Choosing the Right Suppliers on AliExpress

Choosing the Right Suppliers on AliExpress
By following this article series, you can establish a successful dropshipping business and set yourself up for long-term success:
  1. Beginner's Guide to AliExpress Sourcing
  2. Choosing the Right Suppliers on AliExpress
  3. Managing Risks beyond AliExpress Sourcing
  4. Tips for Successful AliExpress Sourcing
  5. Avoiding Leaving AliExpress Too Early

With so many suppliers available on AliExpress, it can be challenging to know who to trust and work with especially when you don’t have much knowledge of them. Therefore, you need to choose suppliers carefully before you partner with them.

Here are some steps you can take to choose the right suppliers on AliExpress so that you can make informed decisions.

Verifying Supplier Credibility

Supplier credibility shows the degree to which you can trust the suppliers. You can review the supplier’s profile on AliExpress, including their years in business, the ratings and the types of products they sell.

What’s more, you can check the supplier's certification, such as "Top Brand". Top Brand sellers offer high-quality products, have high ratings and best warranties and excellent after-sales service.

AliExpress Top Brand badge - DSers

Reading Supplier Reviews

Reading supplier reviews helps you know more details about their stores. You can check reviews from customers who have purchased similar products to the ones you're interested in. You also need to pay attention to the comments about the quality of the product, shipping times, and customer service. If there are any negative reviews, read them carefully to understand the issue and how the supplier resolved it.

Communicating with Suppliers

Effective communication with suppliers is critical to ensure that your customer receives the order properly. Sometimes, the supplier may ask you to make purchases from them outside of AliExpress to enjoy extra benefits. In this case, you need to think twice because it might not be the right decision to dropship off the platform when your business scale is still small. What’s more, you will be exposed to off-platform risks such as insecure payment and package-related issues. Even worse, the off-platform supplier may be fraudulent.

Assessing Shipping Options and Costs

As your shipping strategies are associated with your business costs and target market, it is essential to assess shipping options and costs. For shipping options, you can go to AliExpress product detail page to check the "Ships to" option to see whether the product supports your shipping destination country.

AliExpress Ships to option - DSers

As for shipping costs, you can take advantage of DSers Shipping setting to choose the shipping method that is the most cost-efficient.

Successful AliExpress sourcing not only requires reliable suppliers but also excellent supplier management ability. Since there are many potential risks regarding your supply chains, you need to learn how to deal with them properly.

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