keywords for the sale by doing a Google search. However, you should also take into account placing the brand names prominently, particularly for well-known businesses. As a result, your website's trustworthiness should rise, your organic ranks should rise, and you may even see an increase in return visitors.

Include specific references to Black Friday in the product descriptions, too. This increases the relevance of the offering to the customer. Make sure the consumer understands the urgency of the goods in the description as well.

#Hashtag Advantages

When marketing, include Black Friday-specific hashtags with your usual hashtags. Among the hashtags, you may use our #blackfriday2022 and #blackfridaydeals.

This enables you to connect with clients who are determined to get a great price on the things you provide. These go nicely with house furnishings, gadgets, or clothing. You should be able to tell whether your items would be appealing to a bigger consumer base after taking a glance at them. If they do, the hashtags could be able to assist you to attract additional clients.

Sale Extension

Extending the offer is one of the dropshipping strategies you may use on Black Friday. Because of how big e-commerce has become, Cyber Monday was born. On other websites, the discount deal was extended for a full four days.

By extending your promotion, you may propose offers to more consumers. Much more so considering that the deal is open all weekend. Nevertheless, pay attention to Black Friday first since it will be the focal point of the sale. On that day, bring your top-selling items and promotions.

Try some themed marketing for the days that come following. Make sure you provide a distinct selection of items and discounts on those things every day.

How to Prepare for Black Friday

You need to set up your company to take full advantage of the Black Friday sales trend in 2022. You will need to set some groundwork to make sure that clients are aware of your specials in addition to preparing your online business for the surge in traffic.

Let's go through the online company owner's (Dropshipping Owner) checklist for getting ready for Black Friday 2022.

Early Planning

Because so much depends on strategy and preparation, planning is one of the most important keys to success on Black Friday. To make sure that customers have a positive shopping experience, many companies need to hire additional staff to run their e-commerce operation before, during, and after the sales event.

Retailers would be prudent to start their preparations even earlier if feasible because customers begin looking for Christmas necessities as early as October.

We'll cover several particular items that you'll need to make prior plans for as we go through this post.

Strategic Deals

One of the most crucial decisions you must make as you get ready for this sales event is how to arrange your Black Friday bargains.

The most common offer is a discount on every purchase of certain goods. Many people think that if you want to attract customers, a minimum discount of 20% should be offered.

If you want to attract customers, you may raise the discounts. Potential clients would undoubtedly find something like a 99% discount on every purchase tempting, but doing so would be detrimental to your company as it would result in a significant loss. Find the right balance for your company.

Another well-liked Black Friday promotion is the giving away of a present with every transaction above a specific price. A tiny personal item or a gift card for a future purchase might be the present.

A Website (Most Important)

Make sure your website accurately represents your brand as it serves as your online showroom. A fantastic user experience should be the foundation of this (UX). By making your site's overall design attractive and its navigation simple, you may improve the user experience.

You may tailor the UX in a few different ways for your Black Friday deals. You may add banners to highlight your specials and a whole shopping page devoted to the Black Friday offers.

Your website's UX should be outstanding, and you should also maximize site performance. To ensure that your site loads fast and effectively, make sure that all media has been optimized.

Make sure you and your team have a steady internet connection when your sales go live if any portion of your sales process calls for a real-time touch. For instance, if your website offers live chat help, it's crucial to ensure that the agents who will be fielding questions have access to dependable internet.

Marketing Strategies

The secret to increasing your Black Friday success is marketing. After all, if you want your target market to visit your store, they must be aware of your promotions and offers.

In the past, firms used to advertise their sales in the newspaper the day before, but if you're concentrating on digital marketing campaigns, it's fair to start advertising sooner.

To reach your target, you may use your standard marketing techniques, but you should modify them to include a Black Friday-specific message. Here are some marketing strategies you might employ:

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Ads

Use marketing strategies that have previously worked effectively with your target group. It is good to start developing an email list if you don't currently have one for future sales activities since email dripping or promotion sequences may be a terrific approach to attract customers.

Optimizing Your Shipping and Delivery

Black Friday brings a spike in orders, necessitating well-planned logistical procedures. The key is to have a system in place that can effectively manage to deliver big volumes of orders.

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Even though you can be overwhelmed with orders, it's crucial to dispatch each one promptly. Due to two-day shipping assurances from many large e-commerce retailers, particularly those in the United States, quick delivery is immensely enticing to customers and has established itself as the standard in many locations. Although mastering two-day delivery is not necessary, it is crucial to keep it in mind.

Top Products Lists

Since Black Friday is such a significant sales occasion, many merchants participate, and this almost certainly includes some of your rivals. This implies that to attract customers, your product listings on your website truly need to stand out.

Adding high-quality media and improving your product descriptions are two key strategies to improve your product listings.

Since e-commerce product listings often include photos, you may enhance the appeal of your items with movies, animated gifs, or interactive motions. Ensure everything is of a high standard, consistent with the brand, and visually attractive.

Be smart in how you show the products to customers and how you employ keywords in product descriptions. Consider presenting objects as the answers to the issues they resolve. Use proper language and a tone that is consistent with your brand.

Wrapping Up

Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving, so in 2022 it will be on Friday, November 25. Dropshippers should start preparing for Black Friday at least a month in advance by making sure their inventory is stocked up and their marketing materials are ready to go.

They should also start planning any promotions or sales they want to run during the event. By preparing early, dropshippers can make the most of Black Friday and maximize their sales.

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