How to Get Faster Shipping on AliExpress When Dropshipping

How to Get Faster Shipping on AliExpress When Dropshipping

An effective shipping strategy is essential for dropshipping businesses to avoid consumer dissatisfaction due to lengthy delivery periods. AliExpress is a fantastic resource that offers many products at meager costs.

The delivery process on AliExpress is the only drawback. To ensure that your things arrive as quickly as possible, several strategies are applied on AliExpress. Let’s discover some tips on how to get faster shipping on AliExpress when dropshipping.

Overview of Shipping on AliExpress

Before discovering some tips on getting faster shipping for dropshipping on AliExpress, let’s take a look at the overviews of shipping on AliExpress.

Typical AliExpress Shipping Time on AliExpress

Typical AliExpress Shipping Time on AliExpress - DSers

Depending on the provider you use to deliver your products, the regular AliExpress delivery durations range from 15 to 45 days. Delivery times may be longer than usual because China-based sellers make up the majority of AliExpress vendors. Additionally, delivery timeframes vary depending on the location and shipping type.

Dropshipping products can take up to 60 days for vendors, however, in those circumstances, customers typically raise a dispute on AliExpress, which you must handle. Nevertheless, if you want to go with premium choices or have success with your ePacket shipment, the delivery might be made in as little as 12 days.

Types of Shipping Options on AliExpress

Types of Shipping Options on AliExpress - DSers

There are 3 different kinds of shipping on AliExpress that you should get acquainted with right away:

Ordinary shipment: Most items under $5 are shipped using this extremely affordable method. Once they leave China, regular shipments are not trackable, making it difficult to track or predict when the shipping carrier will deliver them.

Certified shipment: There is constant tracking available for insured shipments. Knowing when the load will come and being informed of it is helpful. Additionally, it needs to be signed for by you or a household member. It frequently appears in orders above $5, although it can also be seen in inexpensive things.

Shipments through private courier: These shipments are typically made by private businesses like DHL, UPS, EMS, or even AliExpress itself with its AliExpress Premium Shipping, and they generally are not free (in fact, they are kind of expensive).

Importance of Faster Shipping When Dropshipping on AliExpress

Importance of Faster Shipping When Dropshipping on AliExpress - DSers

How long it take for your product to get to your consumer is a crucial component of the dropshipping operation. Quick deliveries are always appreciated by clients, and by providing them with them, you build their faith in your business.

Going above and beyond to include email notifications and free shipping options at predetermined intervals will help you win even more. It's about more than just getting products to customers quickly.

Offer something unique to your business or something people wouldn't anticipate. Customers will, without a doubt, adore it! Remember to include options that will make things more convenient.

How to Get Faster Shipping on AliExpress When Dropshipping

When dropshipping with AliExpress, delivery times might be accelerated. Keep reading to learn how to do that.

Select Suppliers Offering Fast and Affordable Shipping Methods

Select Suppliers Offering Fast and Affordable Shipping Methods - DSers

You undoubtedly already know that dropshipping vendors on AliExpress have various delivery options. The cost and speed also vary. Some vendors provide incredibly sluggish and inexpensive shipping, while others offer quick and pricey deliveries.

You can only choose your delivery option if you have influence over the fulfillment and shipment procedure. Accordingly, based on the nature of your consumers and your business objectives, you should choose an AliExpress dropshipping supplier that provides the appropriate delivery method.

You will want to avoid sending out orders to customers as quickly as possible at the expense of losing money on each one. Therefore, it makes sense to pick a supplier that provides quick yet reasonably priced shipping options. AliExpress shipping times can also be shortened by doing this.

Check out Feedbacks and Reviews on AliExpress Suppliers

Check out Feedbacks and Reviews on AliExpress Suppliers - DSers

To select a fast shipping supplier, read customer reviews on AliExpress Suppliers. Users may post comments and feedback on the products and services they buy on several forums that accept feedback from AliExpress customers.

So, if you want to find a solution to your issue with faster shipping, it is recommended to look through the feedback section. Based on it, owners of dropshipping businesses can select vendors who offer the best shipping options and quick delivery times.

Partner with Suppliers Having Warehouses in Your Target Country

Partner with Suppliers Having Warehouses in Your Target Country - DSers

You may engage with suppliers who have warehouses in your target nation even if you use AliExpress dropshipping.

China is where the bulk of dropshipping providers for AliExpress are headquartered. However, other suppliers keep their products at facilities outside China, such as those in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, etc.

Thus, it is an excellent idea to filter dropshipping products by warehouse locations closer to your clients if you want to offer quicker shipping times.

This indicates that the vendors can complete and deliver your orders from the nearby warehouses. Additionally, your products won't be shipped from China. This way, delivery snafus may be avoided, and shipment times can be significantly shortened.

For instance, if your target market resides in the United Kingdom, look for an AliExpress dropshipping provider with a UK-based warehouse. Sort by "ship from a country" to locate a vendor who has a warehouse there.

So, it can be said that this is most likely the most effective strategy to speed up AliExpress delivery. In essence, working with dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress who have warehouses in your target nation can help ensure that your customers receive their orders promptly.

Pay Attention to Processing Times

Paying attention to the processing times provided by dropshipping suppliers is another way to shorten AliExpress shipping times.

Delivery time = Shipping time + Processing time

  • Shipping time is the amount of time it takes to arrive at its destination (your customer).
  • Processing time is the amount of time it takes to complete an order. To put it another way, it refers to the time between when you place an order with your dropshipping provider and when they get ready to ship it.

Processing timeframes vary between various dropshipping providers on AliExpress. The typical processing period is two to three days.

However, there are situations when a supplier needs, say, 7 days to execute an order. And in dropshipping, this is seen as a lengthy processing time, which may lead to a lengthier shipment delay.

Therefore, knowing where your order status is an important step. Many dropshipping tools offer an auto update order status feature, which will help you keep track of your orders. You will be updated on order placed, is it shipped, and whether are there any issues,...?

Try to Hire Several Providers

Try to Hire Several Providers - DSers

Once you've chosen several providers, you must test them to discover whose products will arrive in your region first. This advice is essential because although many AliExpress Suppliers advertise quick delivery, their delivery sometimes takes a while.

DSers dropshipping

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Like the tip mentioned above, it is essential to look into the processing time before making your final selection to acquire quick shipping services. Then, make an effort to select the vendor who will supply superior products quickly.

Order Test Products

You have thus investigated the processing timeframes and delivery options of several AliExpress dropshipping vendors. However, it would be beneficial if you could order a test product from various vendors.

This is a fantastic method to verify the processing and shipment timelines, make sure the item is what it says it is, and, of course, shorten the AliExpress shipping times.

It is wise to purchase an identical product from many AliExpress vendors to choose the one with the quickest shipping times. Work together with that provider to ensure that your items reach your clients on schedule.

Find “VIP” Listings for Your Dropshipping Products

Find “VIP” Listings for Your Dropshipping Products - DSers

Finding "VIP" listings for your products is also good advice for getting quicker shipments on AliExpress. These AliExpress product pages were primarily made for dropshippers.

Suppliers on AliExpress do this because, if you're dropshipping, you'll likely become a recurring customer for them. Because there is a good chance you will purchase their product more than once, they view you as a VIP.

Because certain suppliers will give your purchase a higher priority, which means you can receive quicker processing periods, a VIP page can help you achieve faster shipping times on AliExpress. Your order may occasionally be dispatched via expedited delivery services.

In addition to these benefits, a VIP page might provide your products at a lesser cost, and suppliers won't include any extra bills or advertising with the shipment.

Use AliExpress Alternatives

Even if the last advice doesn't help you achieve faster delivery on AliExpress, you will still be able to do so! You may do this by employing an AliExpress alternative.

This is to say that there are several alternative suppliers available for your dropshipping business. You can beat nearly any supplier on AliExpress's delivery schedules if you choose a reliable one, especially one near your target customers, like a US or EU provider!

DSers - Optimize Your AliExpress Shipping Process for Dropshipping

DSers - Optimize Your AliExpress Shipping Process for Dropshipping - DSers

DSers is one of the best dropshipping tools that help to dropship from AliExpress. It offers many helpful features for optimizing the shipping process on AliExpress while dropshipping. DSers shipping settings feature allows you to pre-select and set the best shipping options for each order according to your preference on prices, countries, and delivery time.

Final Words

The relationship between you and your clients is impacted by shipping time. So, if you are a dropshipper, you must take the speedy shipment into account. It's simple to upgrade your AliExpress shipment speed. You'll be alright if you stick to the advice in this article. There are also numerous shipping options on AliExpress. As a result, you can select one based on your needs. Learn how to develop your dropshipping business on DSers Blog!

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