Admitad Affiliate: Here’s How You Can Earn More Money Online as A Dropshipper

Admitad Affiliate: Here’s How You Can Earn More Money Online as A Dropshipper

Many dropshippers who use AliExpress to source products wonder if they can use some affiliate programs to save and earn cashback to invest on marketing their store. Admitad Affiliate, also known as cashback, is a network that allows you to recover some of the money you spend on almost every purchase you make on AliExpress with your online store. The money you get back will come directly from Admitad, who has an affiliation relationship with AliExpress.

Simply put, you get some rewards when you place an order to an AliExpress supplier.  In this article, we have discussed exactly that. Let’s explore what is Admitad affiliate, how you can use it, and why dropshipping businesses can benefit from it.

What Is Admitad Affiliate

The Admitad Affiliate network is similar to any other affiliate program that allows bloggers and businesses to promote their products on their websites or blogs when you sign up as an advertiser and introduce an advertiser’s products to the audience and lead end customers if you sign up as an publisher.

When you sign up for the affiliate program, you get a link to promote products. If users click on these links, save this link, or purchase from it, you get a commission because you have helped make a sale.

For every product, you can get a certain commission as per the limit. Benefits of using the Admitad affiliate network to promote products on AliExpress are:

  • Up to 15% commission rate on sales made through your affiliate link.
  • It saves cookies for up to the last 3 days.
  • Since AliExpress operates globally, you can attract a wider audience.

How Can You Earn With Admitad Affiliate

To start earning from the Admitad affiliate network, you need to start by signing up as a publisher then a dropshipper. This is how you can do it:

1. You need to join Admitad as a publisher first and fill the information needed.

2. Then find the AliExpress WW program on the main page (it should be the first on on the list)

3. Once your account has been approved, you will receive a code from Admitad by mail then paste the code in DSers and wait for your earnings..

For more details of registering as a dropshipper, you can have look at this guide.

Now, every time your audience purchases checking your affiliate link, you would be able to earn a certain commission.

Tools for Earning

There are 14 tools for earning on Admitad. We’ll take Instant Pay and Admitad Teleport as examples here.

Admitad Instant Pay is an Admitad Affiliate service that allows publishers to change the status of earned money from Awaiting advertiser payment to Ready for withdrawal even before the advertisers actually pay their invoice. This tool help you speed up the process of cashback!

💡 TIP: You have to cooperate with Admitad over 6 months to get this tools available for you.

Admitad Teleport is a tool for Admitad publishers with a website or browser extension. With Teleport enabled, users will go directly to the advertiser's site through your link and no redirection to the affiliate's site.

In the future, more targeted actions will be tracked and captured. The tool can be accessed from the top menu of individual accounts in the Tools section.

Commission Rates

It is not uncommon for bloggers and businesses to run away from affiliate programs because of low commission rates.

However, with Admitad, it is not the same. Here, you get a maximization of 15% commission, which can also go up depending on the product.

You can withdraw the funds after your income reaches the minimum withdrawal amount. To do this, go to the dashboard and click Payment in the Balance Details section.

You can choose to withdraw all the earning or just a part of them in an express payment (processed within 24 hours) or standard payment (once a week on Thursday).

Admitad Affiliate And AliExpress Dropshipping

Admitad Affiliate is a network that pays you when people purchase products from your promotional links. This program intends to promote products on your website and improve your customer base.

Contrary to this, dropshipping means creating your own website, marketing products from AliExpress under your brand name, and directly shipping products.

Here, the business owner actually marks up the price of the product to earn better margins. You are promoting and marketing these products on your website as your own. The user doesn’t need to know about your dropshipping status.

These two are different concepts for earning money through AliExpress. However, we have an option to use Admitad affiliate in your AliExpress dropshipping business. Check out what is it.

Using Affiliate Program As A Dropshipper

DSers is a dropshipping solution that helps you source AliExpress products and dropship them. With the help of this application, you create your profit margins, make descriptions, and promote offers.

However, this also allows dropshipping businesses to use the AliExpress affiliate program. The tool allows you to add referral links to all your products and when you place an order from DSers dashboard, you can earn more on every sale from your dropshipping store.

While you are able to receive extra benefit on every sale with DSers through its in-built AliExpress affiliate API. However, you don’t necessarily need to use this plugin only.

You can reach out to our team, enable the original AliExpress affiliate plugin or API to enable extra commission on every sale. Here, you need to add your API credentials and access the API to start using for AliExpress affiliate.

Using A Dropshipping Tool

Since DSers dropshipping tool plays a major role in AliExpress affiliate with dropshipping, you need to start using the tool first.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


The tool offers you many benefits, such as AI-based seller selection, bundle order placement, automatic order tracking, etc.

Some features of DSers dropshipping tool that you should evaluate:

  • One of the best features of AliExpress DSers dropshipping tool is its ability to provide AI-based seller selection. On AliExpress, you have to explore the same product from different sellers to find efficient shipment, time of delivery, and quality. DSers uses AI intelligence to find the right seller for you.
  • If you are dropshipping your products from more than one platform, such as Shopify and WooCommerce, you can integrate it all to your DSers dashboard.
  • When you have many orders piling up, you can place these orders in one chance without separately researching and filling in details for each.
  • You can make bundles of products during a promotion on your website. DSers will help you place an order for the bundle in one go.
  • After placing an order, you don’t have to manually keep track of every order. You can simply use the DSers tool that integrates your order to the dashboard as soon as you place it.
  • You can create a rule to mark up one category of products. Now, when you add products to this category, DSers will add the pricing using this rule automatically. You don’t need to do manual calculations every single time.
  • It is possible to divide product categories and types into multiple layers to improve ease of management.


Admitad affiliate is a valuable program offering you additional power to earn great profit margins when you dropship on AliExpress.

If you already have a dropshipping store, then this feature is truly a blessing in disguise. You can merge your markups with these additional profits and give your passive income a push.

If you want to start using the Admitad affiliate program for your AliExpress dropshipping business, check how the DSers platform work. Here’s a list of features we are offering you once start using our tool.

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