Crosslist Review: Everything You Need to Know

Crosslist Review: Everything You Need to Know

Due to the growth of new apps and marketplaces over the last few years, reselling stuff online has never been easier - or more popular. Many online entrepreneurs rely on cross-selling to increase impressions and sales of their items across different platforms.

Manually adding products and creating listings on each platform is pretty inefficient. In order to improve productivity, you need an application that lets you cross list easily.

Crosslist is one of those applications that can simplify this process, allowing users to quickly cross post their items on other marketplaces to maximize visibility and reach. It also offers expert tips on how to sell on Mercari and Facebook, among many other platforms.

Let's see how it works and what it offers.

What Is Crosslist

Crosslist is an application that allows resellers to cross post or cross list their products on different online marketplaces like Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay. It is very easy to use and saves tons of time for people who consistently resell items in more than one marketplace.

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Let us dive into why people are raving about this application and how it can be helpful.

Benefits of Using Crosslist

Several reviewers on Trustpilot in 2022 have called it one of the best applications they have ever used for cross listing.

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Let’s see why users love Crosslist.

Many Supported Marketplaces

Crosslist currently supports 9 different marketplaces to cross list from and to. In addition to that, they are currently working on adding Shopify and Etsy support in 2022! One particular advantage over their competitors is that they also allow cross listing from Facebook Marketplace to other marketplaces.

Considerable Time Savings

Whether you want to start listing on multiple marketplaces with new inventory, or cross list an existing inventory on other marketplaces, Crosslist has you covered. They have a full suite of cross listing methods available to transfer your inventory efficiently between marketplaces while keeping track of where everything is listed. More about that later.

Not only can you cross list your items, but the application also allows you to edit your listing based on the marketplace you are listing your items on.

Business-friendly Features

Crosslist already has many capabilities that make it a powerful platform to empower your reselling and dropshipping efforts. The direct cross listing feature of Crosslist allows you to immediately cross list multiple listings from one marketplace to another without even having to use the Crosslist application! In short, Crosslist offers almost all the functionalities a reseller might need, from changing descriptions to editing images to personalizing your listings for a specific marketplace.

Additional Benefits

When you download a cross-posting app, you assume that the app will ONLY help you cross-post your listing. Crosslist goes beyond this. It offers the following:

  • Pre-prepared listing templates
  • Image editing tools
  • Top-class customer service
  • Issue resolution with Teamviewer

As its user base grows, you can expect them to add even more useful features, such as automatic relist/delist and other inventory management tools.

Things Crosslist Can Improve Upon

While there are many benefits to using the app, you might encounter the following issues with Crosslist:

  • When an item sells out on a specific marketplace, Crosslist currently does not have the possibility to auto remove the inventory from other marketplaces.
  • Crosslist does not have an option that allows you to add shipping rates. According to a survey, 49% of shoppers abandon their cart due to unexpected shipping costs. This is why it is necessary to mention shipping and avoid negative feedback.

Crosslist Offers Different Import Methods

Crosslist is not a one-size-fits-all application. It offers several different ways of importing listings, making it possible to customize its functionalities based on your requirements.

1) Direct Cross Listing

Direct cross listing allows you to list your items between marketplaces quickly and efficiently. Basically, you can select multiple listings directly from the listings overview on any supported marketplace. From there, you can choose to transfer the listings immediately to other marketplaces – without having to import them into the Crosslist application first.

This can be helpful for people looking to copy their listings on different marketplaces without making any changes to the listing.

Crosslist is currently working on auto-posting listings. As the name suggests, you will be able to make a single listing or bulk listing, and it will automatically post on all your selected marketplaces. While some marketplaces might require additional tags, you will no longer need to confirm each listing individually.

2) Importing in Bulk

If you have a large number of items you want to list, but there are certain modifications you need to make before listing them, you can import your entire inventory in bulk. This can be useful if you want to change descriptions, tags, and images before listing the item in a different marketplace.

3) Importing Single Items

Crosslist also allows you to import listings one by one. This is perfect if you have a large inventory but only wish to make changes to specific items.

How Crosslist Stacks up Against Competitors

Several cross listing applications are currently available in the market, but only a few offer all the functionalities that Crosslist does. Following are some of the offerings that set it apart from its competitors.

Crosslist can help users conquer nine different marketplaces with full cross-listing support. This is more than any other application. These marketplaces include:

  • eBay
  • Poshmark
  • Vinted
  • Facebook
  • Depop
  • Mercari
  • Grailed
  • Kidizen
  • Tradesy

Note that Shopify and Etsy are on the way as well.

  • With its bulk importing functionality, you can save hours listing inventory on different marketplaces.
  • The app festures dynamic fields relevant to the marketplace you have selected. Most applications require you to fill all the tag fields before listing. This means you only have to fill tag fields specific to the marketplace you are using.
  • Crosslist offers competitive pricing. It is much more affordable than its competitors like Vendoo or List Perfectly.
  • Crosslist emphasizes import/direct cross listing from the Facebook marketplace. This functionality is not available in some of the competing applications.

Crosslist Pricing Plan

Crosslist aims to offer maximum functionality at affordable prices. They have three plans that provide incremental functionality. You can start using the application for as low as $24.99/month, with the unlimited package for $34.99/month.

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Wrapping up

Online commerce is growing at an exponential rate. According to research, as of 2021, there are 56.1 million buyers on Facebook alone, and this number is growing every year. This indicates that using online marketplaces to make an income is a good move. To do this effectively, you need a cross listing tool to capitalize on every marketplace. This is where Crosslist comes in.

Users love Crosslist. Along with its wide range of features, the affordable prices, and the 3-day money-back guarantee (if you have created less than 20 listings), Crosslist lets you get a taste of the application before committing to it.

The user-friendly design works well for online sellers, which is why it is kept in high regard by those who have used and reviewed the application. If you are a reseller, you should give it a shot. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

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