How to Make AliExpress Shipping Faster - Useful Tips and FAQs

How to Make AliExpress Shipping Faster - Useful Tips and FAQs

Whether you're a frequent buyer shopping for goods, a seller growing your storefront, or a dropshipper fulfilling orders, waiting for slow shipping times is a common frustration for those doing business on AliExpress. This guide provides proven tips and answers frequently asked questions that both buyers and sellers can apply to their advantage. And dropshippers will get strategies for keeping clients happy with speedier fulfillment.

Why Is Fast Shipping Important for Dropshippers

Why is Fast Shipping Important for Dropshippers - DSers

Fast fulfillment is crucial for attracting and retaining customers as a dropshipper on AliExpress. It maximizes both customer satisfaction and business success over time. Thus, shipping time is one of the essential factors for dropshippers on AliExpress.

Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Experience

By optimizing shipping speeds on AliExpress, sellers can dramatically increase satisfaction levels, exceed rising standards, and foster customer loyalty and repeat business. It's a key factor for developing long-term, trusting relationships within the AliExpress marketplace. Here’s why customer satisfaction will increase with fast shipping:

Reduced delivery times lead to happier customers:

When customers receive their orders sooner rather than weeks later, they are much more satisfied with their purchase experience of your dropshipping business.

DSers dropshipping

Pre-set the Best Shipping Methods

DSers Shipping Settings - Pre-select your favorite shipping method to save money and time


Customer expectations for quick shipping in the age of Amazon Prime:

Customers today are accustomed to fast 1-2 day shipping with services like Amazon Prime. When shopping on AliExpress, they expect reasonable transit times, not delays of 3-4 weeks. Meeting international shipping expectations helps sellers meet rising customer service standards.

Link between positive shipping experiences and repeat purchases:

Customers are more likely to purchase from a dropshipper that delivered quickly previously. Positive prior shipping interactions directly influence future purchasing decisions.

Minimized risk of negative feedback and returns and customer complaint:

Slow shipping increases the chances a customer will leave a negative review, request a return, or message the seller complaining. It also raises the risk of disputes if the package never arrives. Fast fulfillment helps circumvent unnecessary problems down the line.

Competitive Advantage in the E-commerce Market

Fast shipping on AliExpress can provide dropshippers with a significant competitive advantage in the e-commerce market for a few important reasons:

Ability to market faster shipping times as a unique selling proposition: Dropshippers can highlight speedier fulfillment in their marketing and listings to stand out.

Outperforming competitors with slower shipping times: By optimizing logistics to deliver orders faster than average AliExpress timelines (2-4 weeks), dropshippers gain an edge.

Potential customer migration from slower competitors to your store: Dropshippers focusing on rapid order processing can attract overflow customers frustrated by competitors' slower fulfillment.

Building Trust and Credibility

By prioritizing shipping velocity, dropshippers see compounding returns through an enhanced brand profile centered around fulfillment speed, integrity, and trustworthiness - crucial components for sustainable success on AliExpress in the long run.

Establishing a reputable brand in the dropshipping niche: A brand that is consistently fast developing an identity as a trusted go-to source for prompt dropshipping fulfillment.

How exceeding shipping expectations can positively impact brand perception: Surprising clients with speedier delivery than estimated improves general feelings toward the dropshipper's branding and professionalism.

Consistency in fast shipping enhances your store's reliability: Repeat fast shipping reinforce that orders will always arrive on time, establishing a store as predictable and dependable for future transactions.

The connection between brand reputation and shipping speed in online reviews: Positive reviews highlighting rapid transit strengthen brand image, whereas complaints about delays undermine it.

5 Shipping Types Available on AliExpress

AliExpress allows various shipping options for both online buyers, sellers, and dropshippers. You can refer to some shipping methods available on AliExpress

1. Shipping Method by AliExpress

Shipping Method by AliExpress - DSers

AliExpress officially offers 2 main shipping methods

AliExpress Standard Shipping

AliExpress offers a shipping service called AliExpress Standard Shipping. On AliExpress, it is one of the least expensive and most popular delivery options. Customers on AliExpress may occasionally have the option of free delivery. All items shipped through this courier may be tracked using the trustworthy tracking information provided by AliExpress Standard Shipping, which sends goods to several nations worldwide.

  • Tracking: Yes
  • Estimated shipping time: 15-20 days

AliExpress Premium Shipping

The premium version of AliExpress's delivery service is typically known as AliExpress Premium Shipping. Vendors on AliExpress frequently provide clients with a free option for AliExpress Standard Shipment. As compared to other premium international courier services on AliExpress, utilizing Premium Shipping is more affordable.

  • Tracking: Yes
  • Estimated shipping time: 7-15 days

2. Shipping Method by Cainiao

Shipping Method by Cainiao - DSers

Partnering with AliExpress, Cainiao also offers shipping options on AliExpress with some convenient features.

Cainiao Super Economy

Cainiao is in charge of managing routine shipments. After the order reaches your nation, you will no longer be able to predict its destination or time of arrival.

For low-value goods, it's a common delivery option, and you can typically receive it for nothing or very little money. Expect it to arrive at your house in 30 to 50 days, which is the projected delivery time.

  • Tracking: No
  • Estimated shipping time: 30-50 days

Cainiao Super Economy Global

Regular delivery is quite affordable (less than $5). Moreover, AliExpress provides the combination delivery option. If you need anything quickly and won't be using combination delivery, you should probably pick a different shipping method (particularly in South America).

  • Tracking: No
  • Estimated shipping time: Around 30 days

3. Shipping Method by China Post

Shipping Method by China Post - DSers

Besides some integrated shipping methods on AliExpress, dropshippers can also choose the other shipping methods by Chine Post.


China Post has an international rapid shipment alternative called EMS, the assured worldwide courier service. Orders for EMS delivery are delivered in 1-2 weeks to the world's most popular locations with online tracking—cheap and quick shipment.

  • Tracking: Yes
  • Estimated shipping time: Around 1-2 weeks


While buying on well-known Chinese online stores like Aliexpress, sellers will often offer the ePacket delivery option. Many retailers are able to offer a quick and inexpensive shipping alternative for small packages thanks to ePacket shipping.

  • Tracking: Yes
  • Estimated shipping time: Around 7-20 days

China Post Air Parcel

Delivery times for China Post Air Parcel, a mid-range shipping service, varies from 7 to 30 days.

As long as your shipment complies with the ePacket standards, ePacket shipping will nearly always be less expensive than China Post Air Parcel.

China Post Air Parcel doesn't compete well with the other choices for the majority of orders on AliExpress in terms of price or delivery time.

  • Tracking: Yes
  • Estimated shipping time: Around 7-30 days days

4. Seller’s Shipping Method

Given that it is not a delivery method, this is one of AliExpress's most peculiar shipments.

The seller will select the delivery mode he prefers in this scenario, but keep in mind that it will always be an untracked, standard package (until they send you the item, you will not know with which company the seller sent it).

The benefit is that it's frequently free.

  • Tracking: No
  • Estimated shipping time: Depends on the courier company chosen by the seller

5. Shipping Method by Third Party

The quickest and most dependable shipping options for AliExpress purchases include FedEx, UPS, DHL, or TNT. Delivery timeframes are often under 5 days. However, there is a price to pay.

The 4 most expensive options for shipping packages from China to the US are DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT.

  • Tracking: Yes
  • Estimated shipping time: Around 5-30 days days

Which AliExpress Shipping Method Is the Best

The objective of the order will determine the best shipping method. Ordering through FedEx will help you receive your items fast if you're sending to yourself to complete a quality check. AliExpress Standard Shipping and EMS, which regularly provide quick shipping, are your greatest choices if you're sending to consumers.

6 Ways to Get Faster Shipping Time on AliExpress

6 Ways to Get Faster Shipping Time on AliExpress - DSers

These tips below will help you get faster shipping time on AilExpress when selling, buying, or dropshipping on AliExpress. Let’s find out!

Communicate with Supplier Before Placing Orders

Suppliers can provide estimated production lead times so you don't place rush orders unexpectedly. This ensures realistic expectations. So, ask suppliers directly about expedited shipping methods like air mail instead of regular sea mail.

Proactive communication empowers dropshippers to better strategize orders for minimum waits. It's crucial for scheduling faster fulfillment with suppliers on AliExpress.

Work with Reliable Suppliers

AliExpress contains millions of suppliers, but not all are highly rated or deliver orders promptly. Unreliable suppliers can cause delays, damaged goods, or unfulfilled orders entirely. Working with reliable suppliers is crucial for achieving fast shipping times when dropshipping on AliExpress.

The DSers Supplier Optimizer makes it easy to select trustworthy partners. Using DSers' Supplier Optimizer allows me to input any AliExpress product URL I want to source. It then provides analytics like past delivery speed, positive review percentage, order volume and price to compare multiple supplier options for that exact item.

DSers dropshipping

Find Better Supplier For Products

DSers Supplier Optimizer - One click to filter out the most proper suppliers for your products


Use Priority Line or Premium Shipping Services

While generally costing $1-5 more per order, premium options are worth it to fulfill promises of speedy delivery to customers. Faster transit protects sales and enhances the brand experience. Prioritizing speedier shipments is recommended, especially for time-sensitive products or repeat/high-value clients.

Bulk Ordering and Stocking Popular Items

Batch ordering and stocking popular items is an effective way for dropshippers to provide faster shipping times on AliExpress. This allows suppliers to ship the batched items together in bulk rather than one by one. It significantly reduces processing and transit times per order. Suppliers also offer shipping discounts for larger purchase volumes. So bulk ordering lowered the average cost per item as well.

This can be easily done using DSers Bulk Order feature. With Bulk Ordering, dropshippers can place hundreds of orders for multiple products to their suppliers in just a few clicks from the DSers dashboard.

Automate Order Fulfillment Processes

Automation removes time-consuming tasks like individual order entry that increase shipping latency. Automated order processing continues fulfilling even when dropshippers sleep or cannot micro-manage. It never gets tired or stressed for consistent performance.

By removing bottlenecks and optimizing each step, automated order management maximizes shipping speeds sustainably as a dropshipping business grows over time.

Utilize Local Warehousing and Fulfillment Centers

Goods stored locally are much closer to end customers, resulting in faster 1-5 day delivery versus 2-6 weeks from China. Shipping domestically removes uncertainties from international logistics like customs delays.

Partnering with local fulfillment services provides dropshippers greater control over inventory, delivery speeds and costs. This strengthens customer satisfaction and the overall value proposition.


What if my customer is unhappy with the shipping time?

To manage expectations, be transparent about standard 2-4 week AliExpress transit when listing products. This prepares customers that faster Prime-like times can't be guaranteed. You should also have a shipping policy page clearly outlining timelines.

When delays do occur, providing exceptional customer service is key. I immediately notify the customer, apologize for the delay outside my expectations, and reassure them I'm monitoring the order's progress. I also offer a partial refund as a courtesy for the shipping troubles.

How can I offer expedited shipping without inflating costs?

Discussing monthly order volumes and asking for discounted bulk priority line rates has saved 15-20% in some cases. These savings help offset faster fulfillment costs. You should also test passing on some expedited shipping fees to customers rather than absorbing all costs alone.

Are there any unexpected delays I should be prepared for?

  • Customs and import processing: It introduces variability, as each country's customs agency has different clearance policies and wait times
  • Supplier processing times: It can occasionally exceed quoted times, especially during peak seasons.
  • Prepare before Chinese holidays: Major Chinese and international holidays like Chinese New Year cause shipment delays or full stoppages.

How can I ensure consistent shipping times during peak seasons?

You can create a buffer of extra inventory ahead of peak times by bulk ordering popular items 1-2 months in advance from AliExpress suppliers.

Besides, set clear holiday order cutoff dates on my website/social channels and stick to them strictly. Cutoffs are typically 10-14 days before major holidays to factor in average AliExpress shipping times plus unexpected delays.

How can I handle returns or refunds due to delayed shipping?

Have a straightforward returns and refund policy published online stating the terms, including that AliExpress shipping time estimates aren't guaranteed. This sets proper expectations upfront.

If an order is significantly delayed, contact the customer to offer alternative solutions like a partial refund or store credit instead of a total return whenever possible.

Can I offer different shipping options for international and domestic customers?

Implement separate shipping zones and rates using your store platform - lower rates for domestic orders that access local fulfillment centers with 1-5 day deliveries.

Final Thoughts

Optimizing shipping processes and partnering with reliable suppliers and fulfillment centers are key strategies for dropshippers looking to provide faster delivery times on AliExpress. Hope the information above can help you understand how to make AliExpress shipping faster. Find out more dropshipping tips on DSers Blog.

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