4 Tips to Write Commercial Text for the Website to Increase Sale

4 Tips to Write Commercial Text for the Website to Increase Sale

How to increase sales with commercial text on the website? In this article, we will analyze the main secrets of writing strong commercial texts: what commercial text should be like, how to build a structure, and what to pay attention to attract the buyer.

Commercial Text Types

Selling commercial text should push the potential customer to the decision to buy. It helps to gain the buyer's confidence and dispel doubts to show the merits of the product or service. Commercial texts are integral to sales in almost any modern business.

Commercial text can be long in the form of a long read or short in a couple of phrases. Their principles of writing are similar. The following varieties of commercial texts are often the most critical touch points with customers:

  • Posts for social networks. They involve social media followers and turn them into customers.
  • Promotional newsletters. They warm up target audiences, remove objections, and sell.
  • Texts for websites. They present a business and describe its products/services.
  • Blog articles. They demonstrate expertise in the subject and increase customer loyalty.
  • Product cards. They describe products, their features, and their benefits.
  • Presentations and commercial offers. They introduce customers to the product in terms of benefits.

Strong commercial texts on the website can make you use different sales automation software because of too many leads. So you should be prepared for soooo many customers after reading our article!

3 Popular Commercial Text Structures

How to write a commercial text to increase sales? On a full moon, go to a cemetery and recite a magic spell... In fact, it's enough to use a selling structure. There are many of them. Let's look at 3 of the most popular.


AIDA model describes the sequence of blocks in the commercial text that leads the buyer to make a decision. The goal of this structure is to gently induce a person to take a key action. Sometimes this formula is supplemented with C (confidence) and M (motivation).

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An example of a commercial text written on the AIDA model for a banner placed on the website:

  • A - Do you want to get in shape for summer?
  • I - Without exhausting strength training in the gym and counting calories. Now it is possible!
  • D - Our product will help make your dream come true. Large and comfortable dosages, improved composition, and individual help from our experts will give a guaranteed result! New summer with a new body!
  • A - Sign up to get a discount!

A lot of people need help with writing commercial texts following different models. Essay Tigers writing service knows how to write commercial texts using different structures.

2. PAS

PAS model goal is to remind the reader of the abyss of problems through an amplified, beautiful description of pains and fears.

Sometimes PAS model is supplemented with another component: D (Discredit). It is necessary to tell what will happen to the reader if he or she does not use the described recommendation to solve the problem.

An example of a commercial text written on the PAS model for a banner placed on the website:

  • P - Does your child refuse to eat healthy foods?
  • A - This can lead to stunted growth. And nutritional deficiencies often cause various illnesses!
  • S - To help parents solve this problem, our company has created a special cocktail with everything they need for the healthy development of children. It contains many vitamins and microelements, and its taste is sure to be appreciated by every baby.

PAS is a cookie-cutter formula for connecting with an audience and influencing their behavior.

3. ODC

ODC model is often used for short posts and mailings. It is, maybe, the most simple structure for commercial texts.

An example of a commercial text written on the ODC model for a banner placed on the website:

  • O - HOT tour to Greece for 2 with 50% discount: flight from Kyiv, 10 days, breakfast included.
  • D - The offer is valid until 04/30.
  • C - The offer is limited. To apply, click here

You don't have to stick to one commercial text structure. You can combine them and add other blocks.

8 Elements of the Commercial Text

Each element or block of commercial text should sell. After reading this part of the article, consider what blocks can be added to the structure of your commercial text.


The title is the first thing that sees the readers. It must attract attention, intrigue, and arouse interest. The headline in the commercial texts encourages people to "go further": read to the end and make a purchase.

The criteria for the ideal headline:

  • Clear. At a glance, it is clear who and why should read the article and what problem it solves.
  • Simple. No complicated terms and unnecessary words.
  • Uncluttered. The title reflects the article's content and does not manipulate readers' feelings.
  • Contains an interesting detail or quote. Put a detail in the headline that will grab the reader's attention and draw the reader in

Examples of titles:

  • 5 reasons why you should buy...
  • 10 products that will help you...
  • Now you can...
  • Why you should order...
  • How to increase sales...

The headline is 50% of success for your commercial text.

Properties and Benefits

Properties tell people about the product (material, weight, size). Benefits of the product sell it. Depending on the product type, the benefits can be different: healthy food makes people healthier, beautiful home decor gives them warmth and comfort, and fashionable clothes help them become more stylish and attractive.

See the difference between properties and benefits? Good commercial texts contain both. But the benefits come first. Moreover, different benefits are demonstrated for different target audiences.

A great example:

Our chairs are compact and lightweight, so even a child can easily carry them from one room to another. They are made of rugged leather, so they are difficult to damage. They will last for many years.


State offer in a way that the reader can't ignore. You can use this model to formulate an offer: product + targeted audience + benefit + fear.

A great example:

Get a full baby checkup in 2 hours without waiting in line.

Life Improvement

Tell how the product purchase will affect people's lives in the long run. Write what opportunities will open up for them. For example, lending institutions have long been talking about not money but travel or cars that can be bought with that money. A health food delivery company tells about a slim, healthy, and satisfied person. And a family therapist tells about a happy family.


Tell the customer what they are losing by not purchasing the product/service. Typically, a person strongly fears losing something they already know how to do. Often the fear of loss is stronger than the desire to buy something. So when faced with a choice between getting pleasure or avoiding discomfort, most choose the latter.

A great example:

Come for a free consultation with your dentist to keep your teeth healthy. Not attending the dentist regularly can lead to serious problems and costly treatment.


Plenty of commercial texts are around, with "buy, buy, buy" offered to people daily. But as a rule, people now buy from people they trust. How to build trust: discuss cases and customer testimonials and share facts about achievements and awards.

Results and Conclusions

If you are not writing a short post but a long article, emphasize the benefits of your offer at the end of the commercial text. They will help sell your client and can be crucial to the decision. Not all people know how to pick out the main thing from a big stream of information. You can help the reader. Write one or two strong thoughts that set the bottom line and reinforce the person's desire to buy.

Call to Action (CTA)

Even if you describe your offer beautifully, the buyer can't buy if you don't tell them how to do it. At the end of the article, the reader should receive clear instructions and a call to action (CTA): where to buy the product and how to order the service. He must have no questions about further action. For example, leave a link to the website or online store and contacts of a consultant to whom people can ask questions.

4 Tips for Writing Commercial Texts

These 4 tips will help you write better commercial texts.

Be Consistent

The main purpose of the commercial text is sales. But this does not mean you have to offer to buy the product from the first lines. Stick to a selling structure. Talk about the reader's problem first, and only then move on to solving it with your product.

Anticipate Questions and Close Objections

Put yourself in the customer's shoes and think about what additional questions and objections they might have when studying your offer. For example, your customer decides to try a new pet food, but he or she is worried that his cat or dog will not like it. Adding details, do not overload the commercial text with much data - tell only about the main things.

Use Fewer General Words

Every sentence in a commercial text should encourage people to buy, so avoid cliches and standard phrases that don't make much sense. For example, instead of "durable material", specify exactly what the product is made of. Such details will help to write an engaging commercial text that increases sales.

Add Images

As a rule, pictures sell better than words. You should illustrate your commercial text beautifully so the reader will want to try your product. By adding images to the commercial texts, you also can promote your content. Make the commercial text easy to read by highlighting important points and using lists. Focus on the elements that are important to the sale.


How to write a commercial text that increases sales? Follow 5 steps:

  • Study your target audience and segment it
  • Formulate the purpose of the commercial text (what action it should lead the reader to)
  • Choose the structure of your commercial text: AIDA, PAS, ODC, or other
  • Choose a few selling blocks and start writing
  • Check that your commercial text complies with the rules: presents consistently, closes objections, has no common phrases, and is beautifully designed.

Now you know how to write a commercial text that increases sales. All that remains is to put this knowledge into practice.

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