Christmas Products to Dropship and Double Sales in 2022

Christmas Products to Dropship and Double Sales in 2022

It won't be surprising that the winter holiday is the most significant yearly spending occasion. You should undoubtedly take advantage of the sales opportunity that dropshipping Christmas products provide.

Don't pass up the extra revenue by adding Christmas products to your dropshipping store! This guide will point out some outstanding Christmas products to dropship in 2022.

Why Should You Carefully Prepare Christmas Products to Dropship in 2022

Why Should You Carefully Prepare Christmas Products to Dropship in 2022 - DSers

Many reasons make Christmas products are often prepared for dropshipping by many online businesses:

  • Low startup budget: Launching a dropshipping business for Christmas products won't take you a large budget. The suppliers are in charge of all inventory control and order fulfillment.
  • High flexibility: Like any dropshipping niche, dropshipping Christmas products don't require an office. Anywhere you feel comfortable is OK.
  • Trendy products: Christmas-related products are in style, especially at this time of year. Thus, dropshipping Christmas products is a simple way to make money online seasonally.
  • High-profit margin: Christmas products are produced at a reduced cost. It enables you to sell them for a more excellent price so that you may make a profit. Besides, the high demand for Christmas products will also be a factor that boosts your profit. The statistics below will prove its point.

Dropshipping and eCommerce Statistics for Christmas 2021-2022

Dropshipping and eCommerce Statistics for Christmas 2021-2022 - DSers

Below are some vital statistics that can be helpful for dropshippers:

  • Over $886.7 billion was spent by US consumers during the 2021 Christmas shopping season - National Retail Federation
  • Estimates for 2022 indicate that Christmas season retail sales in the UK might reach 82.2 billion British pounds - Statista
  • 43% of US customers begin their Christmas shopping before October.- Statista
  • According to 43% of US customers, accessories and clothing are some of the Christmas presents they receive - Finder
  • 50% of Christmas buyers choose retailers that use sustainable business methods - Deloitte
  • American consumers' typical Christmas gift budget is 886 USD - Statista 2021.
  • 24% of American customers intend to set up a real Christmas tree - Statista 2021
  • Most 18 to 29-year-olds are anticipated to spend 25 to 50 USD on Christmas trees - Statista 2021
  • 33% of American shoppers spend more than $150 on ornaments - Statista 2021
  • Forecasted 2022 online retail sales are around 30.02 billion GBP for the UK - Statista 2022
  • 46% of internet shoppers prefer to purchase all of their presents from a single source - Statista 2021
  • In the UK, gift cards and vouchers cost an average of 24.34 GBP per person - Statista 2021

How to Choose the Best Christmas Products to Dropship

How to Choose the Best Christmas Products to Dropship - DSers

You may select from a wide variety of Christmas products to sell. Just make sure you collaborate with a reliable dropshipping supplier or agency to deliver you the highest caliber products. Additionally, bear in mind that the ideal Christmas products to dropship should be, for example:

  • The best presents for individuals to give to one another.
  • Customized products to make the recipient feel unique throughout the holiday season.
  • Decor items that are portable and quick to use to make a home seem lovely.

During the Christmas season, these products are in high demand. Everyone is, after all, in a festive spirit, and our loved ones are all anticipating gifts at this time of year.

How to Choose the Right Dropshipping Suppliers for Christmas Products

How to Choose the Right Dropshipping Suppliers for Christmas Products - DSers

The first characteristic to look for in a dropshipping provider is their ability to offer the sort of products you want to dropship. Their products should likewise be of the highest quality.

Alternatively, you might collaborate with a dropshipping partner to acquire the required products and send them directly to your clients.

The latter strategy could be preferable if you want to dropship various categories or a wide range of items, like electronics.

Other essential supplier characteristics to watch out for are:

  • Global fulfillment capabilities: The more extensive your consumer base, the more regions you can distribute to. Therefore, having skills like global fulfillment would be beneficial.
  • Quality packaging: Christmas time is a crucial time for packaging design. It would be great if your provider could provide top-notch packaging that guarantees the product's safety.
  • Operational capacity: Due to a large number of sales over the holiday season, order fulfillment might be hectic. Does the dropshipping vendor you've picked have enough personnel to handle your orders? Do they have enough space to store inventory?
  • Delivery arrangements: During Christmas, delivery schedules are hectic, burdening courier services. Look for a vendor who provides dependable delivery alternatives to guarantee that your clients receive their products on time.

Best Christmas Products to Dropship in 2022

Adding dropshipping Christmas products does not require changing every product in your online store. Instead, it lets you ensure your online store already has the best-selling Christmas products. If you have not got the idea, here’s a list of the top-selling products for Christmas in 2022.

Christmas Clothing

Christmas Clothing - DSers

As we've seen, clothing is one of the most popular categories for Christmas gift purchases. It's a sizable market with lots of options. Along with traditional patterns and hues, you may sell clothes with a Christmas theme (trendy sweaters, elegant dresses, cardigans, gloves, etc.).

Always take your customers' location into account. For instance, if you dropship in Australia, you should know that summer there officially begins in December. Cardigans and thick socks would thus not be as popular there as in Germany or the UK.

However, you may discover many Christmas-related products to sell in the heat and the cold. Below are the apparel market ideas:

  • Christmas socks
  • A couple of hoodies and sweatshirts
  • Christmas sweater
  • Christmas Leggings
  • Christmas dress
  • Family Christmas pajamas
  • Toddler sleeper pajamas
  • Christmas hats
  • Christmas T-shirts and shirts
  • Santa Claus Costumes
  • Christmas slippers

Christmas Decorations

It's time to clean up the house and get ready to take in the enchantment of Christmas. Your customers are prepared to update or completely replace their outdated holiday décor.

If you sell on eBay UK or eBay Australia, start dropshipping Christmas products in this category. Last month, locals there were the most active in looking for the decorations:

Christmas Decorations - DSers

Here are some Christmas products you may select for your business:

  • Christmas LED lights
  • Christmas tree
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Christmas stocking
  • Christmas homeware products
  • Christmas pillow covers
  • Christmas wreath
  • Christmas wooden ornaments
  • Blanket is also one of the Christmas products to sell

Christmas Packages and Gift Boxes

Christmas Packages and Gift Boxes - DSers

Selling gift boxes separately can seem odd. However, you may group these products with other Christmas products in your business so buyers are more inclined to buy them all at once. Packaging options for gifts include embellishments, ribbons, gift bags, etc. If feasible, you can offer your clients tiny gifts in gift packaging. At the end of October, the demand for gift boxes, particularly Christmas boxes, increases.

Christmas Jewelry Products

Do you recall the adage, "Diamonds are women’s best friend"? Of course! Let's face it, girls generally enjoy wearing jewelry. Especially when they are coming from gifts! In this area, shoppers will look for Christmas presents. The following are jewelry specialty suggestions for the holiday season:

  • Jewelry advent calendar
  • Couple bracelets
  • Men watches
  • Christmas themed jewelry

Christmas Products for Kitchen

Christmas Products for Kitchen - DSers

The following kitchen-related Christmas niche ideas are suitable for internet business owners who run relevant specialty businesses and those who own general stores. You may offer a wide variety of things in this product category, ranging from tablecloths and decorations to plates, cookie cutters, and kitchen gadgets. There is a lid for every pot, as the saying goes.

Below is a list of several Christmas Eve kitchen essentials:

  • Christmas polling pin with ornaments
  • Glass/cups decor
  • Christmas table decor
  • Christmas oven mitts
  • Christmas cookies cutters
  • Christmas bowl
  • Wine bottle dust cover
  • Christmas aprons
  • Napkin holders
  • Thermo cups as popular winter products to sell
  • Capuchinator


Toys - DSers

Many kids eagerly anticipate Christmas Eve so they may finally receive their presents. A lot of grownups struggle with making toy selections. You, as online merchants, must provide customers with the newest things available and reassure them that their loved ones will adore the gifts they purchase. Let’s check out what toy niches you can choose for Christmas dropshipping products.

  • Dinosaur toys playset
  • Flying fairy toy
  • My little pony toys
  • Construction tools set
  • Robot toys
  • Crayola's ultimate lightboard
  • First telescope
  • Growing and talking baby doll
  • Remote control car

Games for Christmas

Games are among the top merchandise categories during Christmas. Customers believe that the games would make ideal Christmas presents.

Overall, the worldwide lockdowns and quarantines in the last 2 years increased interest in video games. More time is being spent at home with loved ones or friends. Table games can promote excellent communication and enjoyable time spent together.

Dropshipping games can be a good Christmas specialty. There are many different card games for the whole family or just the adults, instructional games, and board games for youngsters of all ages.

DIY Sets for Christmas

DIY kits commonly referred to as "do it yourself" gifts, are a fantastic choice for Christmas presents for people of all ages. For your Christmas dropshipping products, you can consider the following product niches:

  • DIY dollhouses
  • Dropship DIY wooden puzzles
  • DIY sets for different hobbies

5 Tips to Double Sales with Dropshipping Christmas Products

5 Tips to Double Sales with Dropshipping Christmas Products - DSers

With these tips, you may locate and reach the right clients before your customers. Being the first to engage clients provides you an advantage over other businesses.

  • Christmas emojis must be used in your advertisements. It will distinguish you from the majority of your rivals who will be running advertisements. Customers will find your advertisements more interesting.
  • Customers feel more festive when you play Christmas music at your shop.
  • Use a Christmas-related promo code, such as CHRISTMAS10 or MERRYXMAS20.
  • Deliver things packaged as gifts to clients surprisingly. Your consumer will undoubtedly adore it. After all, they'll feel appreciated.
  • Concentrate on keywords with a Christmas theme to improve your marketing efforts and boost interaction.

Bonus Tip: Maximum Christmas Dropshipping Efficiency with DSers

Optimizing a dropshipping store is always a big challenge, especially on a big occasion like Christmas and many other events in Q4. Thus, finding an excellent dropshipping tool is essential.

Numerous valuable features for Christmas dropshipping are available for DSers like Supplier Optimizer, Bulk Order, Auto Update Order Status, Automatic Pricing, etc. Many dropshippers, like you, can automate their dropshipping chores during the busiest time of the year thanks to the capabilities highlighted above.

Final Words

Your dropshipping business may experience a significant turning point during the Christmas spending surge. The sales might result in mind-blowing earnings, and your promotions could bring in a record amount of customers. Pick the Christmas products to dropship now for your business. Find out more dropshipping ideas on DSers Blog.

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