Best eCommerce Conferences to Attend in 2022

Best eCommerce Conferences to Attend in 2022

Due to the development of eCommerce, catching the trends and understanding knowledge is essential for almost all leaders. It will help to improve the techniques and strategies to meet customers' demands. But, where can you acquire new things? The answer is eCommerce conferences. Read my post to know when the best conference is going to be held this year!

What Is an eCommerce Conference

The eCommerce conference is a kind of event that connects many companies. At eCommerce conferences, you can have a chance to meet other businessmen, listen to them, and explore more opportunities for collaboration with them.

There are two kinds of eCommerce conferences, including online and offline. No matter which way you attend, these are must-have events to attend if you are running a business.

4 Main Reasons to Join in eCommerce Conferences

New businessmen often ignore the invitation to attend eCommerce conferences because they might not know the true benefits of those events. However, I believe that you will change your mind and decision after reading this part!

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Learn New Knowledge & Trends

When attending the eCommerce conference, you will listen to many presentations about new commercial trends on the internet. Plus, it helps you to acquire knowledge and apply it as a solution for your business.

Promote Your Passion

Sometimes, you might lack energy and feel under pressure while dealing with your business’s issues. That is why you should take a ticket to visit eCommerce conferences. In particular, it will help you to bring back enthusiasm and increase the passion to go forward after meeting other powerful leaders and listening to them.

Discovering what they've done to make initiatives work or how they've built their own business inspires you to take any action and helps you see that everything is possible.

Find Answers to Your Business’s Problem

If you are having a headache about any problem, taking part in a conference will give you great ideas to solve it. You can come up with solutions while hearing an expert's presentation. Don't spend all your time thinking about that issue, just relax by discussing sessions at conferences. As a result, that problem will be not an obstacle.

Connect with Other Businesses

An eCommerce conference is a place that gathers many successful leaders and businessmen from all over the world. Therefore, you can connect to them and share with them your ideas or what you are facing. Then, you will hear their advice as well as receive lucrative offers from them.

Top 15+ Must-Trying eCommerce Conferences in 2022

Which eCommerce conferences should you attend this year? Luckily, I have found 15+ worthwhile events for eCommerce retailers and leaders of industries. Then, you will obviously see a summary table showing the details of each event.

Ad World

Ad World - DSers

Ad World is an online conference that connects many leaders across the world. This event will help you enhance your knowledge of marketing and how to create great advertising strategies on social networks and eCommerce.

Besides that, the lineup of speakers includes those who are powerful with a lot of achievements. For instance, you can meet and interact with Tatiana Holifield - Head of Brand Social, Disney Streaming, Hulu - Disney, or Simon Morris - Global Chef of Amazon, etc.

E-Commerce Berlin Expo

E-Commerce Berlin Expo - DSers

The E-Commerce Berlin Expo, held at STATION Berlin, was successful in 2020. So in 2022, this conference is going to celebrate and promises to offer more ideal chances for businesses to experiment with more strategies.

Moreover, many industry leaders will share their expertise to help you get new ideas for your companies. In particular, you can interact with successful people who lead impressive eCommerce platforms, such as Google, Zalando, Facebook, etc.

Ecom World 2022

Although just held 2 years ago, Ecom World has confirmed its position and become one of the most worth-trying eCommerce conferences. This event brings together many "giants" from the eCommerce industry who will provide you with methods to build, develop, and promote profits.

Ecom World 2022 - DSers

With 2 days of attendance, it is not difficult for you to meet and discuss with successful leaders from Amazon, AliExpress, Shopify, and so on. Join Ecom World to ignite a passion for the eCommerce industry.

Sellers Summit

Sellers Summit - DSers

For those who are concerned about the eCommerce universe, the Sellers Summit is a must-have conference in 2022. This event is held in Florida and takes 2 days. With the participation of over 1000 experts, it ensures you explore everything about eCommerce through what they present and inspire. Furthermore, they are also willing to share with you the best solutions to certain problems that you have to face while running your business.

Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Retail Innovation Conference & Expo - DSers

This conference is divided into 3 small events that allow guests to not only listen to the eCommerce world but also find optimal options for their entrepreneurs. Another special feature of The Retail Innovation Conference & Expo is the internet retailer exhibition. And of course, if you take part in this conference, you will have the ability to network with other businesses and create profitable business deals.

ICEMC 2022

ICEMC 2022 - DSers

ICEMC (the International Conference on E-business and Mobile Commerce) is held for the 8th time in Seoul, Korea. It primarily shows insight studies about the eCommerce area. This event promises to bring much interesting information that their guests might not know. Then, you'll be able to speak with a plethora of experts with years of experience in eCommerce research.

Affiliate Summit East 2022

Affiliate Summit East 2022 - DSers

Another option for you to take part in is the Affiliate Summit, which is held in May 2022. This eCommerce conference provides its guests with knowledge-rich sessions to expand their business scale even when they only have online stores. Its unique selling point is that it connects over 3000 guests from all over the world.

White Label World Expo

White Label World Expo - DSers

For years, the White Label World Expo has been a recommended conference to attend. For those who might not know, this event is organized by Prysm Group and allows guests free entrance. This year, it is going to come back with many promises of optimizing selling methods on eCommerce for retailers and suppliers. Thus, you should grab this opportunity to learn and apply new ideas to your business, or even dropshipping store.

Seamless Middle East 2022

Seamless Middle East 2022 - DSers

In case you are focusing on digital, it is a big mistake to skip the Seamless Middle East conference. This event integrates exhibitions and many high-quality presentations about eCommerce by experts. In more detail, the objectives for this event cover updating the logistics experience, making a reputation for your brand in the digital marketplace, and how to handle social selling with a tailored approach.

iMedia Online Retail Summit

iMedia Online Retail Summit - DSers

If you are looking for an event that specializes in the marketing and eCommerce areas, the iMedia Online Retail Summit will meet your demand. Moreover, this conference is also great for retailers to enhance their skills and knowledge. Why should you attend it? It gathers common names in businesses, such as James Johson - director of the technical service and strategic account, APAC, Shopify; Matthew Pezzimenti - co-founder of Conversion King, etc.

Shopify Unite 2022

Shopify Unite 2022 - DSers

Compared to AliExpress, Shopify is one of the most famous names when mentioning eCommerce. This platform has begun to host an eCommerce conference annually in order to gather its partners together. Shopify Uint is great if you are a part of this platform. Moreover, you can also interact directly with many experts and listen to their advice.

Grow NY

Grow NY - DSers

If you are living in New York and don't have time to attend overseas conferences, Grow NY is the best choice. Unlike other conferences, Grow NY promises to make you feel comfortable when interacting with or listening to the speakers. It also has a break time with beverages and relaxing music. Moreover, an exhibition will take place in order to help guests experiment with new devices and solutions in the retail category.

Paris Retail Week

The Patis Retail Week is a famous offline eCommerce event that gathers a lot of big retailers in the world. In particular, this event specializes in information technology for eCommerce, logistics, marketing, and customer relationship solutions.

Paris Retail Week - DSers

Besides taking part in presenting sections, you can enjoy exhibitions with many new devices. Plus, it also opens more opportunities for you to develop your company with lucrative business deals from other partners.

Ecommerce Expo

Ecommerce Expo - DSers

The eCommerce Expo conference 2022 focuses on bringing together brands, retailers, and B2B and B2C brands. It aims to help businessmen understand the value and insights of marketing, especially in the eCommerce area. This event has many ambitious leaders from Adobe, Salesforce, etc. After joining in, it is not hard for you to find target customers and promote sales anymore.

Internet Commerce Summit & Awards

Internet Commerce Summit & Awards - DSers

After the success in 2021, the Internet Commerce Summit & Awards is coming back in August to help businesses enhance customers' experiences with 3 value chains. In more detail, it will focus on technology, customer service, and order fulfillment. Therefore, if you are running a dropshipping business or an online store, do not ignore this conference.

Customer Engagement Summit 2022

Customer Engagement Summit 2022 - DSers

Engage Customers is a famous community that consists of conferences, forums, and even leadership roundtable groups. This community is going to hold the next conference with over 1,200 experts participating. As its name implies, you can get and apply implementable strategies to reach customers. This two-day event announces confidently that the guests can listen to more than 20 exclusive presentations from senior industry professionals.


Name of conference



Entrance fee


Ad World

2nd-3rd, May 2022


$289 - $599


E-Commerce Berlin Expo 

5th, May 2022

Berlin, Germany



Ecom World 2022

4th-5th, May 2022


$259 to $499 (sale prices)


Sellers Summit

4th-6th, May 2022

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

$999 - $1699


Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

10th-12th, May 2022

McCormick Place, Chicago

Will announce after registered


ICEMC 2022

13th-15th, May 2022

Seoul, Korea

$300 -$350/ A listener

Affiliate Summit East 2022

24th-25th, May 2022

New York

Will announce after registered


White Label World Expo

25th-26th, May 2022

South Hall LVCC USA, Las Vegas



Seamless Middle East 2022

31th, May - 1st, June 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

$1.050 - $1.500


iMedia Online Retail Summit Pure Play

6th-8th, June 2022

Gold Coast, Australia

Will announce later


Shopify Unite 2022

June/July 2022


Will announce later



19th-20th, July 2022

New York

Will announce later


Paris Retail Week

20th-22th, September 2022

Paris Porte de Versailles, Paris

Will announce after registered


Ecommerce Expo 

28th-29th, September 2022

ExCel, London or Online

Will announce after registered


Internet Commerce Summit & Awards

2nd-3rd, November 2022


Will announce later


Customer Engagement Summit 2022

15th, November 2022


Free (For online listeners)

Will announce after registered (Offline guests)

Share Your Ideas in eCommerce Conferences

Now, you know which eCommerce conferences are going to be held in 2022. Before taking part, you should prepare some questions for which you need to find the answers. Moreover, remember to bring a notebook to write down what you have learned from the event. I hope you succeed!

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