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Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is an analytics / tracking tool for tracking and analyzing the performance and efficiency of your website or app.

What Is Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is an analytics / tracking tool for tracking and analyzing the performance and efficiency of your website or app. Google Analytics provides access to a wealth of data and statistics on website traffic and visitor activity. The platform has both paid and unpaid versions, and anybody with a Google account may use it.

Google Analytics is the most advantageous to businesses with a digital platform that wants to monitor their marketing campaigns since it is used to measure search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and other marketing initiatives.

How Does Google Analytics Work

  • Stage 1: Data collection

Google Analytics will gather data on your website using the previously installed JavaScript code during the first phase. The user's cookies include information on the user's demographics and device-related elements, which are gathered by Google Analytics through JavaScript code and transmitted to Google's servers.

  • Stage 2: Data configuration

The data gathered in the previous step will be sent to Google's servers to continue the process of turning raw data into secondary data for export into a website report.

  • Stage 3: Processing

Businesses may choose the kind of index they wish to watch the most often using the View property. We may choose from a variety of things to examine reports based on our requirements and the criteria required for website analysis and improvement.

  • Stage 4: Reporting

The last step in the operation of Google Analytics is report export. At that time, the website administrator will get a comprehensive report on all data linked to the website's functioning.

Why Should We Use Google Analytics

  • Real-time statistics assistance

This is a feature that eCommerce businesses place a high value on; using this function, you can monitor the number of website visitors at the time of inspection. You may find out when the golden hour receives the most traffic by using data from Google Analytics real-time statistics. Appropriate strategies may then be employed.

  • Gathering data about the user's language and device

In addition to giving information on website visitor traffic. Google Analytics also enables us to see which channels users use to access our website.

With this information, you will be able to choose the best content approach to reach the highest number of clients. Because your clients will come from a variety of backgrounds, and each platform takes a unique approach.

  • Tracking website visitors' behavior

Knowing the particular behaviors of people on your website is one of the excellent capabilities that everyone utilizing Google Analytics gives to webmasters.

Google Analytics can track and detect user behavior by collecting data on the average time spent on a website during a user visit. You can also find out which articles are the most popular, what is the average time spent on the page, the bounce rate,.. Through this information, you can easily optimize our websites.

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