How to Request a Refund on AliExpress: Detailed Guides

How to Request a Refund on AliExpress: Detailed Guides

What should you do when you have concerns while you're ordering online? Will the products be delivered on time? Will you get your money back if it has not arrived? Sometimes, they lose your pack, and the product may never come.

This guide will show you how to get your AliExpress refund, even though you ordered it from China, and further.

Why Request a Refund on AliExpress

Why Request a Refund on AliExpress - DSers

There are so many reasons to request a refund on AliExpress. If you are in any of the abovementioned cases, remember that winning them is a good chance. AliExpress has set up a buyer protection program to protect the suppliers and customers. Building this program will help AliExpress face the different problems of customers and sellers.

To set up a refund procedure on the platform, there are a few notices that you have to pay more attention to. Read the policies of AliExpress carefully before setting up your refund applications.

What Is AliExpress Refund Policy

Understanding AliExpress Refund Policy - DSers

Eligibility for A Refund

Understanding AliExpress Refund Policy is the best way to take your money back to the fullest.

The company encourages clients to contact the seller about the problems first. If you can't reach a deal with the seller, you can get your refund in these cases:

  • The order has not been shipped yet, and you decide to cancel it.
  • The product is not like the description.
  • Your order arrives later or does not arrive at all.
  • You got scammed.

When your order has not yet been delivered, you can cancel the order and get a refund on AliExpress. Generally, it will take 5 to 7 days to cancel the order. Don’t delay it too long, as some suppliers are inclined to promptly add a tracking number to the order.

When Can You Get a Refund

There are a few key scenarios when you can request a refund on AliExpress:

  • Order Not Shipped: If the seller has not shipped your order within the expected timeframe, you can request a refund. AliExpress recommends contacting the seller first, and if they do not resolve the issue, you can open a dispute.
  • Item Not as Described: If the item you received does not match the product description on AliExpress, you are eligible for a refund. Be sure to provide clear evidence such as photos or videos demonstrating the issue.
  • Item Never Arrived: If your order never arrived after the expected delivery date, you can request a full refund from AliExpress. Again, start by contacting the seller, and if they are unresponsive, open a dispute.
  • Defective or Damaged Item: If the item you receive is defective or damaged, you can return it for a refund. Clearly document the issue and work with the seller to arrange a return.
  • Change of Mind: If you change your mind about an order and it has not yet been shipped, you can typically cancel the order and receive a full refund, though the timeframe may vary.

It's important to act quickly when requesting a refund, as there are usually time limits in place. For orders that have already been delivered, you generally have 15 days to open a dispute. Be sure to provide clear evidence to support your refund request, and work collaboratively with the seller if possible before escalating to AliExpress.

Timeframe for Requesting A Refund

If you have already received the package, you can open the refund dispute within 15 days of the delivery or the package delivery deadline (60 days maximum).

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Your claim will be directly investigated for the protection of the buyer.  You must recover your money from the sellers within 15 to 30 working days after the dispute.

The refund process may take a little longer than usual during sales or Christmas.

Return Shipping Cost

There are two ways to return AliExpress: fee-included return and free return.

  • Free return: Buyers are not responsible for any shipping costs associated with free returns. To request a refund, just go into your AliExpress account, visit the order page, and make the request. Afterward, just wait for your money to be returned.
  • Fee-included: About how to return at your own expense, you must pay the shipping cost to send the package safely back to the seller. You should contact the sellers first if you encounter problems and want to return the goods. The solution will depend on the seller and the product situation.

Sometimes, the cost can be more than the pack’s value.

Types of Available Refunds

About the types of available refunds now, you will get the refund through the same payment method you used. The most popular way to pay on AliExpress is with a credit or debit card. You will get the money as another movement on your card, but it will be marked with a positive sign indicating a refund.

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How to Request a Refund on AliExpress as a Dropshipper

Here are 4 steps to request a refund on AliExpress that you can follow easily.

Step 1: Contact the Supplier

The first step is to contact the supplier directly and explain the issue. Take a video of the unpacking. Before opening the item, take a picture of the tracking code. To demonstrate the issues, take photos and screenshots. They could provide a refund or a fix for the issue. Go on to step two if the vendor is unreachable.

Step 2: Open a Dispute

You can open a dispute on AliExpress by visiting "My Orders" and finding the order. Click on "Open Dispute" and add details about the issue. You can also upload related evidence with the supplier, such as screenshots or messages.

Steps to Request a Refund on AliExpress as a Dropshipper - DSers

Step 3: Wait for Response

AliExpress will review the dispute and contact the supplier to resolve the issue. You may need to provide additional information or evidence during this process. The seller has to reply in five days. You can follow up the result on the dispute’s page and through your email.

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Step 4: Receive Refund

If the dispute is resolved in your favor, you will receive a refund from AliExpress. It will take a few days to process and transfer your money back. In some cases, fees will be charged due to the bank’s rules.

how to Contact a Seller on AliExpress (with Screenshots)

There are 4 following steps to contact a seller on AliExpress

Step 1: Log into your account on AliExpress

To log in and use AliExpress, you can use a computer, phone, or tablet. Type your account and access.

Step 1: Log into your account on AliExpress - DSers

Step 2: Navigate to the seller's store

If you know the seller or store's name, search for it using the bar at the top of the page. If you don’t, spot an item sold by the store, then click “Visit Store” or “Contact” on that item's page.

If you can't find the item or the store you want to contact, and you've already purchased the item, you can open a contact option in your order list. Click the “Account” menu in the top-right corner, choose “My Orders”, and then pick your order.

“Account” menu in the top-right corner, choose “My Orders”, and then pick your order. - DSers

Step 3: Contact the seller

You'll see this on the left side of the page, under the store or item details. Click the Contact button to connect.

Step 3: Contact the seller - DSers

Step 4: Fill out and submit the form

The contact form will appear in the form of an email and will be in your AliExpress inbox. Fill your question or feedback as a list and ensure it is as detailed much as possible.

Step 4: Fill out and submit the form - DSers

How to Open a Dispute on AliExpress (with Screenshots)

Let’s follow the detailed steps below to open a dispute on AliExpress.

Step 1: Log in to your AliExpress account

Go into AliExpress and go to "My Orders" to file a dispute. All of your AliExpress orders will display the data for you here.

Step 1: Log in to your AliExpress account - DSers

The “Open Dispute” button will be next to the right of the product’s name. It’s open for both open and finished orders.

The “Open Dispute” - DSers

Step 2: Check the “Purchase Protection” timer

You can see the purchase protection time on the “View Detail” page. Press the link above the order in question to go to it. The refund is unacceptable when purchase protection runs out.

Always make sure to check the time before opening a dispute. This period will take you at least 15 days.

Step 2: Check the “Purchase Protection” timer - DSers

Step 3: Select an order

Choose the problem order in the orders list and click the  “Open Dispute” button. It’s visible in the “My Orders” section as soon as the order is sent by the seller (you can follow it in the “Logistics information”).

Step 4: Fill in the dispute form

By opening on the “Open Dispute”, you will go to the dispute form you must finish. Select the checkboxes that describe your problem perfectly. There are tons of possible reasons for AliExpress disputes listed. Choose the one which is most close to you.

Step 4: Fill in the dispute form - DSers

Step 5: Wait for the seller’s reply

After filling in the dispute form and sending the application, you only have to wait for the seller's reply.

The seller might agree or keep silent (within 5 days from the moment of opening the dispute). Either of the cases means the dispute has been accepted, and the refund procedure has already started. Make an offer.

Step 6: Dispute Escalation

This button will appear as soon as the seller answers. This button is exactly what you need. Keep in mind that when you raise a dispute, you cannot make any modifications. Representatives of AliExpress receive the case.

The request will be examined for several weeks. They may request more information from both you and the seller. Don’t forget to check the timer and the evidence to provide to AliExpress. Checking the status of the dispute every day.

Sometimes, the seller may also offer some new deals. You can accept or refuse them.

Step 7: AliExpress decision

After all the necessary information has been provided, all you have to do is wait for the “verdict”. You will receive an email when the decision is made, you will receive an email from AliExpress.

It’s easy to win a dispute and get your money back if you fill in the request and provide all the critical evidence. Unfortunately, cash back from AliExpress is canceled when you get a refund.

💡 NOTE: Always resolve any issues with the supplier before opening a dispute on AliExpress. This can help avoid unnecessary conflicts and improve your relationship with the supplier.

Tips for Requesting a Refund on AliExpress as a Dropshipper

Here are some tips to help you request a refund on AliExpress as a dropshipper successfully.

Keep good communication: you should communicate with the supplier promptly and regularly. Update them on any issues or changes about your orders, returns, and refunds. You should negotiate with them on handling product returns and refunds, such as who will pay the shipping cost, who issues the refund, and how to deal with lost or damaged products.

Prepare clear evidence for AliExpress refund request: Don’t forget to provide clear evidence of the issue. There are tons of reasons to deny your refund. Be sure to film all the unboxing. Capture photos and videos to convince the refund.

Be patient: Most merchants will return your money within 15 days. Be patient and keep an eye on the data. If your issue is not settled, you can expand it by contacting AliExpress from the order detail page.

Record necessary things: Consistently record all communication between you and the seller. Save the shipping receipt, photograph each packing step, or record a video. You should make a screenshot of the tracking info and submit it as evidence too. If the seller refuses to complete your clearance procedure, take a screenshot of the tracking info to verify.

Final Words

Now you know everything about the process of getting your AliExpress refund. As you can see, the money may sometimes not be in your favor. It happens even when you are right.

The only way to avoid this is to build solid evidence to prove your point. If this is done, you can prove that the supplier is wrong, and you will get your money back. Wish you good luck and successfully receive your refund!

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