How to Save Time and Hassle by Auto Syncing Tracking Numbers for Dropshipping Orders

How to Save Time and Hassle by Auto Syncing Tracking Numbers for Dropshipping Orders

When dropshipping emerged in the digital world, it became one of the most popular modes of business. In this business model, when a customer places an order, the dropshipper needs to source it from a third-party supplier. So if the dropshipping portal has the facility to auto-sync the tracking number, it will be shown in the portal right after the order is dispatched. It will help not only entrepreneurs but also consumers to track the order easily.

We will discuss this special aspect of dropshipping that can make order processing smooth in the following guide. Let's have a profound look at this.

Why Tracking Numbers Matter

In the world of online shopping, trust and credibility are the two most important things this time. Right tracking numbers can help the customer as well as the dropshipper in an impactful way. If the customers can track the numbers they have a clear picture of reliability and transparency about that particular company.

Any obstacle or prevention in the process of dispatching can cause ultimate insecurity in the customers. In this case, the facility to Auto Sync Tracking Numbers can make the dropshipping company reliable to the customer by showing them that their order is on the right track.

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Tracking Number with Auto Sync

Auto Sync Tracking Numbers - Automatically sync the tracking number from AliExpress to your store


In the case of dropshippers, auto-synching of the tracking numbers can become a symbol of utmost professionalism to them. On the other hand, it may be considered as the beacon of commitment also. By leaving all the frustration, eroding trust, and tarnishing brand reputation, you as a dropshipper can provide the customer with a smooth process of getting the package.

How to Track for Dropshipping Orders

When it comes to tracking orders, people will inevitably think of tracking by order numbers. Dropshippers can sync these numbers to the order manually or automatically. Let’s explore both methods and choose the one you prefer to help you succeed in 2024.

Sync Manually

In previous days the process was different. The dropshippers need to manually put the tracking number on their sheet after getting the notifications from the suppliers. In this case, the entire process of dropshipping orders used to become delayed.

Now, if the number of orders increases on a large scale for a single day, it would be hard for a dropshipper to manage large-scale data. Not only is this a time-consuming process but also, but it can also become an impactful cause of human errors on a serious note.

Sync Automatically

Order administration is revolutionized by auto-syncing tracking numbers. An automated solution gathers tracking data straight from suppliers and syncs it with your platform, eliminating the need for human data entry. The advantages are substantial:

  • Time savings: Tracking numbers don't need to be copied and pasted. The process will be taken care of by the system.
  • Accuracy: Remove human mistakes from information updates.
  • Real-Time Updates: Purchasers obtain up-to-date tracking information.
  • Scalability: Able to handle a large number of orders without becoming bogged down in paperwork.

If you have decided to know the actual essentiality of Auto Sync Tracking Numbers in dropshipping business, you can visit the DSers Auto Sync Tracking Numbers page to get help.

Auto Syncing Solution for Dropshipping Orders

To streamline order management, it is needed to Auto Sync Tracking Numbers, with your platform. Due to this implementation, the entire system of the retailer would have a seamless balance. Let's have a look at how it works and how one can set up the system.

How It Works

The initial step is to link an auto-syncing program to your selling channel. By creating a smooth data flow between your storefront and the tracking tool, this integration paves the way for automatic updates. For example, we can take the name of DSers. As soon as the tracking number from AliExpress becomes available, DSers automatically synchronizes it and sends it to your store so that the customer is informed.

Your suppliers usually send out emails with tracking information as they process orders. You can specify which email address in your auto-syncing tool should get these supplier emails while using auto-syncing. By doing this, it is ensured that all pertinent tracking updates are promptly captured and processed.

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Pre-set the Best Shipping Methods

DSers Shipping Settings - Pre-select your favorite shipping method to save money and time


The auto-synchronization technology starts working as soon as suppliers send tracking information to the specified email. The program changes the associated orders in your system by extracting pertinent data from incoming emails through a sequence of automated operations. By doing away with the necessity for manual intervention, this automated synchronization reduces the possibility of mistakes and saves time.

How to Set Up

If you wish to Auto Sync Tracking Numbers to your dropshipping portal you need to have an exact plan and execution. Here you can find step-by-step guidance on the process:

Choose a Tool

Firstly you have to choose a dependable tool, by which you can implement the tracking number into your portal. While selecting the tool, you should be aware of the features, technicalities, and customer support ability of the tool.  DSers ensure that you communicate with your clients as quickly as possible with any critical information.


After the selection you must follow the instructions to set up the tool. Moreover, you have to link it to the selling channels you have. You also have to update the email address where the updates regarding the tracking will be forwarded. Make sure the tool is configured to meet your unique needs so that it integrates seamlessly with your current workflow.


Thorough testing must be done to ensure that the system functions as planned before introducing auto-syncing entirely. Use your selling channel to place a test order, and keep a close eye on the tracking sync procedure. Verify that your system is accurately capturing and updating tracking information in real-time. It is imperative to swiftly rectify any anomalies or concerns to guarantee seamless operation going forward.

What Are the Top Advantages of Auto Syncing

Dropshipping is a special mode of online retailing. In this case, making order fulfillment easy and quick are the two main aspects. This makes the dropshippers, as well as the customers, affectionate about this business. The dynamic touch of auto-synching of the tracking numbers can make it impactful on a high note. Before knowing the common challenges of the phenomenon called "Auto Sync Tracking Numbers” in the realm of dropshipping. You must know the top advantages quickly.

  • Time-Saving: The most common advantage is saving time. The dropshippers would not have to do anything to get the tracking number on his platform.
  • Accuracy: Human error is a common thing in maintaining records. It is next to impossible to be fully conscious while maintaining records. In this case, auto-synching can bring you the utmost accuracy.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers feel more confident when they receive real-time tracking updates, which provide a satisfying shopping experience from beginning to end.

Auto-Syncing Tracking Numbers: Navigating Challenges and Solutions

Even with auto syncing's many advantages, there can be difficulties along the road. Overcoming these challenges calls for a combination of creativity and awareness, as they range from non-standardized forms to missing tracking information. To avoid and deal with typical problems, think about putting the following strategies into practice:

Missing Tracking Info

In the event of missing tracking information, reach out to your supplier promptly to request the requisite details. Timely communication is key to resolving discrepancies and assuaging customer concerns.

Non-Standard Formats

In instances where tracking information is presented in non-standardized formats, leverage the flexibility of your tracking tool to adapt and accommodate these variations. Customization is often the linchpin of successful integration, enabling seamless data exchange across disparate systems.

Best Practices for Efficient Order Management

Efficient order management is the key to running a dropshipping enterprise successfully. By adhering to best practices, merchants can navigate the complexities of order fulfillment with finesse and precision:

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Place Orders to AliExpress In Seconds

DSers Bulk Order - Place 100s of orders to AliExpress in a few seconds with a just few clicks


  • Regular Tracking Checks: Make it a habit to monitor tracking updates at regular intervals, proactively addressing any discrepancies or delays that may arise.
  • Proactive Communication: Keep customers informed every step of the way, providing timely updates and addressing inquiries promptly. Transparency breeds trust, laying the groundwork for lasting customer relationships.
  • Vigilant Monitoring: Stay vigilant for any irregularities in the order fulfillment process, swiftly addressing issues as they arise. A proactive approach is paramount to maintaining operational excellence in the dynamic world of dropshipping.


The integration of auto-syncing tracking numbers into dropshipping operations presents a transformative solution, streamlining order management and enhancing customer satisfaction.

By automating the tracking process, businesses can save valuable time, ensure accuracy, and deliver real-time updates to customers, fostering trust and loyalty. Despite potential challenges such as missing information or non-standard formats, proactive communication and vigilant monitoring can mitigate issues, ensuring smooth operations.

Embracing best practices for efficient order management is essential for success in the dynamic realm of dropshipping. To delve deeper into the world of dropshipping and learn about the benefits of Auto Sync Tracking Numbers, dive into DSers blog.

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