12 Social Media Campaign Examples to Learn from

12 Social Media Campaign Examples to Learn from

Your marketing efforts' rocket fuel is social media campaigns: a concentrated burst of energy that pays off in a huge boost to your brand's reputation, awareness, or sales.

Do you need some ideas for your next social media campaign? Let’s check out the list of the top social media campaigns examples in recent memory.

What Is Social Media Campaign

A social media campaign is a planned marketing operation that uses social media to raise customer knowledge, interest, and loyalty to a company, brand, product, or service. Campaigns on social media are deliberately organized, aimed at a certain audience, and have demonstrable outcomes.

Brands can undertake social media marketing on a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. Most businesses run social media marketing across numerous platforms.

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12 Social Media Campaign Examples to Learn from

It's as simple as looking at what other successful brands are doing to get ideas for your social media strategy. Here are some of outstanding social media marketing examples, along with some takeaways.

1. Apple: #ShotOniPhone

Apple: #ShotOniPhone - DSers

About this campaign: Apple wanted to demonstrate how simple it was to take amazing images with the iPhone. Users were encouraged to upload photographs to Instagram and use the hashtag to promote them.

Key of success: The cameras on iPhones are well-known. When competitors made it a point to provide better cameras, Apple had no choice but to up its game. As a result, they resorted to customer-generated material, as did several of the other campaigns in this piece. The hashtag #ShotOniPhone has become a norm on Instagram.

Lesson: Demonstrate the kind of outcomes your solution can achieve. Even better if you can do it using the product itself. Get user-generated content to make your point for you to take things to the next level truly.

2. Wix: Melt the Ice

2. Wix: Melt the Ice - DSers

About this campaign: Users were invited to enter Wix's Super Bowl contest, in which they could win up to $50,000. What's the catch? After a football dropped out of a frozen block of ice, they would choose a winner.

Key of success: Wix was successful because it took advantage of the new Facebook  Live video feature. They'd help melt the ice, but only if viewers posted comments on the video, resulting in more engagement. The more individuals that participated, the higher up the video will appear in people's newsfeeds.

Lesson: Live videos don't have to be elaborate affairs. Wix froze a football in an ice block before melting it. Nonetheless, it sparked a lot of interest simply because people were curious to discover if they had won.

3. McDonalds: I’m Lovin It Super Bowl Campaign

3. McDonalds: I’m Lovin It Super Bowl Campaign - DSers

About this campaign: McDonald's intended to make a splash in the Super Bowl commercial area. They wanted to conduct a positive campaign, so instead of working against one other, they collaborated.

Key of success: Companies frequently go larger every year since Super Bowl advertising is all about distinguishing out from the throng. They were able to obtain additional visibility for their content by tweeting about their competitors and getting into their audience's tweet threads.

Lesson: Collaborate with your team to come up with new strategies to reach out to your competitor's audience.

4. Disney: InstaGaston

4. Disney: InstaGaston - DSers

About this campaign: Disney invited followers to the premiere of Beauty and the Beast. They can turn over their Instagram account to Gaston (Luke Evans played).

Key of success: A fan's odds of attending a movie premiere in person are minimal to none. So Disney gave them special access via the eyes of one of the film's actors to make them feel involved. Because fans couldn't access that content anyplace else, exclusivity can help increase following and conversations.

Lesson: Make people feel like they're a part of an event or conference that they wouldn't otherwise be able to attend or experience using social media promotions.

5. Charmin: Sit or Squat App

5. Charmin: Sit or Squat App - DSers

About this campaign: With this social media campaign promoting the debut of their new Sit or Squat app, Charmin went above and above for its customers. You may inspect the local toilets around you as you travel to see if they're clean (sit) or not (squat).

Key of success: Charmin tackled an issue that their customers experience all the time (dirty toilets) and made it enjoyable and engaging for them to solve.

Lesson: To create a campaign like Charmin, you don't need a cool app. Their marketing revolved around resolving a common problem that their users were having. Create interactive content that helps your consumer solve an issue.

6. Honda: Pintermission

Honda: Pintermission - DSers

About this campaign: Honda was about to debut the new CR-V and wanted to come up with a novel method to promote it. They tracked down 5 Pinterest influencers with tens of thousands of followers and urged them to get off the platform and accomplish the things they had pinned on their boards.

These pinners had to take a 24-hour sabbatical from Pinterest. Honda would offer them $500 to attempt whatever they pinned on their boards over those 24 hours. The influencers would chronicle their journey by pinning images, videos, and other materials to a separate board dedicated to Honda and their #Pintermission campaign.

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Key of success: Because Honda took the time to analyze the hopes and desires that their target demographic was posting on Pinterest, the campaign was successful. They collaborated with influencers to generate content that demonstrated to their target audience how to achieve their goals while driving Honda's new CR-V.

Lesson: Consider your audience's goals. What do you want your Pinterest audience to attain or accomplish? (make sure this relates to your product). Look for influencers that can demonstrate to your audience how your product can help them achieve their goals.

7. Nintendo: Nintendo Switch Launch

Nintendo: Nintendo Switch Launch - DSers

About this campaign: Nintendo was announcing the release of its much-anticipated Nintendo Switch system. Users may transition from a handheld video game to a television console using the new system.

Key of success: Nintendo was releasing a worldwide product that everyone wanted to get their hands on. On a worldwide scale, they were able to handle many accounts and establish a consistent message across the campaign.

Lesson: Keeping consistent message and visual branding is critical for every campaign, whether you're a large worldwide company or a tiny local firm. Always go through each post and make sure the messaging is on track. Even when working on a worldwide cross-channel campaign, if you execute this correctly, you can constantly express one clear message.

8. Kotex: Inspirational Women’s Day

Kotex: Inspirational Women’s Day - DSers

About this campaign: Kotex selected 50 deserving ladies to receive personalized presents. How did they figure out what they desired? They looked through their Pinterest feeds.

Key of success: Kotex wants to conduct a good act while marketing its brand on Pinterest at the same time. Kotex took the effort to learn about their target demographic and what they like. They then did something unexpected and unique, prompting them to want to share their presents over the internet.

Lesson: Find something unusual to do for your audience to mimic Kotex's notion. This might be a prize-based contest or a random selection of social media admirers to win stuff from your brand.

9. Deadpool: Digital DVD Release Campaign

Deadpool: Digital DVD Release Campaign - DSers

About this campaign: Superhero with sass Deadpool was preparing to distribute the film on DVD/Bluray. The ad was multi-channel and included a bespoke Snapchat filter.

Key of success: Deadpool is brash, cunning, snarky, and obnoxious (depending on your views). His character is famous for breaching the 4th wall, and it was because of this that the DVD marketing campaign was created.

Several channels were swamped with crude postings, including Deadpool. Deadpool could distinguish across many social media by incorporating his own personality into the campaign's voice and tone.

Lesson: Define your campaign's voice and tone. Determine the sort of message you want to communicate and make sure it's consistent throughout all of your content and interactions with your audience. This includes fan replies and spontaneous posts.

10. Anthropologie: Open Call

Anthropologie: Open Call - DSers

About this campaign: Anthropologie conducted an Instagram ad encouraging people to enter a competition to be a model for the company. Users were required to use the hashtag #AnthroOpenCall to post images of themselves wearing Anthropologie clothing.

Key of success: Because of the competitive aspect and substantial prize, this campaign is successful. Anthropologie provided its target customers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They boosted their brand awareness by encouraging followers to post photos of themselves wearing Anthropologie products on social media, exposing the company to new customers.

Lesson: Create a contest for your audience with a highly wanted reward and a simple entry process. To join, your audience should be required to provide material that promotes your product or brand.

11. Tweet Bra

11. Tweet Bra - DSers

About this campaign: The Tweet Bra was created to remind women to perform monthly self-exams. Each time the bra was unhooked, the campaign would send subtle reminders to women through Twitter.

Key of success: Breast cancer awareness is a critical problem for women's health. Many hospitals recommend women look for changes in tissue on a monthly basis. It served as a friendly reminder to them while they were doing something they already did on a daily basis. They achieve this on a regular basis by sending alerts through anything; the messages aren't intrusive or bothersome.

Tweet Bra used a tool that many women use on a regular basis (Twitter) to remind them to finish their examinations. Not to mention, mentioning a tweeting bra will get anyone's attention.

Lesson: To run a successful social media campaign, you don't need to design a tweeting bra. To bring your social media posts to the attention of your followers, use a push notification app.

12. Eggo: Stranger Things Season 2

Eggo: Stranger Things Season 2 - DSers

About this campaign: With the release of Stranger Things 2, Netflix and Eggo collaborated to raise awareness for the show. Eggo is a favorite of Eleven (a character on the show). With the debut falling on Halloween, Eggo went all out. They retweeted followers with frozen waffle boxes, along with hints about the show and recipes for many waffle combinations.

Key of success: Eggo capitalized on the popularity of Stranger Things by launching a campaign that engaged their audience and urged Stranger Things fans to eat more Eggos.

Lesson: Use everything that your target audience enjoys to help fuel your social media campaign.

Final Words

Campaigns on social media are excellent ways for your business promotion, your target audience engagement, and, eventually, sales-boosting. Remember that the goal of social media marketing is to build relationships.

Have you considered all of the 12 social media campaign examples shown above? Use these to come up with additional original brand concepts. Discover more about business ideas on DSers Blog.

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