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BOGO - Buy One Get One - is a sales promotion offer that is provided to either the merchant or the consumer.

What Is BOGO

BOGO - Buy One Get One - is a sales promotion offer that is provided to either the merchant or the consumer. It encourages or rewards the purchase of one unit of a product by giving away or offering a significant discount on a second unit of the same product.

In eCommerce, a single word may be as powerful as a thousand salesmen. With an effective BOGO program, even the most rational customers who can stand in 3-hour-long lineups to save $3 and fight over cheesecake slices may become irrational lunatics.

How to Create a BOGO Program

Even though consumers and shoppers appreciate a BOGO promotion, differences remain between a good BOGO deal and a poor one. Let’s explore how to set your BOGO promotion apart from your competitors.

  • Identify your target audience

Knowing who you are marketing to is the next crucial thing after you have determined what you are selling. Target those who are willing to be interested in your BOGO deals. 

  • Create and maintain a sense of urgency in your BOGO period

A Buy One, Get One promotion needs to instill a sense of urgency, just like any other promotion. Applying the fear of missing out effect (FOMO effect), you may encourage customers to act sooner by giving your BOGO deals a deadline.

  • Integrate multi-channel for advertising

You may promote your BOGO promotion using a variety of various channels and media. Additionally, if you run a physical store or pop-up shop, you can advertise your BOGO deal offline.

  • Utilize social media for a fantastic BOGO deal

Since social media is expanding, businesses cannot afford to ignore it. You can utilize social media to solicit feedback and handle customer problems, in addition to advertising your BOGO discounts there. It may be advantageous to post-sales information and respond to clients on social media.

Why Do You Need BOGO for Your Business

BOGO deals dramatically improve conversion, which helps your store generate more sales. This is why:

  • BOGO brings in better customer responses

Customers may believe they got a good bargain on a product by getting a 100% discount on one item. From this, you can both build long-term partnerships, increase your earnings and guarantee customer pleasure.

  • BOGO helps clear out inventory quickly

Offers like BOGO are free, and they speed up inventory removal. It's because buyers are more likely to buy a product at full price and receive a second one for free than they are to buy a single product at half price.

  • BOGO aids in distributing revenues to customers

By splitting profits with customers rather than stakeholders, BOGO marketing methods enable you to increase brand identity, brand building, market outreach, and business reliability.

  • BOGO reduces cart abandonment

Given that you're giving away one product, buyers may decide to finish the purchase they started but abandoned in their carts. It will help you lower your cart abandonment rate and boost sales.

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