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Order Tracking

Order tracking is a process whereby eCommerce businesses can monitor all online orders and deliver real-time order status updates to customers at any time.

What Is Order Tracking

Order tracking is a process whereby eCommerce businesses can monitor all online orders and deliver real-time order status updates to customers at any time. Here are five steps in the order tracking process:

  • Order received

The customer orders from your online store. The purchased order has been confirmed and forwarded to the seller (if customizations are applied).

  • In-Progress/ Processing

The seller starts the manufacturing and packing process.

  • Shipped

The seller sends the customer's order (mainly utilizing a shipping service) to the specified address.

  • Delivered

The order package has successfully reached its final destination at the customer's address.

  • Completed

After all of the requirements are accomplished, the delivery person marks the order status as finished.

Customers may check to see if their purchased item has been shipped from the warehouse. They will know the most anticipated delivery dates and times to ensure their presence on its arrival. The better the eCommerce order tracking system is, the more satisfied customers are.

Why Is Order Tracking Important to Your eCommerce Businesses

There are various reasons why order tracking is critical in eCommerce. The following are the top four reasons:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction

The goal of any business should be to deliver a great customer experience. Online stores need to ensure that orders are processed accurately and on time. Order tracking enables them to monitor where each order is in the fulfillment process and offers clients reliable updates.

  • Improve operational efficiency

When orders are precisely monitored, eCommerce businesses get visibility into all aspects of the fulfillment process. This insight enables them to detect any bottlenecks or areas of inefficiency.

  • Prevent unnecessary delays or missed deadlines

The ability to effectively track orders can assist businesses in reducing unnecessary delays in their fulfillment process. Firms can identify and prevent any potential problems before they become an issue. This helps to ensure that your goods arrive at their destinations on schedule.

  • Provide a clear picture of businesses’ performance

By observing the entire fulfillment process, companies can identify areas of excellence and improvement. This data can be utilized to make the necessary changes to improve efficiency and optimize the fulfillment process.

How to Use Order Tracking Effectively

To use the order tracking system effectively, your e-commerce business can follow some essential tips below:

Ensure your order tracking software is simple and provides precise customer order information.

Consider developing a return policy that clearly outlines what steps customers need to take to initiate a return or request an exchange and what types of products are eligible for return or exchange. 

Work with suppliers to ensure that items are available in sufficient quantities so that returns can be solved quickly. It may be necessary to prepare or alter your product inventory depending on trends or popular products.

Maintain an orderly and up-to-date database of customer return requests to ensure that all facts are documented correctly and can be referred to if needed.

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