3 Simple Tips on How to Design Custom Jerseys to Get Ahead of Your Competition

3 Simple Tips on How to Design Custom Jerseys to Get Ahead of Your Competition

Not all products sell like hot cakes on eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, eBay, or Amazon. In fact, product hunting is one of the most crucial and the most challenging part of running a business online.

Consider a situation where you invested a huge amount in your eCommerce business, only to discover that the newly invented electric geysers that you were trying to sell were of no demand in Pakistan, India, or other developing countries that usually have high temperatures.

While some products are absolutely dull when it comes to selling, some are moderately good, such as clothing.

Then there are certain products that manage to draw a visitor's attention for absolutely no logical reason and sell at a very rapid pace. Among such products, we have customizable items such as customized keychains, mobile covers, jerseys, or mugs. These products are amazing as far as engaging a visitor and selling is concerned.

Moreover, the price of customizable products is also cheap, so buyers happily leave positive reviews while enjoying their items.

However, with each passing day, more and more businessmen are adopting this hybrid model of buying and selling, which furthermore has increased competition in the market.

3 Simple Tips on How to Design Custom Jerseys to Get Ahead of Your Competition - DSers

Every other seller has a new item to customize and new ideas to promote their online store, so for this reason, it has become a tough job to maintain business efficiency without applying the right marketing strategies.

In this article, you would learn 3 simple tips on how to design custom jerseys to get ahead of your competition.

1. Understand Your Customer’s Needs

If you own a t-shirt business, your main goal should always be to sell a t-shirt while keeping the size and quality of the shirt completely in accordance with your customer’s needs. It's not about what you want to sell, but what the customer wants to buy.

1. Understand Your Customer’s Needs - DSers

Keeping in mind the current trends and being able to distinguish between what a customer may or may not need is your first achievement in your eCommerce store.

Here are some ways from which you can learn about your customer's needs:

Create Surveys

We can all agree that doing a survey is the last thing a customer would want to do in your store. On the other hand, surveys are extremely important if you want to learn your customer’s needs to provide him with the item that he’s looking for.

To make surveys more fun and engaging, you can offer promo codes to every customer who takes part in a survey. This way, you can have more customer engagement, more sales, and more knowledge about which type of customizable jerseys people prefer.

Talk to Your Customers

It’s a fine practice to keep your inbox open every time for your customers. You can use AI tools to assist you or hire a chat manager to provide 24/7 live chat support to your customers to answer their concerns and warmly welcome them to purchase a product from your store.

Ask Customers for Feedback

Your customers will let you know about the areas in which you need improvement. Always take your customer feedback very seriously since your sales and store optimization depend on the quality of your products.

2. Build a Reliable Brand

Imagine you go to a sports shop, and you see two tennis balls. One has a logo on it, the other doesn’t. Also, both are of the same price.

2. Build a Reliable Brand - DSers

According to basic business psychology, your mind will make you believe that the ball with a logo has a better quality since it is made by a brand. Therefore, you will buy that ball without having a clue that the ball you left behind was actually better.

Here’s how you can build a reliable brand:

Share Your Brand Story with Audience

People would love to hear about your success journey, from where you started, and what achievements did you get on your way.

A brand story makes the audience believe in you and likewise would have trust in the quality of your products. If you’re a dropshipping expert, your audience may want to know How to Do Dropshipping on Etsy and Earn More Income from you.

Come up with Brand Values

Your customers would love to hear what your values are and when they are something like “no compromise on quality,” “customer is always right,” or “we believe in devotion to duty,” you can win the heart of your audience and expect more sales.

Crystalize Your Unique Selling Proposition

Make it crystal clear and easily visible to your customers what’s unique about your products that make them better than your competitors.

Customers will buy your product if you give them a reason to believe that you sell the best stuff out there, and that there is no alternative.

3. Find Reliable Partners

It is difficult to promote your business single-handedly, which is why you need reliable partners who can assist you with devotion.

3. Find Reliable Partners - DSers

Reliable partners may include your suppliers who can supply the items on time, a delivery partner who can deliver your parcels on time, production partners who can customize your products without compromising on the quality, etc.

All of these partners are your backbone in marketing. Always make sure you find the best and the most reliable ones.

How can you find reliable partners?

Search for Qualified Designers

Customizing is all about designing, and that is the beauty of it. If the design fails to meet the customer’s needs, either you may get a return or very poor ratings. Both are equally disastrous for your business.

Always look for expert designers who have mastered the art of designing and can promise on-time delivery.

Choose the Right POD Partner

POD partners are crucial to stores that offer customizable products. You should look for the right print-on-demand supplier who can print custom jerseys in the best way that may look neat, presentable, and attractive.

You can check out Key Features on DSers for any help in this regard.

Set up a Smooth Communication Process

Be friends with your partners and establish warm and long-term relations with them. In business, you can afford unnecessary arguments and delays. There may be rough days, but it is better to behave professionally and let the matter go.

A mature thinker would always prioritize his work because he knows a slight misunderstanding with a partner can cause his store a great loss. Communicate with them often, crack some jokes and always ensure a healthy and friendly atmosphere with them.


Surviving in a constantly growing market is not easy unless you are aware of the business tactics and are fully knowledgeable of what you do.

Your competitors may have their own strategies, but you can definitely outrun them with the right approach. Custom jerseys and other custom products do sell like hot cakes, but their beauty comes with perfection in design, printing, and delivery.

Customers may prefer sports team jerseys or jerseys with specific quotes, your job is not to give them what you have, but to give them what they need. This is a continuous loop that you would need to get in if you aim to grow continuously.

This loop starts with an optimized store, the best quality products, and awesome customer reviews. If you manage to sustain this ever-going cycle, you’re in for a great fortune!

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