Should You Consider Dropshipping Baby Products?

Should You Consider Dropshipping Baby Products?

It is usually believed that dropshipping is the perfect trick to emotionally steal the heart of your potential customers. The entire idea of dropshipping runs on our ability to build an emotional connection with the visitor. Fortunately, dropshipping baby products automatically encourage an emotional response. New parents are always looking to purchase something amazing for their babies.

Let’s use this emotional attachment for your business model and successfully start dropshipping baby products.

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Is It Profitable to Dropship Baby Products?

If we check this data by Statista, we can observe that the baby clothing market is valued at more than USD 47,000 million. That’s a huge target audience we are looking at.

Even without these numbers, we can easily understand that now baby products are more in demand. New parents want to offer the best amenities to their babies. They purchase the cutest clothes, valuable feeding essentials, and other things on a daily basis.

If you start dropshipping baby products and you know how to market and manage the store well, you can receive appropriate attention on the store. So, it is definitely profitable to start dropshipping baby products.


How Can You Start Dropshipping Baby Products?

You need to first start answering the question: why should a parent buy from you rather than from a marketplace or any other nearby offline store?

Once you have answered this question in several formats, justify it with these statements:

  • Hassle-free services and delivery
  • Quality of products without commute and spending too much time
  • Optimum pricing for products
  • Unique baby products that are not in every store

All these things motivate your buyer to make a purchase. Hence, we can extract many key pointers for success now:

  • You need to have quick delivery and no-hassle purchase options. Now, this can include anything from website load speed to seamless and trustworthy payment modes.
  • You have to purchase one of each product for your dropshipping store to know the quality. If you are using AliExpress marketplace, then order the first product and check the quality. This will also help you take and upload nice pictures of the product.
  • You need to mark up your products correctly. Too high and too low pricing both have a bad impact on your sales. So, check other competitors in the market and decide your pricing structure.
  • Ensure that the product categories and sub-categories on your website are unique and not available on every store.

Dropshipping Tool

One thing that you can do to start dropshipping baby products is to use a dropshipping tool. When you are just starting out, you may not find the need to use a tool for management. But, with time, errors increase and you need better management strategy. For this, a dropshipping tool like DSers can help you manage your dropshipping store from the very starting.

Let’s explore how:

AI Engine To Find Sellers

DSers has an AI-powered engine that helps you look for sellers optimum for an order. On AliExpress, if you type baby products and explore baby products, you would find more than one listing of the same item. This makes choosing an optimum seller difficult. For this, DSers has an in-built intelligent seller-optimization engine.

Automatic Order Update

When you have ordered a product on AliExpress, your DSers dashboard will automatically update the order details. This way you can help customers quickly by checking the status of on order at one place. You only need to integrate your website and AliExpress account with the tool to achieve this.

Bulk Order Placement

If you can see many orders in the dashboard, don’t worry. The tool allows generating all these orders at once. Just a few clicks and all the pending orders will be placed on the DSers website without any hassle.

Multi-Platform Integration

If you are dropshipping baby products through many platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify, you can integrate it all at one place in DSers. Once you do that, your dashboard will start displaying various platforms.

Bundle Order Placement

If around festivals and sale seasons, you have created a bundle order on your website, you can place this bundle order together on AliExpress via DSers. The tool amazingly reduces the time and effort spent on this activity.

Things to Keep in Mind

In the above sections, we have covered almost every important aspect of dropshipping baby products from AliExpress. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:


1. Find The Right Seller

You need to understand that your customers don’t know you are sourcing products from another seller. This means you are responsible for selecting the right seller for dropshipping baby products.

Go to AliExpress, make categories and sub-categories, and look for the following features:

  • Optimum prices
  • Competitive rating
  • Niche products
  • Quality of product
  • Shipping options

Once you find optimum sellers, put them in your list and keep checking the number of products they have available to keep updating your website.

DSers tool can help you manage seller selection without any of the above hassle. Simply integrate your website and tool together to optimize seller selection.

2. Keep Size, Type, and Quality in Mind

When you are selecting the categories of the products, you need to take care of the sizes and types of the baby products. For clothes especially, you need to take care of sizes and types. This means you need to keep track of available sizes on AliExpress and keep updating it on your website.

Always go for products that have more options for sizes to avoid disappointing your users.

You also need to order one of each product to understand a few things:

  • Firstly, it will help you know the quality of products. If something is not up to the mark, you can eliminate that category from your dropshipping store.
  • Secondly, it will help you check the sizes. If the size is too big or small according to the standard size, you can change types on your website.

3. Decide the Markup

Decide product markups for every category. Add this relevant markup price as a price rule in your DSers tool. After this, when you will add a product, the tool would automatically update the pricing following the same type of markup.

Decide the markup according to the spending habits and original pricing of the product.

4. Know What Users Want

Do some research on social media to understand what your users want. For example, you can check the following:

  • See what is trending in baby things on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Use different hashtags on Instagram and find popular products.
  • See what sellers are offering on Facebook and Instagram.

5. Offer the Right Shipping Options

When ordering for a new-born, parents think about the shipping time because in a few weeks only, the clothes may become too small. Furthermore, there’s a certain age for using some things. So, you need to research a lot and find the right shipping providers. If you need to pay a minimal shipping charge for it, markup the product accordingly and find the best shipping options.


If you want to dropship baby products, check the above suggestions. While baby products make a great market, you need to take care of a few factors to create your customer base. For example, if the quality is not right or shipping time is just too long, then you may face issues.

You can also use DSers tool to improve the efficiency of dropshipping baby products. Check more about the product on our website.

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