How to Enjoy What You Do? Tips for A Better Work-Life Balance

How to Enjoy What You Do? Tips for A Better Work-Life Balance

There are some who work throughout the day for several years of their lives until they have achieved their personal goals, such as buying a house, a car, etc. However, there’s a large section of people or small business owners who wish to maintain a work-life balance. Because, let’s be honest, all work and no rest makes us dull!

The good news is that you can work hard, achieve your financial goals, and still create a work-life balance. Many entrepreneurs or dropshipping business owners handle their work well, find time for personal activities, and still earn a luxury living.

How do they do it?

We have the secret recipe right here! Read the article to find work-life balance tips for dropshippers.

Do You Enjoy What You Do

The first thing that we need to ask before moving ahead is: do you like your work?

There’s no shortage of professionals and dropshipping owners that are in the business just for the money. They are not passionate about the idea, and they don’t really like what they do.

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For this category, finding work you like is the key. No matter what the level of work-life balance is in your life, you may not find happiness until you love what you do. You should feel passionate about your professional life. When that spark is missing, nothing seems to align.

There’s an opposite category of people that enjoy their work but lose motivation because of work-life imbalance. For this category, we have a range of tips. You can be saved, and with the right strategy, you can improve your work life and achieve your goals.

Creating A Work-Life Balance As A Dropshipper

As a dropshipping store, you may be wondering how you can create a work-life balance. You are receiving orders round the clock, what is the right way to manage the influx of demand, create a balance, and avoid upsetting your customers.

Here are some tips for the same:

1. Priority Lists

We all have personal and professional priorities. At the start of the day, we have a mental list of things we need to accomplish. However, as the day passes, we wonder where the time went and how we still have so much on our plate.

The simplest solution to this is to create a planner. Now, this is a personal choice. You can have a physical diary planner or notepad on your computer.

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In your planner, create two tabs with personal and professional priorities for the day. Define timelines and deadlines. For example, you will work on your order sorting till 5 PM, and after that, you need a break to spend one hour with your family.

This will help you stay on schedule.

If you have already tried this method and failed, then add a reward at the end of the list. Write down the reward you get if you are able to prioritize well. In the simplest form, it can be said that I took out time for myself.

Knowing the outcome is the best motivator.

2. A Calendar

An extension of the above tip is creating a calendar. Every professional that works in an office, as a dropshipper, or in any other position should have a calendar. We are talking about an online calendar that syncs your data on devices.

For example, Google Calendar helps you add events to your list directly from your email or tools. This way, all your devices are synced with your calendar and you get a notification to complete an important task.

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If you need to send out emails for a campaign at 2 PM on Saturday, set up a reminder and never forget your tasks. This helps you wind up work on time and create a balance.

3. Sometimes, Say No

At times, we are too overburdened with tasks. Here, the best practice is to say no to tasks that are not important or a priority.

These tasks may be personal at times and professional at others.For instance, you have a huge order and you need to work a little extra for the order. You can cancel personal engagements for three days and reward yourself by taking one day off for yourself after that. Balancing by saying no to certain things helps you achieve peace of mind.

If you were to complete this big order and still help a friend with a project, you could easily end up exhausting yourself. Know your priorities and work on them.

4. Take out Time for Yourself

Every day, you should find at least 30 minutes for yourself. Ideally, these 30 minutes are not for scrolling. Do things you like, such as writing, exercising, talking to friends, painting, or anything else.

This time will help you unwind, relax, and release stress. As a result, you will be able to return to work with a fresh mind.

Remember that with your time, we mean getting away from the personal and professional responsibilities that you have as an individual.

5. Divide Your Goals

You can achieve more when you have smaller goals. If you are working on 100 orders as a dropshipping store owner and thinking that you can place them all in a day, you may end up disappointing yourself. This reduces your motivation and stops you from achieving your goals in the future.

In place of this, divide this order into 3-4 sets and achieve a smaller goal every day. Setting achievable goals for yourself helps you divide your responsibilities over the week and avoid unnecessary burdens all at once.

This also means you will have enough time for yourself every day if you complete your small goals.

6. Take Help

When you are not able to complete your responsibilities as a dropshipper, you should get help.

Go to your LinkedIn page right now and create a post for hiring an intern. This is not an expense because the intern will help you streamline work and attract more opportunities. If you are time-burdened with work all the time, you will never have time to expand and think about cross-selling. With help, you can achieve more and earn better in the future.

7. Look after Your Health

Always keep your health as a priority. Don’t skip meals or sleep every day. One or two days is fine because you may have some work obligations. But, doing it daily hampers your health. Your body doesn’t produce enough energy and you are always exhausted, which automatically drains your motivation.

If you are healthy, you are able to work better, manage better, and earn better.

So, have home-cooked meals every day, exercise at least 4 times a week, and sleep for 6-8 hours every night.

8. Automate

Sometimes, the only answer to our problems is automation!

  • You love your work.
  • You are using all the above methods.
  • You are taking help.

But, you still don’t have time! Why is that?

DSers dropshipping

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This is probably because you have too many orders or work for one person. You can utilize a dropshipping tool and automate a few activities, such as one-click order placement and hassle-free order tracking.


It is not hard for dropshipping business owners to push back personal goals and requirements in order to set up a business. While this seems like a good option in the beginning, it drains your energy and exhausts you mentally, emotionally, and physically eventually. This can lead to a disinterest in what you do. Therefore, achieve a work-life balance to grow and succeed in the right way!

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