How to Prepare for the Q4 2022 Dropshipping: Holidays, Trending Products, Tips & Tricks

How to Prepare for the Q4 2022 Dropshipping: Holidays, Trending Products, Tips & Tricks

In dropshipping and retail in general, the fourth quarter of the year is undoubtedly the busiest and most lucrative. Therefore, setting yourself and your company up for success makes sense by becoming ready to handle the expected increase in client demand and sales.

Let’s check out all the Q4 holidays, trending products, and tips on how to prepare for the Q4 2022 dropshipping.

What Is Q4 2022 Dropshipping

Q4 dropshipping is the term used to describe dropshipping orders that are placed and delivered during the last three months of the year. Usually, it starts in October and lasts through the end of December or just around New Year's.

What Is Q4 2022 Dropshipping - DSers

However, this season is more than just a run of calendar months. It is notable because the year's celebrations and activities produce a surge in merchandise purchases.

For instance, the U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that Q4 sales in the USA increased by roughly 9.2% annually. Additionally, American spending increased by 14.2% in 2021 compared to 2020. The primary cause of this increase in expenditure is Christmas shopping.

There is always an increase in sales, even if these statistics may vary from nation to country.

6 Holidays in Q4 2022

There are so many events where eCommerce sales soar, which is one of the critical aspects that make dropshipping in Q4 2022 so unique.

Halloween (October 31st, 2022)

Halloween (October 31st, 2022) - DSers

Everyone enjoys the frightening holiday of Halloween. The United States has budgeted $10 billion for this festival's decorations, sweets, and costumes in 2021. This amounts to more than $100 per individual! Check out the top Halloween dropshipping products in 2022.

Singles’ Day (first 11 days of November)

Singles’ Day (first 11 days of November) - DSers

Alibaba created Single's Day, a significant eCommerce sales occasion in China. Single's Day, which always falls on November 11th, is a hugely successful sales day.

Additionally, rather than ending on November 11, it has been extended through the first 11 days of the month because it has been such a big success. To elaborate, Single's Day provides customers significant savings at all eCommerce retailers. Strangely enough, the discounts will boost your revenue. To be more specific, customers will buy more things at lower costs.

Thanksgiving (November 24th, 2022)

Thanksgiving, observed by the US, Canada, and a few other nations, comes next. The day after Thanksgiving sees an increase in sales every year. Another fantastic year was 2021, with internet sales for Thanksgiving reaching $5.1 billion in sales.

Black Friday (November 25th, 2022)

Black Friday (November 25th, 2022) - DSers

The world's most important shopping day is Black Friday, which gets increasingly popular yearly. Retailers extensively promote their products and offer huge discounts on them on Black Friday. These reductions may reach a whopping 70%. According to CNBC, Black Friday internet sales in the US alone reached a record $9 billion in 2020!

Cyber Monday (November 28th, 2022)

Cyber Monday resembles Black Friday but with a stronger emphasis on technology. According to a TechCrunch story, US total sales will reach $10.7 billion in 2021.

Christmas (December 25th, 2022)

Christmas (December 25th, 2022) - DSers

Probably the best occasion for dropshippers is Christmas. People are already hunting for gifts for their loved one's weeks before Christmas. Therefore, you may benefit from this event weeks before it occurs! There are many dropshipping products available that are ideal for giving as gifts.

It was discovered that American consumers intend to spend an average of $886 on presents and other holiday-related products in 20221, making this one of the year's most significant events.

How Does Q4 Events Impact Dropshipping Activities

The fourth quarter's high point is that your dropshipping company will probably get more visitors and generate more revenue. However, Q4 events frequently have other knock-on impacts for dropshipping businesses. They consist of the following:

Demand Exceeds Supply

During Q4, most consumers often keep their eyes on several trendy products. This frequently occurs because the celebrations provide individuals an excuse to indulge or because products are made more accessible by sales that offer discounts. In either case, these in-demand products frequently sell out quite quickly.

Higher Volumes of Orders

Although high order numbers benefit the company, they also provide a significant logistical problem.

More orders than usual will likely be received, sorted, and shared with your dropshipping suppliers. They will then need enough stock to meet the increased demand and enough personnel to complete all the orders on time.

It is sufficient to mention that there is a significant risk of delays and mistakes throughout the supply chain.

More Shipping Delays

Despite their best efforts, shipping firms frequently become overburdened by many shipments they are required to deliver in Q4.

However, the reason for delays might vary from one shipping business to the next. In most instances:

  • It's possible that the shipping firm lacks the ability to handle and send large numbers.
  • Because of the volume of goods movement, customs clearance may take longer.

More Difficulties in Customer Service

Most consumers purchase products hoping to receive them on specific occasions, such as Thanksgiving and Halloween. But there will be further shipment delays, as was already indicated. Then, you'll have to solve many customer service problems about package delays and delivery timings.

Increased Marketing Costs

The fourth quarter of the year is a peak season for advertising because of the high levels of consumerism. Additionally, this is made worse because all companies are eager to get clients during this time. They start to bid more aggressively due to keywords and ad visibility across several platforms. Consequently, the marketing budget will increase.

How to Choose Winning Products for Q4 2022 Dropshipping

How to Choose Winning Products for Q4 2022 Dropshipping - DSers

You can't just choose any product to market during Q4 and anticipate a spike in sales. Instead, the following set of distinctive qualities frequently characterizes winning Q4 products:

  • Giftable: For a birthday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, many individuals are looking for gifts. Thus, it is crucial that your products may be given as a gift.
  • Hobby niche: The first thing most people consider when shopping for a present for someone else is frequently their hobby.
  • High perceived value: It simply indicates that consumers believe your products are expensiveis expensive. You'll have to compete with other retailers during this period who mark down their products by 50% to 60%. If you have a high perceived value product, doing this is much simpler.
  • Not sold in stores: You must ensure that your product isn't available in most stores to have the best probability of customers purchasing it straight from your online store rather than from a store nearby.
  • Can be put in a set: For certain smaller items, consumers prefer to buy a group of related items at once and combine them into one present.
  • Unique: Nobody wants to buy a "typical" Christmas present. They will obtain something amusing or peculiar that will astound everyone in the room! Or, to put it another way, a product that wows.

Trending Products for Q4 2022 Dropshipping

Popular products in the market now and hence in great demand are often trending in Q4. It may be the newest iPhone, a new PlayStation title, or a brand-new fashion accessory.


If you manage a garment dropshipping business, Q4 can have you grinning from ear to ear. Try to make the following adjustments to your product listings:

  • Halloween: In October, weird and exciting costumes are all the rage. Don't forget to aim for a variety that appeals to children and adults.
  • Winter: Most customers require winter gear to stay warm and look their best while attending all those end-of-year events.
  • Christmas: Wearing Christmas attire is a time-honored ritual that will probably earn significant sales from your consumers.

High Ticket Products

As mentioned above, most customers are frequently prepared to spend extra on high-value products in Q4. Discounted deals, year-end bonuses, or just a general spirit of holiday goodwill might be toall blame for this. Therefore, this would be a fantastic moment to aggressively sell expensive products in your dropshipping business.

Fitness, Entertainment, and Hobby Products

Fitness, Entertainment, and Hobby Products - DSers

The end of the year is often a time for relaxation and spending time with family. They frequently used their ample free time to go shopping for:

  • Fitness products: From skipping ropes and yoga mats to exercise bikes and Fitbits. All you have to do is learn what your target market values.
  • Entertainment products: During the winter, families like playing board games, video games, and cards. Televisions, home theaters, and comparable accessories are also popular in terms of entertainment items.
  • Hobbies products: The start of the ski season in Q4 provides time for hobbies. Products that support these activities, such as ski gear, do well on the market.

Gift-Worthy Products

The gift category has the advantage of including all dropshipping sorts. Although gifts like jewelry, toys, or electronics tend to be the most popular, you may still package the items in your specialty to make them winning products.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers - DSers

The problem with this sort of merchandise is that, although giftable, a customer would require precise information to select the appropriate pair. It is simple for anyone to purchase such a thing for a loved one and have them redeem it for what they require by offering gift cards.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Q4 2022 Dropshipping

You may keep a few pointers in mind during Q4 to aid in your planning and scaling. Despite reading a lot of insightful material, the following advice will be beneficial as you tackle Q4 dropshipping:

DSers dropshipping

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Create Discounted Product Bundles

When purchasing a more significant presence for another person or themselves, people frequently buy your product as part of a "set" with other products, especially if the set is on sale! Increasing your average order value) through products, bundles may enhance your profit.

Create Special Discounts

Q4 dropshipping is all about sales. It's the ideal chance to implement significant reductions without jeopardizing your revenue stream.

Additionally, giving your clients discounts that appear "tailored" makes them feel you are personally attending to them. As a result, there are many different ways to provide discounts; you just need to test them out and evaluate your sales analytics to see which ones are most effective for your shop.

Follow the Trends on Each Occasion

It is a fact that consumer interests and needs are continuously changing, and trends follow suit. This occurs significantly more frequently in Q4 due to how quickly holidays and shopping events shift. As a result, to stay current and competitive, you must constantly follow the trends.

Upgrade Your Online Store to Match with Q4 Events

You have a lot of chances to aesthetically improve and upgrade your dropshipping store, which is unique for Q4 dropshipping. To be clear, this implies that you may improve your store to reflect the current seasonal event. For instance, you may decorate your business with a Christmas motif to draw in more consumers throughout the holiday season.

Optimize Your Dropshipping Operations

This advice will assist you in generally scaling as well as helping you get ready for dropshipping in Q4. In all honesty, manual dropshipping may be highly time-consuming and labor-intensive. Additionally, it may become challenging and error-prone. Having said that, hours of your day are spent on tasks like stock management, order fulfillment, product research, and import products.

Set up an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

You may lower marketing expenses by using email marketing. This is a terrific approach to conserve money while still marketing your shop because marketing expenses rise throughout the fourth quarter.

Additionally, making the most of every visitor to your online business is crucial. Therefore, you may reach many potential customers by creating an email marketing sequence for users who have abandoned their shopping.

Final Words

Every business owner hopes for a surge in sales, but it may push your organization and your capabilities to the limit. Make sure you are ready to manage anything the Q4 2022 dropshipping season delivers when it begins. If you need help with your dropshipping store, don’t forget to utilize DSers as the supported dropshipping tool.

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