What Is eCommerce Marketing Automation - 10 Best Strategies to Grow Your Business

What Is eCommerce Marketing Automation - 10 Best Strategies to Grow Your Business

As a business owner, you've to focus on a lot of tasks, and there's no possibility that you can handle all tasks by yourself. Today, several companies are relying on marketing automation strategies and software to achieve revenue and growth goals.

What Is eCommerce Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can help small business owners get some free time, so they're not bogged down by manually managing every aspect of their marketing campaigns. eCommerce with marketing automation creates an amazing shopping experience for the store owner and the customer as well.

With the best eCommerce marketing automation strategies, you can create bespoke marketing campaigns, and the audience loves to shop from your store. You can appoint professionals to handle the SEO of your online store and optimize the content, or you can invest in eCommerce marketing automation and get results.  

10 Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Marketing automation can prove to be a vital tool to achieve all your business goals, but you cannot proceed without knowing any good strategies. So, let's take a look at the top ten eCommerce marketing strategies to grow your business.

1. Use of Dynamic Content

Dynamic content means customizing the content of your store as per the visitors. Dynamic content is a part of eCommerce's best automation marketing strategies because it optimizes the content and images according to the visitor's preference. In addition, the user's activities, demographic data, and other characteristics are taken into account to modify the page. So, the visitors get to see the best offers, increasing your sales, and it gives a well-personalized experience.

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For example, when a bunch of people visits your store, the words they're typing in the search section or the items they seem interested in buying are used as information to customize the store. The next time they visit, the items they were looking for appear on the top, and they also get a list of suggestions.

2. Applying Automation to Follow the Leads

Many companies and online store owners know that following up with the leads and checking the response on the proposals is a very time-consuming process. Therefore, you must imply marketing automation for follow-up tasks and checking up upon visitors in the past. First, it saves your time, and secondly, your past customers would love to browse your store again and get some deals done.  

If you're an extremely busy entrepreneur, automated follow-up strategies can definitely help you in the process by sending real-time notifications. You get these notifications when the leads are on your site or engaging with your emails. In addition, you can also set up reminder emails for when you're waiting on a proposal or quote to be signed and create customized lead journeys based on a person's interactions and engagement with your brand.

3. Retrieving Abandoned Carts

There's a massive number of people that love to shop online, but unfortunately, more than 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts online. eCommerce stores lose about $18 million every year because customers abandon their carts. However, you can convert this cart abandonment issue into an opportunity to boost your sales. There can be umpteen reasons why visitors abandon their cart, like a connection issue, unavailability of various payment options, and more.

You can use automation to send a reminder to your visitors and inform them about their abandoned cart. You can also add an extra message to know the reason they left their cart abandoned. So, you can incorporate their answer to avoid future loss.

4. Engaging with Old Leads

eCommerce marketing automation is an effective strategy to regain the leads that were interested in buying your product or service. Such leads are extremely useful as they visit your store for a valid reason but lose touch due to multiple reasons. With automation, you can easily reach out to them and tell them about the best products, exclusive discounts, and exciting packages to generate sales revenue.

You can also send them specific sale coupons or special discounts (reducing the price just for the visitor) that come with an expiry date. Such exclusive offers and deals always attract past customers, and as they're already familiar with your store, they'll likely buy the item.

5. Using Chatbots to Generate Leads

If you're implementing chatbots on your website, they'll surely prove to be beneficial in generating leads. Chatbots are one of the most effective automation marketing tools online marketers are using to drive sales.

After all, bots can do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to collecting data on site visitors and leads. Plus, they're available 24/7, so you never have to worry about missed opportunities. Thanks to AI, chatbots can double as sales reps on your website – generating leads and collecting data on site visitors and leads.

💡 PRO TIP: When implementing chatbots, you have to ensure that you're not integrating the bot with a marketing automation platform, as it will result in inefficiency.

6. Creating Personalized Landing Pages

With eCommerce automation, you can show your customers what they want to see. You can easily track their online browsing behavior and demographic data to connect with them. For example, if a user is looking for the best wristwatches, you can automate your online store to help them land right on the page that displays amazing watches. It will immediately gain users' attention, and they may buy the item this time.

To get this benefit, you have to use the best marketing automation software and get segmented lists to build landing pages. These pages will target a specific set of audiences and result in a better rate of conversion.

7. Automating ABM

ABM stands for Account Based Marketing, and through which you get to focus on quality rather than quantity. It targets the accounts already engaged with your online store to strengthen the relationship. Even though companies prefer to run the campaigns manually, automating the process means you'll be saving a lot of time and getting better results. In the beginning, the campaign targets some accounts and places them in the automation software to introduce your company and guide them towards qualified results.

Instead of searching for new potential customers and leads, you can use ABM automation that targets old accounts and requests them to be part of the campaign. Then, if they like, they join the campaign and avail of all the benefits.

8. Segmenting the Subscribers

Segmenting your subscribers gives you the advantage of boosting sales as you'll be offering your customers the thing they already want. You can segment your contacts according to their location, average order value, choices, age, profession, etc.

For example, you can create two different newsletters for your customers and pass the right messages to the right people. Moreover, there are several other ways to do segmentation to reach different types of customers and send them well-targeted messages.

9. Investing in an Automated Social Listening Tool

Automated social listening tools are great for monitoring customer conversations. By tracking phrases, keywords, hashtags, and industry-specific terms, you can see how people talk about your brand and what they expect from it.

Some social listening tools are also equipped to run sentiment analysis on captured data to give you actionable business insights. By capturing the perfect phrases, you can easily get a better outcome for their choices and offer them the same thing they want. It can be discounts, a specific product, something unique, or exciting gift wraps.

10. Automating Reviews

Customer reviews and feedback received in any form are crucial to increasing a business's credibility. So, if you're thinking about manually collecting reviews and posting them to your website, you're inviting numerous challenges your way.

However, if the emails are automatically set for the users and sent to get feedback after receiving the product, it can work wonders for your store. Automation can also be very useful if you add website push notifications and review sections right on the website to gain the credibility factor more quickly than you thought.

Wrapping Up

eCommerce marketing automation has been helping several businesses to grow efficiently. If you're also keen to avail of the benefits, you just have to invest in the right automated marketing platform that is well-tailored to your needs. Most automated programs are well-adept at setting up personalized and targeted marketing campaigns, so you can look for additional benefits like pre-built templates for landing pages and added page builders. You can easily start by segmenting the subscribers according to their browsing behavior, purchase habits, demographics, etc., and create a better engagement.

So, with the best eCommerce marketing automation strategies mentioned above, you can work on making your business successful. To read similar interesting marketing tips, start following DSers blog page.

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