How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers from the USA on AliExpress: A Stepwise Guide

How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers from the USA on AliExpress: A Stepwise Guide

If you own a dropshipping store, then you might already know that the delivery time of a product can be a dealbreaker for many.

Though, improving the delivery time of products is one of the major obstacles that is faced by many dropshipping store owners.

One of the best practices is to find local dropshipping suppliers from the USA that can help you achieve the same. In this post, we will let you know how to find dropshipping suppliers from the USA to shorten the delivery time for your customers.

AliExpress Dropshipping: Things to Know

When it comes to dropshipping platforms, AliExpress has to be the first pick of both beginners and pros alike. As part of the Alibaba group, AliExpress is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world with a catalog of more than 100 million products.

From electronics to clothing and beauty to security – you can find products in all sorts of categories on AliExpress. Furthermore, AliExpress also has an official dropshipping tool (DSers) that can help you select the best suppliers for your products, track your orders, and manage your store – all in one place.

Why Pick a Dropshipping Supplier from the US

If you search on AliExpress, you will find that most of its suppliers are based out in Asia. Let’s suppose that your customer has ordered a product from one of these suppliers.

Not only will there be a substantial shipping period, but the product can be blocked by Customs. Therefore, you should consider finding dropshipping suppliers from the USA for your local customers due to the following reasons.

Shorter Delivery Time

It has been observed that around 87% of customers consider the delivery time of a product a crucial factor in their shopping experience. Needless to say, if your supplier is based out of any other country, then it would automatically increase the delivery time of the product that might be a turn-off for your customers.


At times, some products can get stuck at the Customs while getting delivered from abroad. In this case, your customer might have to pay an extra fee that would not provide a favorable shopping experience.

Other Factors

These days, more and more people are getting curious about the origin of the products they are buying. A lot of customers like to know about the manufacturer of the product and prefer USA-made items.

How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers from the USA

You might already know that there are thousands of suppliers on AliExpress. While a lot of them are from China, you can also find suppliers from other countries as well like the USA, Turkey, Australia, and so on.

To find dropshipping suppliers from the USA, you can use the inbuilt “Ship to” and “Ship from” filters on AliExpress. Here’s how you can use these filters to find suppliers in any category on AliExpress.

Step 1: Look for the Product of your Choice on AliExpress

To start with, you can just go to the official website of AliExpress and look for any product for your dropshipping store. You can browse any existing category or simply enter keywords on the search bar on AliExpress. For instance, here I have searched for laptop bags, but you can apply any other keyword of your choice.

AliExpress - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Step 2: Filter the Products for the USA

Once you enter keywords, AliExpress will provide a vast list of suitable products. Now, to find dropshipping suppliers from the USA, you can go to the country listing at the top-right corner. Here, you can go to the “Ship to” field and make sure that the United States is selected.

AliExpress - DSers
Source: AliExpress

As you will make this selection, AliExpress will display a list of products that are eligible for shipping to the US. Furthermore, you can find a “Ship from” feature on the toolbar (adjacent to the pricing filter) on AliExpress. Just click on this option and select “United States” to get dropshipping suppliers from the USA.

AliExpress - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Step 3: Browse the Available Suppliers

That’s it! Once you make this selection, AliExpress will again update the list of items, matching the filters that you have applied. You can now go to any product page and note the respective supplier that you can find in your dropshipping tool.

AliExpress - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Other Tips for Selecting Dropshipping Suppliers from the USA

As you can see, you can easily find dropshipping suppliers from the USA with the existing filters on AliExpress. Besides that, you can also consider these pro tips before selecting an ideal supplier for your store.

Verify Tracking Details

After selecting any supplier, you will get options to track the order on any dropshipping tool like DSers. If you want, you can also ask the supplier for a tracking ID in advance for any existing product. Later, you can use the tracking ID to verify that the supplier is originally from the US or not.

Check Shipping Information

This is another smart approach that you can follow to find dropshipping suppliers from the USA. Simply select a product of your choice on AliExpress and check its estimated delivery time. If the supplier is from the US, then the delivery time is likely to be less than 2 weeks while for other suppliers it can be more (like 20-30 days).

Other Things to Note

Apart from that, there are a couple of other things that you can also check for the supplier that you are interested in. For instance, you can consider checking their shipping method as most of the US-based suppliers pick options like DHL, UPS, or USPS.

You can also read the review of the products you are interested in. Mostly, you can check logistic details about the product (like shipping information) and can also read the feedback of its existing users about its delivery time.

AliExpress - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Find Hundreds of Dropshipping Suppliers on DSers

For all those who are planning to start or mange a dropshipping store, DSers would be an ideal pick. It is the official AliExpress dropshipping tool that is available for free and has some of the most advanced features.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


From finding the perfect suppliers for your store to managing your orders, you can do it all in one place on DSers. The platform has a unique Supplier Optimizer feature that would help you find the perfect supplier for any product (to generate maximum profit). You can also come up with bundle products, order products in bulk, map variants, and do so much more to make the most of your dropshipping store in no time.

There you go! I’m sure that after following this guide, you can easily find dropshipping suppliers from the USA. Apart from listing a step-by-step solution for finding the right dropshipping supplier, we have also included some smart tips and tricks that you can follow.

Though, if you want to have a hassle-free experience while managing your dropshipping store, then simply use a tool like DSers. It is the official AliExpress dropshipping tool that offers some of the most advanced features to manage your suppliers, orders, and products like a pro.

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