Dropshipping Sunglasses: Complete Guide to Start in 2022

Dropshipping Sunglasses: Complete Guide to Start in 2022

Sunglasses are a form of protective eyewear that protects your eye from direct sunlight. They're also an essential accessory you need to enhance or transform your looks. Sunglasses are available in various designs and forms, making them the most versatile products.

These highly fashionable accessories are always in demand, and people buy them throughout all seasons of the year. Hence, there's no harm in starting an online business venture that offers designer sunglasses or shades. In this article, we will discuss dropshipping sunglasses and some essential aspects of the process you should know.

What Is Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a retail business where the sellers receive orders from customers and ship them through third-party service providers. The sellers don't even have to invest in a warehouse to keep a stock of the goods. You can find some dropshipping stores to start your online business with ease. However, dropshipping is booming in the eCommerce sector, and if you also have a low-cost business idea in mind, like selling sunglasses, you can rely on it.  

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When it comes to dropshipping vs. traditional retail fulfillment, what makes the two different is that with the former, the retailer doesn't have to worry about maintaining inventory and physical infrastructure. This is mainly because dropshipping impacts the relationship between suppliers and retailers. With traditional retail fulfillment, for example, retailers first purchase items from suppliers before reselling them on their own.

But with dropshipping, instead of buying items from suppliers and then reselling them, retailers forward orders to these suppliers, who will then fulfill them on their behalf. As a result, no inventory or physical infrastructure is required for dropshipping, which makes it an ideal ecommerce business model where larger items cannot be shipped successfully by mail.

Is Dropshipping Sunglasses a Good Idea

eCommerce is affected by many factors every day, and new trends are coming up every year to run your store effectively. Due to this, dropshippers invest a lot of time in product research to choose the products that go well with dropshipping and the ones that don't. As a dropshipper, you must know about this to avoid severe circumstances like underselling items and insufficient financial resources.

So what can an aspiring entrepreneur do when they are trying to start a dropshipping business that sells designer sunglasses? Should they listen to their interested customers when they insist that branded sunglasses are a great product to sell, or should they stick to the tactics of someone who advocates for strategic marketing and customer surveys before releasing the initial stock?

To decide, one has to carefully calculate the percentage of people who would love to have high-quality designer sunglasses at a fraction of the cost. We did all the number crunching ourselves, and now we're more than happy to say that selling designer sunglasses is a great way to make a profit and promote your business.

According to a report, the sunglasses market has made a revenue of US$23.42bn in 2022 and is expected to grow further in the upcoming years. Amazingly, the market took a drastic fall in 2020 but picked up the pace the same way business owners dreamt of.

Your Responsibilities As a Dropshipper

As a retail store owner, you have to decide which products they'll be selling and how they're going to do the marketing. From choosing the right dropshipper to managing the online store, retailers have to take care of everything. In addition, they have to handle the customers before and after the purchase. Some other responsibilities of a retailer are as follows:

Checking Product Quality

Product quality is something that gets the most attention when choosing the right dropshipper. So, when it comes to dropshipping sunglasses, retailers get a sample first, and then they decide if they want to proceed with the dropshipper or not.

Keeping up with the Requirement

One of the biggest questions facing retail store owners when purchasing drop-shipped products is whether their dropship supplier requires them to place a specific minimum order. If the answer is 'yes,' then the entrepreneur has to figure out how big these initial stock levels can be in order to be profitable.

Calculating Shipping Costs

Business owners also have to carefully consider shipping costs once they work out which dropship company offers the best deals and effectively compete with others in their marketplace.


Successful store owners know it's important to take advantage of trusting relationships, so networking is very important. People often forget that it takes a community of skilled (and willing) people like you and me to run any successful online business. And building valuable networking connections will save you money and time and increase your website rankings in Google Search.

Responsibilities of a Dropshipper

When it comes to dropshipper responsibilities, they have to take care of out-of-stock issues, manage the inventory, find the best shippers, and handle the needs of the retail store that is buying from them. Some business owners have dropshippers all over the world as their business is huge.

How to Find the Right Supplier

You cannot begin your dropshipping process without a partnership with a trustworthy supplier. So, if you're searching for a reliable supplier, you must consider the following tips:

Tip #1

Make sure that the supplier updates its inventory from time to time. The best way to maintain a loyal clientele is by offering them new products as often as possible. In addition, by updating your inventory frequently, you generate interest from previous shoppers who are now intrigued and eager to see what's new.

Your dropshipping sale profit mainly depends on the number of items you offer. So, there's a wide variety of items in your inventory; you can expect an increase in sales. Customers are more interested in trying new varieties when it is about sunglasses or any other fashionable item. So, when building your ecommerce store, it's crucial to negotiate deals with dropship suppliers that provide access to weekly deliveries of trendy designer sunglasses on popular style sites like Pinterest or Instagram.

Tip #2

One very important thing that you need to take care of is, getting all information regarding the seller's shipping services. As you hire one, you must keep in touch and discuss every detail related to the delivery of the packages. According to a survey, in more than 70% of cases, the consumer refused to continue seeking the services of a dropshipper due to poorly executed delivery methods. So, before creating any kind of deal with a delivery service, it's important to talk through the details and ensure that you're both on the same page regarding all of the processes.

Another important thing to ask is whether or not they can deliver worldwide because if your business is internationally popular, then making sure you can distribute your products globally will assist you in getting more exposure and thus lead to accumulating a larger audience.

Tip #3

Keeping an eye on counterfeit items is a very important thing you need to take care of if you want your business to succeed. Being able to easily identify whether or not a brand name is true or fake can prevent a whole lot of negative publicity and customer complaints. Therefore, you must do your homework to ensure that genuine fashion brands make the products in question when it comes to dropshipping sunglasses and other fashion accessories. Not only will this make your customers happy for getting original items but also everyone around because no one should have to deal with someone trying to sell fakes as if they were the real thing.

Why Dropship With DSers

Dropshipping is not a very difficult task, but you have to be careful while choosing the right supplier and take care of the tips mentioned above. However, the designer sunglasses trends keep changing from time to time, and uncountable styles are introduced in the market every year or month.  

DSers dropshipping

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You may find a plethora of suppliers out, but there are only a few you can rely on. With DSers, you get the best dropshipping experience as the platform is full of unique and powerful features.

Its Supplier Optimizer is a very crucial feature that allows you to find the best suppliers while dropshipping sunglasses. This feature is very important to help you sell top-quality products and in increasing your margins.

In addition, you can place more than 100 orders within seconds with the help of the Bulk Order function. It is a time-saving option when you're looking for new ways to get more traffic, more orders, freshly introduced products in the market, and every single option required to grow your dropshipping store effectively.

Final Words

Sunglasses are an essential fashion accessory you must have in your wardrobe, and knowing that you can start with your online store by choosing the right platform and supplier. After getting all the required information about dropshipping, you can easily start with dropshipping sunglasses and watch your business grow as you expected.

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