How to Do Dropshipping on Etsy and Earn More Income?

How to Do Dropshipping on Etsy and Earn More Income?

In search of the top ways to make money online? Etsy drop shipping may be the wise and one of the greatest choices you should make. Not only is Etsy a simple platform to begin selling online, but dropshipping on Etsy makes things much simpler. Consider not having to store merchandise or worry about shipment. With Etsy drop shipping, you can simply create the item and have it fulfilled by someone else.

It's actually that easy.

The following post will explain how Etsy dropshipping works and how you can use it to make money online.

But, before diving into the ways of doing dropshipping, it would be good first to become familiar with this term (Dropshipping).

Dropshipping: What Should You Know about It

Dropshipping simply implies that a firm handles the production and fulfillment of the items you sell.

In some circumstances, you offer the design for them to manufacture, while in others, you just sell one of their items with your brand or design.

Dropshipping is not a new concept. From this simple notion, thousands of people have started e-commerce firms.

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The ability to identify credible organizations that can drop ship for you online has made e-commerce more accessible to more individuals. Sellers may sell their items on marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay by integrating with dropshipping services.

In short, dropshipping allows you to purchase products directly from suppliers and manufacturers, who then ship orders to clients. This will enable merchants to concentrate on things like marketing and customer service rather than storage and the logistical issues that come with running a retail business. In addition, because you don't have to invest in inventory, it's a less hazardous approach to get started in ecommerce.

Now, after giving a thorough read to understand drop shipping, it's time to know in-depth about Etsy. The following sections will help you understand precisely what Etsy is and how it can be most beneficial for online retailers.

What Is Etsy

Etsy is a third-party internet marketplace where sellers can post handmade or antique items and creative materials. While Etsy began as a forum for small-batch craftsmen and manufacturers, it has subsequently evolved to include merchants of all sizes and sorts. Etsy has about 5 million active vendors and 90 million active shoppers.

How Dropshipping Works on Etsy

Etsy was formerly a marketplace that only sold handcrafted things. Although you may still sell handcrafted things on the marketplace, it has recently grown to support dropshipping. Here, numerous vendors can use this platform along with digital product capabilities. So, if you have creative ideas but cannot find a screen printing press, this third-party service will help you generate more revenue. In addition, Etsy allows you to link your business with these third-party on-demand fulfillment firms to manage your orders.

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First and foremost, Etsy makes dropshipping incredibly tough on its site. If you search its website, you won't discover any statement that specifically bans dropshipping. However, the terminology is associated with comparable business models and modes of operation, such as resale and print on demand.

Theoretically, there are two main ways to "drop ship" on Etsy. We included dropshipping in quotation marks since these approaches aren't technically dropshipping, but they're as near the business model as you can while selling on this marketplace.

Why Is Dropshipping Lucrative on Etsy

Aside from the fact that Etsy is a vast and active marketplace, there are numerous additional elements that make it an excellent dropshipping platform.

Low Entry Barriers

Starting an Etsy shop is a low-cost and stress-free endeavor. It's simple to set up an online storefront in just a few clicks, and there are options for listing things for cheap or no expenses.

Niche in Demand

Etsy caters to a particular type of shopper. Sellers with one-of-a-kind items or concepts they don't believe can scale elsewhere will feel at home on Etsy.

High-Profit Margins

Because these objects are unique and unusual, Etsy products tend to be expensive. However, this is wonderful news for sellers because they may enjoy profit margins of 40% or greater.

Transparent Rules

Etsy has simple rules that govern how the site operates. Having this transparency makes sellers' duties easier and instills trust in buyers, adding to the marketplace's attraction.

Of course, this isn't to claim Etsy is a magical place. For example, listing fees on the site can be expensive (Etsy costs $0.20 for each item), and the network's policies, particularly those pertaining to dropshipping, might appear restrictive. We'll go through some of these in further detail below.

Easiest Way to Start Dropshipping on Etsy

Not only is Etsy a simple platform to begin selling online, but dropshipping on Etsy makes things much simpler. Consider not having to store merchandise or worry about shipment. With Etsy drop shipping, you can simply create the item and have it fulfilled by someone else. It truly is that simple.

Step 1: Select a Product

With over 60 million products available for purchase on Etsy, businesses cannot afford to join oversaturated areas. As a result, performing product research and choosing the best things to market is worthwhile. Consider the best-selling things on Etsy to begin your product investigation. Google Trends and Ahrefs can also assist in determining what buyers are looking for on Etsy.

Plug the website into these tools, and they will generate a report with the information you want. Once you've gathered information on the things Etsy consumers like, consider if you have the resources to make and sell these items. It's crucial to choose items that you can supply of high quality while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

Step 2: Develop Product Designs

Following a product selection, it is time to build unique and exciting designs that purchasers would like. Make sure the designs you generate in this phase are high quality because they will be printed on your suggested Etsy items. There are two approaches to making Etsy designs.

First, sellers may create their designs with platforms like Canva. Alternatively, companies might collaborate with freelance designers from other sites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Step 3: Find a Dropship Partner

When expenses are low, and profit margins are large, dropshipping flourishes. Working with a production partner helps retain these benefits, especially regarding Etsy drop shipping. There are two ways to choose a producing partner. First, merchants may select a dropship partner to deliver blank products on which they will print.

Another alternative is to look for a trustworthy provider on a third-party website such as or AliExpress. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that Etsy values transparency. That implies sellers must provide Etsy and prospective purchasers with information about their producing partners.

Step 4: Select a Printing Service

After obtaining the necessary blank goods from your production partner, you will proceed to print on the objects. Etsy merchants commonly use print-on-demand services for this purpose. Printify, Printful, and Printed Mint are popular print-on-demand services vendors use.

Some print-on-demand firms also serve as manufacturing partners. So they'll create blank or white-label products for you, like phone accessories or t-shirts, print your designs on them, and ship them to the consumer.

Step 5: Launch Your Etsy Shop

You're ready to start your store now that you've completed all the effort of picking a product and settling on your print and production partners. To start your Etsy shop, go to the Etsy website, select "Sell on Etsy," and follow the instructions. You must include your store's name, address, and payment details. You give payment information such as how you want to be paid on Etsy and where you want them to collect fees.

Step 6: Find New Consumers

Finally, you're ready to begin selling. Link/connect your online store to your genuine social media accounts to promote it or have friends and family spread the word about what you do. Etsy also allows sellers to link their Etsy shop to other businesses. You can, for example, link to your Shopify store. Other tactics to advertise your shop to eager consumers include using search engine optimization (SEO) and giving freebies such as free delivery and discounts. You may employ SEO by identifying shoppers' keywords while looking for popular items and incorporating those keywords into your store text.

Top Products Beneficial to Sell on Etsy

Buyers on Etsy like one-of-a-kind or personalized items that aren't widely accessible elsewhere. Consequently, goods that provide uncommon or unique experiences will thrive on the platform. The following are the top-selling goods on Etsy in 2022, according to rank, an Etsy-specific SEO service:

  • Crochet
  • Knitted Items
  • Items produced by hand, such as wooden boxes
  • Necklaces and rings are examples of jewelry.
  • Wedding accessories such as bells, corsages, and bouquets
  • Scarves and hats are examples of accessories.
  • Party goods and paper
  • T-shirts and swimsuits are examples of clothing.
  • Items from the past
  • Home decoration items
  • Collectibles and art


Etsy drop shipping may lead to profitable sales and pleasant e-commerce business. Sellers now have the knowledge and resources they need to launch a successful Etsy drop shipping business, thanks to the information provided in this article. And, if you want to learn more about eCommerce business and experts' suggestions on the same, visit Dsers and go through their all the most valuable blogs.

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