The Best Website Builder for Small Business: A Guide You Shouldn’t Ignore

The Best Website Builder for Small Business: A Guide You Shouldn’t Ignore

As a small business, you need to think about making your own website at some point. This is extremely important when you are starting a dropshipping business. Let's see why:

However, it is imperative to choose the right website builder for small businesses. The website entertains your customers, helps them receive information, and drives conversions. If the website is not well-managed, your users won’t enjoy being on your page. This will lead to card abandonment, poor conversions, and low traffic.

Why you should use a website builder?

  • Website builders for small businesses help you create a website on a budget.
  • Even when you don’t have coding skills, you can create a basic website.
  • This helps you save money in the starting, and invest in custom development later.

To get a professional-looking website, check the following list of best website builders for small businesses.

Why Can’t I Use a Free Website Builder?

free website builder

Many small businesses ask us why they should not use a free website builder for small businesses. It saves you money and helps you reach out to your customers.

However, if you dig a little deeper, you will understand that free website builders for small businesses are not really free.

  • You don’t have the feasibility of using your domain
  • There are too many ads on the website
  • Some good templates are costly
  • You can’t really control your website’s features, such as security

Due to the drawbacks of free website builders for small businesses, we have only discussed paid website builders in the following list. These website builders will help you create a professional-looking website.

The Best Website Builder for Small Businesses

best web builder for small business

If you want to spend your money and time on growing your dropshipping business, then here are the best website builders for small businesses. These are valuable platforms helping you create a dropshipping store without any hassle.

1. Shopify

Shopify is the best website builder for small businesses. It has been so popular amongst stores willing to sell online. So, if you are starting a dropshipping business, Shopify offers affordable and reliable options.

With Shopify, you get access to a range of themes and templates that are easy to set up. Even when you know little about coding, you can develop a basic professional-looking website on your own.


  • On Shopify, you get flexible storage options. This means you can add your entire range of photos, products, and details to the website.
  • The dashboard offered by Shopify is intuitive. This means you can easily find details, modify product descriptions, check orders, and overview your entire website in one place.
  • On Shopify, you can integrate your social channels, such as Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can even use the dashboard to upload and manage blog posts that go on your website.
  • The best benefit of using Shopify as the best website builder for small businesses is 24*7 support. The support team helps you deal with issues quickly and without any glitches.

2. WordPress

WordPress is originally a content management system (CMS). However, it has additional drag and drops features that help us use it as the best website builder for small businesses. There are so many themes on WordPress that you can install and start using without support from a person who understands coding.


  • WordPress is affordable. You can use free themes and only pay for the hosting and domain, which can also be purchased separately.
  • Working on WordPress is easy. You don’t have to be technically sound to use WordPress’s dashboard. Once you check the dashboard, you will realize it is as simple as exploring social media.
  • As a WordPress user, one thing that you will enjoy the most is the ability to access free themes and plugins. If you need to improve the functionality of your website, you can simply use a free or paid plugin for it.
  • On WordPress, you can integrate various platforms, such as WooCommerce for your dropshipping store.

3. Wix

Wix is the best website builder for small businesses if you need to use unique and creative themes. This is also a drag and drag builder that helps you make a website by simply dragging and dropping elements. This is also why on Wix you can be your own designer.


  • Wix also offers you huge storage space to add your entire portfolio of products, including images, videos, audios, etc.
  • Websites created using Wix are secured via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. This means your users can make payments without worrying.
  • Wix has a huge and amazing support center. You can check their guides and online data for support. It is also possible to connect with the team when you are facing any issues.

A Dropshipping Tool to Support Your Website

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


When you have used one of the above website builders for small businesses, focus on using a dropshipping tool. When you are starting a dropshipping business, you need a tool to manage your transactions, product orders, and supply chain. For this, DSers is the best dropshipping tool that helps you track your orders, find the right seller, and import a list of products.

Features of DSers:

  • The first most essential feature of DSers is its ability to help us select the seller. In dropshipping, you need to evaluate the best seller for every product on AliExpress. The website has so many listings for one product, which is why finding an optimum deal is important. DSers helps you with this task.
  • When orders pile up during the peak season, you can place bulk orders through the tool with a click. There’s no need to go through the hassle for every order separately.
  • If you wish to create bundle orders on your dropshipping website, DSers helps you place this order today. Easy, right?
  • You can import a list of products from an excel file to DSers without any challenges.
  • It is amazing that DSers support all of the above platforms. You only need to integrate your website to DSers dashboard. Additionally, if you have a website or ecommerce store on more than one platform, then you can integrate it all into DSers.

Do you want to know how to setup your DSers dashboard with your website? Here is a stepwise guide:

1. Firstly, make your DSers account. You can visit our website for the same.


2. Use Try it Free to open the account.

3. Once you achieve this, an email will be sent to your account. From this email, select the platform you want to set up. For example, if you have created a Shopify profile, you need to click on Shopify.


4. After clicking on Shopify, you will be given an option to key in the details of your Shopify account. Add the URL of the store and Add Account.


5. Following this, you need to log in to your Shopify account and click on the Install app.

6. After this, you have to choose a package for DSers. This package can be decided according to your requirements.


7. Finally, connect your DSers dashboard to AliExpress to place orders from your Shopify website on AliExpress directly.


For details on setting up your DSers account, check this detailed guide.


A small business owner needs to make smart decisions based on revenue and expenses. A website builder for small businesses is optimum to improve initial ROI. Check the above options, use the one that seems feasible according to your business, and create a dropshipping store. Don’t forget to integrate the DSers tool into your website. It will help you improve your processes, which will allow maximizing profit margins. Check more about the DSers tool on our website.

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