7 Best Customer Data Platforms (CDP) to Drive More Sales

7 Best Customer Data Platforms (CDP) to Drive More Sales

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) has become an essential tool for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge by leveraging the power of customer data. With so many CDP options on the market, choosing the best platform for your business needs can be challenging.

In this article, let’s check out the best customer data platforms to help you make an informed decision and get the most out of your customer data.

What Is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

What Is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) - DSers

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a software system that enables businesses to collect, manage, and unify customer data from various sources, such as online and offline interactions, transactional data, social media, and other channels.

CDPs often include features such as data cleansing, deduplication, and enrichment to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the customer data. They may also have analytics and reporting capabilities to provide insights into customer behavior and campaign effectiveness.

Factors to Choose the Customer Data Platform

Choosing the best customer data platform (CDP) for your business can be daunting. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a CDP:

Data integration: A good CDP should be able to integrate with all the relevant data sources in your organization, including customer data from various channels such as email, social media, mobile apps, and more.

Data quality: A CDP should be able to manage and ensure the quality of the data it collects. This includes identifying and cleaning up duplicate, incomplete, or inaccurate data.

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Data privacy and security: Choosing a CDP that takes data privacy and security seriously is essential. Ensure the CDP you choose has adequate security measures.

Customizability: A good CDP should allow for customization, such as creating custom fields and segments based on your business needs.

Analytics and reporting: A CDP should have robust analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing you to gain insights into customer behavior and track the campaigns.

Scalability: A CDP should be able to scale as your business grows and your data needs increase.

Ease of use: A CDP should be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface allowing you to manage and access your customer data easily.

Customer support: Make sure the CDP provider offers good customer support, including training and technical assistance, to help you maximize your CDP investment.

7 Best Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

Now let’s look at the essential part of this article. Top of the 7 best customer data platforms. Consider each pros and cons and its features to make your own choice.

1. Segment

Segment Homepage - DSers

With more than 300 tools, Segment, a consumer data platform, assists businesses in gathering, purifying, and activating real-time first-party data. More than 25,000 businesses use Segment, a strong base for all data management strategies.


  • Aids in KPI measurement and improvement.
  • Data collection is organized and automated.
  • Enables you to make decisions based on data.
  • Uses the GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations to protect privacy.
  • Makes reliable consumer insights available to all teams for use in marketing, product development, sales, and other areas.
  • Developers can access solutions that can be tailored with functions including profile aggregation, data collecting and integration, and tools & privacy.


  • Integrating data in real-time.
  • Simple connection with current CRM.
  • Data standardization using a standard data dictionary.


  • Confusing process of onboarding.
  • Inserting code snippets is necessary.


There are 3 pricing tiers for Segment: a free plan, a team plan for $120 per month, or a business plan with customized pricing.

2. Emarsys

Emarsys Homepage - DSers

To streamline customer data, Emarsys is a customer interaction platform with strong CDP capabilities. The corporation serves almost 1,500 enterprises in media, travel, sports, e-commerce, retail, and consumer goods.


  • Create analytics driven by AI for effective marketing.
  • Get individualized interactions across various channels, such as email, the web, SMS, mobile, in-store, etc.
  • Data on sales, products and customers may be readily combined, enhanced, and activated.
  • Utilizing their omnichannel integrations solution to unify data.
  • Automation for cross-channel marketing.
  • Impacts consumer encounters through customer lifecycle management.


  • Offers excellent customer assistance.
  • In-person live internet webinars, manuals, and videos are other training options.
  • Interacting in real-time increases loyalty.


  • More metrics may be incorporated into basic reporting.


Emarsys offers personalized quotations. So, to obtain the pricing, contact the Emarsys team.

3. Bloomreach Engagement

Bloomreach Engagement Homepage - DSers

Consider using Bloomreach Engagement if you want to expand your business online strategically. This platform improves the consumer experience while also consolidating your customer data. A whole consumer data platform called Bloomreach has received ISO and GDPR certifications. Companies may interface using the platform's 90+ connectors.


  • Allows you to customize your online experience.
  • All channels deliver exceptional client experiences.
  • Organize all client data in one location.
  • There are accessible built-in connectors and an API.
  • For illuminating reports, real-time analytics will be made available.
  • Uses elements like customized omnichannel, recommendations, and cutting-edge predictions to create distinctive consumer experiences.


  • Easy to use.
  • Implementing advertisements across several mediums.
  • Real-time consumer behavior-based product customization.


  • No automatic survey dashboards
  • Incline learning curve
  • Intricate web layers


You will have a 45-minute demo. Then, you need to contact Bloomreach Engagement for custom pricing.

4. ActionIQ

ActionIQ Homepage - DSers

ActionIQ CDP has a complete tech stack for high-performing enterprises and was created as a remedy for persistent customer data fragmentation. Businesses looking for sophisticated segmentation and improved management of client journeys could use this platform.


  • Combine info in one location.
  • Ensures security through CCPA, GDPR, and other privacy legislation compliance.
  • Campaign management across several channels.
  • Complete management and testing are offered.
  • New audience characteristics are created with no ETL data mapping.
  • Develop consumer behavior insights that can be put to use.


  • A broad range of capabilities.
  • Intelligent trip planning.
  • Excellent client service and support staff.


  • Restricted reporting.
  • Bulky flight procedure.

Prices: Contact ActionIQ for pricing.

5. Tealium AudienceStream CDP

Tealium AudienceStream CDP Homepage - DSers

Businesses may create detailed consumer profiles with Tealium AudienceStream, a platform for customer data. Identity resolution, predictive machine learning, and 1,300 integration possibilities for obtaining your consumer data are notable Tealium capabilities. This CDP, which has received high marks for personalization and sophisticated analytics, works well for managing ads, client engagement, and the support desk.


  • Gives you the ability to customize each interaction across all channels.
  • More than 1,300 integration possibilities exist, such as Facebook, Google Sheets, and Google Analytics.
  • Determine your customers' worth and level of involvement by creating accurate, thorough, and valuable customer profiles.
  • Top-notch machine learning insights.
  • Use complete and current data to give consumers an appropriate experience.
  • Gathers information from any source to produce a comprehensive picture of the consumer.


  • Real-time data handling and capture.
  • Many usage cases.
  • Many types of connections.


  • The learning curve is a little steep.
  • Fearsome user interface.
  • Concurrent user assistance can be enhanced.

Prices: Like many CDP solutions, Tealium AudienceStream CDP offers customized rates.

6. Totango

Totango Homepage - DSers

Improve your interaction with clients throughout the buying process. Totango, a customer success platform, gives you access to customer data in real time, allowing you to take preemptive measures and nurture customers at each touchpoint.

Totango, a favorite among scaleups and startups, offers flexibility and scalability to optimize the client journey. The platform may be integrated with the current tools in your tech stack, allowing you to control all facets of client interaction from a single dashboard.


  • Have a single picture of your customers by integrating with programs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, and more.
  • There are pre-built trip templates available to get data management going.
  • Additional capabilities include customer success campaigns, dynamic filtering, customer segmentation, engagement score, and more.
  • Organize customer encounters.
  • Offer automated procedures with customized communication.


  • Dependable consumer segmentation.
  • Analysis of customer health score data.
  • Data visualization and trend analysis.


  • Interface customization is limited.
  • Some instruction is advised.
  • Pages typically load slowly.


You will have 14 days for a free trial. After that, the price will be:

  • Community: Free
  • Starter: $249/month
  • Growth: $1099/month
  • Enterprise: Custom. You need to contact Totango for pricing.

7. Blueshift

Blueshift Homepage - DSers

Blueshift is a straightforward customer data platform that effectively interacts with consumers and promotes growth. It organizes user experiences, produces pertinent information, and integrates consumer data. It provides services including contextual text, audience targeting, website personalization, mobile marketing, and email automation.


  • Enables smooth customer interactions.
  • Easily integrate with marketing tools like Facebook, Shopify, Instagram, Criteo, and others.
  • Offers tailored information in real-time and at scale.
  • Observance of laws, including the GDPR, CCPA, SOC2, and HIPAA.
  • Gathered and consolidated client data in one location.
  • Creates an omnichannel experience by integrating resources, providing community assistance, and offering library services.


  • Distribute data among channels from a central location.
  • Compliant with industry regulations.
  • Create and edit recommendations.


  • It's recommended to have analytics skills.

Prices: A free trial is available. Then, you need to contact Blueshift for pricing.

Bonus Tips: How to Use Customer Data Platforms to Drive more Sale

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) can be a powerful tool to drive sales by helping you better understand your customers and personalize your marketing efforts. Here are some ways to use CDPs to drive more sales:

Personalize marketing: Use the insights gained from your CDP to create personalized marketing campaigns for each customer segment. Tailor messages and offers based on their behavior and preferences.

Cross-sell and upsell: Use the CDP to identify products or services that complement your customers' purchases. Then, make targeted recommendations to encourage them to make additional purchases.

Reduce cart abandonment: Use CDP data to create targeted campaigns to return customers to their abandoned carts. Use retargeting ads, personalized emails, or text messages to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Optimize customer experience: Use CDP data to improve the customer experience by identifying pain points in the customer journey. By understanding customer behavior, you can identify areas where the customer experience can be improved and then make changes to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Use predictive analytics: Use CDP data to identify patterns and predict future behavior. By using predictive analytics, you can anticipate customer needs and proactively offer products or services that meet them.

Test and optimize: Use the CDP to test different marketing strategies and campaigns to optimize your efforts. Use A/B testing to determine which messages and offers work best, and use the insights gained to refine your approach over time.

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Final Words

In conclusion, customer data platforms offer a range of powerful features and benefits that can help businesses better understand their customers. By choosing the right CDP and implementing it effectively, companies can leverage the power of customer data to drive more sales.

So, take action now and choose the best customer data platform for your business, and start reaping the rewards of a more personalized, practical approach to customer engagement. Learn more helpful tips for your business on DSers Blog.

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