Must-Have Tools for Your E-commerce Dropshipping Store

Must-Have Tools for Your E-commerce Dropshipping Store

If you search the internet right now, you will realize that some of the best dropshipping and e-commerce platforms were started by new entrepreneurs. They had an idea and a passion for their small business, which helped them become big.

However, this doesn’t mean everyone should jump headfirst into the dropshipping model without preparing themselves. At the time big e-commerce businesses were designed, they started the trend, which gave them enough time to grow and make changes.

Businesses entering the market now are already expected to work in a certain manner and offer a few services by default. So, you need tools for that.

We have a list of 7 amazing tools that your e-commerce store can use to grow your business. Dive in and start reading.

Why You Need Tools for Your Dropshipping Store

Before we move forward with the discussion, let’s look at the tools you can use for your dropshipping store. We know that you have some doubts about using various tools, so let’s clear up some confusion.

The first reason that we believe in the power of tools is automation. Every valuable tool on the market is trying to offer you the ability to simplify tasks. This is to say that if you are using an accounting tool, you are mitigating challenging calculations. Similarly, if you are using a tool for email marketing, you are setting a routine for email campaigns.

What is all this? This is automation!

The second reason for using tools is accuracy. We are only human and we end up making mistakes. As your e-commerce or dropshipping business grows and you receive more orders, you can end up making mistakes too. Therefore, to achieve accuracy, you need tools.

The last reason for using some of these tools is customer expectations. Our users now expect us to respond quickly and ship really fast. All this is possible only when you have relevant tools to optimize your supply chain pipeline. In reality, you can achieve these things in person to some extent, but using tools will help you satisfy customers’ requirements.

Must-Have Tools for Your E-commerce Store

Keeping the above factors in mind, it is very important to start using tools and software for your business. Even if you are a dropshipping store and just managing orders, you need the following tools to grow and improve revenue.

Check out the list:

1. E-Commerce Platform

The first tool that you should have as a dropshipping or e-commerce business is a platform. You need a website to manage your online orders. Even if you started out as a social media business initially, it is best to eventually create a website for online orders.

For this, there are two well-known platforms: Shopify and WooCommerce.

Shopify is like a marketplace for e-commerce websites. You can pay for the subscription, find a relevant template for your e-commerce store, and set up your store without any coding knowledge in a few days.

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WooCommerce, on the other hand, is a plugin that you can install on your WordPress website. You will need to purchase a theme on WordPress and create a website. Here, external hosting and a domain can be used. Depending on your coding knowledge and business requirements, select the right platform.

It is also possible to use other platforms, like Wix.

2. Digital Payment

In your online e-commerce store, you need to accept digital payments. Many users like paying online via trusted sources. It is not trustworthy to directly transfer payment to you on your bank account. Additionally, several users like to send credit card payments, which is only possible if you have a trusted payment portal.

Digital Payment - DSers

For this, you can collaborate with Stripe or PayPal portal. This will offer you a reliable medium to accept payments and offer returns.

3. Dropshipping Tool

For dropshipping businesses specifically, you can use a dropshipping tool. It will help you automate your supply chain and place orders in a click.

DSers is a leading dropshipping tool that helps you manage your supply chain activities. You can maximize your profits, streamline your order activities, and ensure better customer support.

DSers dropshipping

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Here’s a quick overview of the DSers tool:

  • DSers has an AI search engine that allows finding the right supplier for a product on your dropshipping store. When a customer places an order, you can find the supplier that is most suited for the order.
  • Similarly, the tool has an in-built search engine to help you find products. You can compare the features of products, which will help you find the right products for your e-commerce website.
  • You can place bulk orders with a click. Since your dropshipping account is synced to your AliExpress account and your website, everything flows automatically.
  • This feasibility also helps you cater to customer needs really quickly. Just open your dashboard, find details and help your users.
  • There’s an option to create a pricing rule for your dropshipping store. Moving forward, every product you add to the website will be automatically updated with pricing according to this rule.

4. Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing is important for every business. In particular, e-commerce stores and dropshipping businesses need to send regular updates on orders to different customers. Using email marketing tools like MailChimp helps you automate a few emails, such as welcome messages, order shipped, etc.

An amazing fact is that you can integrate your email marketing tool with the above dropshipping tool. This means that you are able to handle your entire business from a centralized office.

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5. Social Media Management

E-commerce is everywhere!

You need to be present on every social media platform to make more money. For this, you need to create social media posts for all your channels, so that you have maximum engagement. However, we tend to forget to use an automation tool for the same, which makes us achieve less.

For example, you may skip posting on the weekend because you didn’t get time. If you had had a social media management tool like HootSuite, this issue wouldn’t have occurred. You would be able to connect with your potential customers and social media audience on a regular basis.

6. Communication Tool

If you are a business that has a few members in its team, you need a tool to effectively and securely communicate. You can’t keep connecting over the phone or sending messages on WhatsApp. That’s unprofessional and it interferes with the personal lives of your employees.

Hence, use a communication tool like Slack, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams. This will help you stay connected through the proper medium.

7. Customer Support Bot

One of the best tools on our list is the customer support bot. While earlier we may have designed the bot specifically for it, today it is not required. Now we have businesses that are offering you a customer support bot as a service. Find the right one and improvise your support strategy.

8. PIM Tool

PIM stands for Product Information Management, but it has many different names like Product Image Manager, Product Content Manager, Product Data Manager, and so on. Basically, it is a way to store and update product data on a company-wide level. This tool is essential for companies that deal with a lot of product data and sell on multiple channels. It saves time, money and boosts productivity immensely.

If you are familiar with this software then you understand it can be costly, especially for small to medium businesses. However, there are PIM’s targeted at SMB’s, like Plytix PIM for example. In fact, we would go as far as to say that if you are a SMB and you do not utilize a tool like this then you will always lose out to the big companies.


Using e-commerce tools only helps you enhance the return on investment of your business. You can streamline processes, maximize your margin, and offer seamless support to users. All these activities help you grow your business and create a loyal customer base. Hence, even if these investments seem like an unnecessary expense right now, they may reveal amazing profits later on.

Find tools that are right for your business and think about deploying this technology!

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