Wix Stores Support

Wix Stores Support

DSers is glad to now support Wix Stores!

From now on, you can easily manage your Wix stores with DSers, import products from AliExpress, edit them as you please, place hundreds of orders in seconds and more!

Learn what DSers can do:

DSers Dropshipping Wix - DSers

What Can DSers Do

With DSers you will be able to manage your store easily with the following features:

  • Import products from AliExpress
  • Edit products in DSers before you publish them on your store
  • Place hundreds of orders from DSers to AliExpress in seconds
  • Split a product into multiple other products
  • Create Bundles and offers for your products
  • Set automated pricing rules

We will be adding more and more features as the time goes, feel free to let us know your ideas!

Is It Free?

Like other versions of DSers, DSers for Wix has a forever free plan!

Furthermore, until the end of the year, you can try all the features of paid plan for free too!

💡 TIP: It is important to note that, as it is a newly released platform, you may encounter some bugs. Please let us know if you face any issues, or have any feedback, our team will work hard to improve things as soon as possible!

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