Best 8 Christmas Marketing Strategies & Ideas for Small and Online Businesses

Best 8 Christmas Marketing Strategies & Ideas for Small and Online Businesses

Halloween, Hanukkah, BFCM, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year are eCommerce’s busiest and most difficult times. The whole holiday season is a corporate money-mining battle.

November and December had the largest sales during the holiday seasons according to the NRF (National Retail Federation). Retail sales during the November-December holiday season of 2021 increased by 14.1% compared to 2020, reaching $886.7 billion.

According to Digital Commerce 360, American consumers spent $211.41 billion online during the 2021 holiday season, an increase of 10.0% from $192.19 billion the previous year.

In essence, all Christmas marketing strategies aim to capitalize on the billion-dollar sales potential of the holiday season. Holiday sales have not even been hampered by the epidemic.

You need effective Christmas marketing strategies if you want to maximize your holiday sales. Read on for seasonal marketing tips to rev up your B2C Christmas campaign and tactics to keep the holiday sale fever going long after it has ended.

So, while the air is crisp and covered in autumnal foliage, relax by the fireside and plan the 8 best Christmas marketing ideas that will energize your small business.

1. Play on Keywords to Reach SERP Peak

Searches for phrases like "Christmas sale internet shopping" have already begun. Given that online buyers have already begun their holiday shopping, you cannot afford to squander time. Keywords are crucial if you're seeking for Christmas marketing ideas to increase sales this year as well.

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It's your responsibility to compile a list of potential clients and learn about their product preferences, prevailing interests, and preferred search terms. A selection of SEO tools is available to assist you.

Ahrefs, Semrush, Uber Suggest, Keywords Everywhere, etc. are a few examples.

The same goes for Christmas keywords. It will be useful for targeting the proper demographic should you develop a gift guide or run a Christmas ad campaign.

2. PPC Ads for Christmas Campaign

Christmas shopping advertisements come in second behind all other Christmas marketing strategies. Welcome to the world of Google AdWords, where rankings, keyword placement, Pay Per Click (PPC), and online advertisements drive the bulk of traffic to your website.

A quick and effective strategy to outperform your online rivals is to include PPC and Ad campaigns in your holiday eCommerce ideas.

Online marketers must run PPC and other ad campaigns on Google and social media to increase their income. But if you are not employing the right keywords and making the appropriate bids, you will fall behind over Christmas.

I. Understand Christmas marketing via Google Trends:

As a result, I could first advise beginning with keyword research to identify the most relevant phrases for your company activity, and then I might advise optimizing your content to include these keywords. Your chances of ranking first in Google's SERPs may also rise as a result.

How do you interpret this?

It implies that by using these keywords at the right moment to promote, you may reach the right people before the price soars.

Additionally, it provides you with a quantifiable ROI (return on investment) that enables you to determine the advantages of launching Christmas marketing campaigns.

II. Christmas advertising ideas and strategies:

  • Include Christmas keywords in your ads and link them to your Homepage
  • Highlight your best products with Google Callouts
  • Mention your ASAP delivery and Add a timer for your best offer
  • Follow the Mobile-First approach

3. Christmas Theme Packaging of Products

For physical gifts at Christmas, wrapping is crucial. Selling items with Christmas-themed packaging is a terrific Christmas marketing strategy.

Gaining the confidence of your customers and persuading them to purchase your goods will be easier if you create packaging that clearly expresses your brand concept.

Best 8 Christmas Marketing Strategies & Ideas for Small and Online Businesses 1 - DSers

Additionally, packaging has the same meaning for eCommerce marketers as:

  • Quality Commitment
  • Safety
  • Free and On-time delivery

The act of unpacking is a popular subject. Consider waiting for a Christmas present that was poorly packaged. Therefore, no matter how lovely the present is, it is all for nothing.

Because you can't depend on human encounters to create a favorable brand image in eCommerce, it is particularly crucial.

It's important to remember that the holiday season is also the busiest time of year for unboxing. After all, receiving presents is the point of the holiday season! You want to design something that your customer can deliver to the recipient without any help from you. Also, receive good feedback. Building greater trust will support more sales.

As Christmas draws near, you may use the Christmas theme and template, which are suitable for your needs and the situation.

Christmas is a sizable celebration in and of itself, including the whole festival atmosphere. Why not tailor it to your website?

4. Social Media Christmas Campaigns

According to the Digital 2021 October Global Statshot Report, there are now more than 4.5 billion active social media users. With 2 billion members globally, Facebook has the largest user base.

Because more people are using social media, marketers aren't investing. But because they are more likely to benefit from it in terms of identification, sales, and branding. Here are some tips that you can use for your Social media campaigns for Christmas

I. Holiday-themed Profile on Social Media

Without these social media Christmas marketing ideas, Christmas would be lacking. To spread the word about your Christmas promotions, explore all social media platforms.

You must do the given activities to give your social media profile a Christmas-themed feel and appearance.

  • Change the profile's cover photo and display it to reflect the Christmas holiday mood.
  • Include holiday specials in your social media posts.
  • Invite devoted individuals to share and retweet
  • Provide incentives for social sharing

Best 8 Christmas Marketing Strategies & Ideas for Small and Online Businesses - DSers

You can connect with a large audience by using social media platforms. Your Christmas marketing initiatives will thus succeed if you include deals, discounts, and incentives in your social media broadcasts. More people may buy your stuff as a result.

II. Use Christmas Hashtags

You must use hashtags for better visibility and Christmas advertising ideas. The following are some Christmas hashtags that you definitely must include in your social media posts:

For Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, use the hashtags:

#christmasmood #christmasjoy #christmasday #christmaseve #christmasparty #christmasgifts #santaclaus #christmascheer #christmasshopping, #christmastime #christmastree#christmas2022 #christmascountdown, #christmas #christmasdecor #christmastree #christmascookies #christmassale #christmasgifts #christmaseve #christmastime #christmaslight #christmasday #christmassy #christmasspirit #christmasvibes

III. Connect with Your Customers to Gain their Trust

By maintaining your consumers' level of involvement over the holiday season, you may attract more devoted clients. All you have to do is maintain contact with both your current and past clients.

Post engaging Instagram stories for more interaction. It has a variety of interactive features, including a poll option, re-sharing, countdown, Q&A, places, music, stickers, and animated gifs. Never forget to interact with your fans in any manner you can.

IV. Christmas Giveaways, Polls, Quizzes, Contests, etc.

Christmas giveaways inspire participation from the public. The holidays are the ideal time to host a fun giveaway. You should participate in the festivities and provide your followers with some amazing incentives as everyone is already in a giving mood. Consider original Christmas social media contest concepts.

Plus, giveaway items get a lot of attention (who doesn't like free stuff?), which may expand your following and provide leads. Fortunately, organizing a contest or giveaway on social media is simpler than it seems. Publish a set of rules on your profile after creating it.

V. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Tracking after the Entire Holiday Season

To identify the areas that require more improvement this year, look at your social media KPIs from the prior year. You can overcome all of your weaknesses from last year with the aid of this. From your social media marketing plan from the previous year, evaluate the following KPIs.

  • Likes: How many likes did you get last year on this
  • Comments: What was the number of positive comments on your post
  • Tweets: How many users have been tweeted on your post
  • Share: How many times your post has been shared
  • Mentions: When someone tagged or mentioned your brand in a tweet or post

5. Content Marketing for Christmas

Why are marketers becoming more content-focused?

We refer to content as the king since it can alter how people see your company. You may develop and improve your brand's image by using content for your Christmas sales. For each platform, you need content. You need content for everything, whether it is for emails, social media, goods, or anything else.

Content required to carry out the suggestions for the Christmas eCommerce sales-

Christmas Content Types (On platforms like Social Media, Website, and Email Marketing):

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Christmas Video Content
  • Gift Guides
  • Success stories

6. Newsletters

No concerns if you don't often distribute newsletters. Newsletters are a simple addition to your list of doable Christmas marketing strategies.

One may only be made during the Christmas season. A lovely e-card that welcomes consumers and wishes them well is a wonderful way to keep in touch with them.

When should you send Christmas Emails?

The Christmas email campaign may be split into three segments. Make a sensible choice and decide when to send emails based on your company and preparation style.

  • Before Christmas, a week before the holiday
  • Christmas, the day before, the day after,
  • And the weeks after Christmas

One of the largest chances for companies to dramatically increase their eCommerce sales rates is during the Christmas shopping week. To boost client retention and profit, retarget your current customers.

7. Gift Bundle Strategy

Content consistently serves as the foundation for enduring development. Running an online shop is not a simple task. Your consumers will be happy enough with the items they choose during this Christmas sale if you provide gift tips. Some so many bewildered clients make last-minute purchases. Gift recommendations and packages perform well in such situations.

Best 8 Christmas Marketing Strategies & Ideas for Small and Online Businesses 2 - DSers

It is a straightforward assortment of goods that individuals want to purchase from others. One of the best marketing strategies is gift packaging.

Simply group some of the goods together and then offer them for sale at a reduced cost. Watch your sale now. With WooCommerce Re-Order plugins, you can make it simple for customers to make further purchases from your online shop.

WooCommerce Product Bundles, the finest plugin available, is what we use. Thousands of profitable shops have this helpful plugin installed. To function well throughout a wide range, it’s grouping, pricing, shipping, and inventory management capabilities have been developed and improved over time.

Promote your goods on social media and other platforms to earn the most money.

For your customers, you may create present sections based on several criteria, such as gifts by popularity, price, personality, gender, age, and interests.

8. Add Extra Value

A good deal may become exceptional with the addition of several tiny details. Offering freebies and extra services is one way to thank your customers and win their hearts in this Christmas marketing concept. You may draw customers to your business by making more interesting and relevant offers that are based on your service or product.

  • Free Packaging
  • Holiday Package
  • Extended Trial Period
  • Limited Collection Access
  • Double Points for Purchasing
  • Trial of Updated app or software

Above all, additional incentives and limited-time offers will raise your chances of converting clients and boosting sales over the Christmas season.

Summing Up

For many sorts of enterprises, Christmas is a time of great sales. By carefully planning and implementing their Christmas marketing strategies, marketers can make the most of the holiday season.

I have thus covered a few Christmas marketing strategies that will aid the eCommerce company in increasing its revenue. You may use these suggestions to strategically organize your New Year's sales.

Pay close attention to changes in consumer behavior and be ready to adapt the shopping experience to their evolving needs and expectations. Christmas marketing suggestions for small and medium-sized companies are included in this article.

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