Facebook Marketplace Fees: Is It Possible to Dropship for Free on It

Facebook Marketplace Fees: Is It Possible to Dropship for Free on It

Have you considered dropshipping through Facebook Marketplace? Or is it possible to dropship for free on it? The platform may be utilized for dropshipping, but what about the Facebook Marketplace fees? Let's find out all the answers in this post.

What Is Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace (FBMP) is a feature created to allow users to purchase and sell products directly on the Facebook app. Since its launch in October 2016, it has swiftly risen to the top of the list of the most used online marketplaces for buying and selling products.

What Is Facebook Marketplace - DSers

Although anybody with a Facebook account may use the Marketplace, users between the ages of 18 and 34 utilize it most frequently. Although the Marketplace has almost everything for sale, some of the most sought-after products include furniture, women's clothing, and digital devices.

On the Marketplace, there are no costs connected with purchasing or selling, in contrast to other online markets like eBay or Amazon. Due to this, it is a desirable choice for those trying to sell unwanted stuff or earn a bit of additional money.

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Facebook Marketplace is becoming a good place for dropshippers to start their own business. Do you know how to dropship on Facebook Marketplace? Keep reading to discover more!

Pros and Cons of Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace

You've probably got a good idea of what Facebook Marketplace is. Let's now weigh its advantages and disadvantages to assist you to decide whether to dropship on it or not.

Pros and Cons of Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace - DSers


  • Broad and free niches: It doesn't confine you to a particular market. As long as it is not against community rules, you are free to sell any hot products.
  • Free: Merchants with sales under $500 are not subject to transaction fees. Additionally, you are not required to pay membership fees or commit to a subscription plan.
  • Security: Transactions on Facebook are secure for both buyers and sellers.
  • Easy to use: To utilize Facebook Marketplace, you don't necessarily need to be an expert in dropshipping; listing items using the template given is simple, and there are instructions to help you.
  • Easy and exact reaches: Because Facebook shows products to users based on their demographics and interests, Facebook Marketplace is a simple method to reach your wanted target audience.


  • Hard scaling: It may be challenging to expand your dropshipping company on Facebook Marketplace to a global scale due to location constraints.
  • Nation restriction: There are just a few countries where you may access the Facebook Marketplace.
  • No multiple imports: Facebook Marketplace does not let users import numerous product listings simultaneously, unlike other eCommerce platforms. Individual listing creation can be time- and labor-intensive.
  • Complex automation: Although conceivable, automating Facebook Marketplace operations is significantly more difficult than on other platforms.

What Does Facebook Marketplace Fees Include

You should be aware of Facebook Marketplace fees before beginning dropshipping on the platform. So let's check out Facebook Marketplace fees. Facebook Marketplace does not impose any fees for individual sellers.

What Does Facebook Marketplace Fees Include - DSers

However, there are two separate fees that merchants or sellers who have accounts on the network must pay: selling fees and chargeback fees. But one of FBMP's most significant benefits is that there are no listing costs.

Selling fees: After each transaction, selling fees are automatically subtracted. Facebook Marketplace levies a selling fee of 5% for each shipment or a fixed rate of $0.40 for goods priced at $8 or less.

Therefore, this is how it appears in an actual transaction. A $1 selling charge will be taken out by FBMP if you sell an item worth $20. On the other hand, FBMP won't remove 5% of $6 if you sell an item worth $6. Instead, a fixed cost of $0.40 will be charged.

Chargeback fees: Customers occasionally file charges, meaning they want their money back. In such a case, FBMP retains the transaction sum or "chargeback fees" in a chargeback dispute until the problem is addressed.

Comparing Facebook Marketplace to other selling platforms, it is generally considered affordable. Dropshipping on Facebook will thus enable you to grow your company more quickly.

Is It Possible to Dropship for Free on Facebook Marketplace

As one of the most popular venues for online enterprises, Facebook Marketplace, has over 1 billion monthly users, according to Statista. Dropshippers who want a piece of the action are growing, which is concerning.

Is It Possible to Dropship for Free on Facebook Marketplace - DSers

Is the Facebook Marketplace prohibiting from doing dropshipping? The response is a happy one. Dropshipping is permitted on Facebook Marketplace. However, vendors must adhere to the following Facebook Marketplace dropshipping rules below.

About Account

According to its commerce eligibility standards, only verified vendors are permitted to dropship on Facebook Marketplace. You need a verified Facebook account to dropship on the marketplace. The social networking site will use various methods to confirm verification, including your security number and bank account.

About Selling Fee

Is there a price for using Facebook Marketplace? Yes. As mentioned in the previous part, although there is no fee to register as a vendor, Facebook Marketplace selling fees must be paid when you make sales. Each transaction on Facebook is subject to a 5% transaction fee.

About Products

Facebook Marketplace has stringent rules for product sales. According to Facebook's Commerce Policies, about 25 products and services are forbidden. For instance, selling adult items, alcohol, animals, gambling, and used cosmetics on the Marketplace is prohibited. There are additional restrictions on tickets, gift cards, and vouchers. Dropshippers shouldn't transgress the Facebook Marketplace's product guidelines. They'll be penalized if they do.

About Fulfillment

Dropshipping on the Marketplace, Facebook merchants are obligated to offer precise delivery. They must specify the processing and shipping times for orders, such as whether it will take less than 30 days or more. Additionally, orders must be filled in the time frame specified. Additionally, customers should be given accurate tracking information.

About Refunds and Returns

This is a significant aspect of dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook's sellers must react to refund requests from customers within two business days. Facebook will step in to resolve the situation if not. Additionally, the seller must issue a reimbursement to the client within two days of receiving the returned products from the customer.

About Payment

Although there are no restrictions on payment methods on Facebook Marketplace, it advises merchants to utilize PayPal and Facebook Pay. To prevent payment conflicts while dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace, use the official form of payment.

Free Guides on Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping

You may begin dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace as an online merchant. You may quickly set up an eCommerce business with little initial expenses and make excellent earnings without investing in merchandise or warehousing expenditures. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace. Furthermore, you may start it for free!

Create Your Free Facebook Dropshipping Store

Create Your Free Facebook Dropshipping Store - DSers

For registration, Facebook doesn't charge anything. In other words, Facebook users may build a store for free by creating an account. Once registered, you may use Facebook Marketplace for free and begin drop-shipping products. Remember to verify your account.

Find Best-selling Products

The secret to success in any dropshipping marketplace is finding winning products. You must first understand the Facebook Marketplace categories before rushing to find items for your online business.

Find Best-selling Products - DSers

There are 18 categories for selling stuff: cars, clothes, electronics, outdoor furniture, home products, office supplies, pet supplies, sporting goods, toys & games, and more.

You can search for the ideal dropshipping niches based on the categories.

Choose a Facebook Dropshipping Supplier

A FBMP dropshipping company runs well thanks to a supplier. There are several choices available, both free and paid. Nevertheless, only a select few vendors are suitable for Facebook Marketplace dropshipping. Due to Facebook Seller Policies, you should consider trustworthiness in addition to pricing. For your Facebook dropshipping store, you want a trustworthy supplier.

Create a Facebook Marketplace Listing

Have products and providers been chosen? Cheers! Selling on Facebook Marketplace is now possible. How does it function? Product listings are required.

Using a Facebook Marketplace listing, you may advertise publicly selling products. To create a listing on the marketplace, do the following steps:

Step 1: Click Create new listing on the Marketplace page. The editing box will then open once you click Item for sale.

Click Create new listing - DSers

Step 2: Then, you can upload product images here as well as information about the product, such as the title, price, category, condition, and description. Simply replicate those details from the dropshipping vendor. Pay attention to the price set here, please.

upload product images - DSers

There will be costs for selling on Facebook. It is thus advised to establish a price that is two or three times greater than the cost of the product. Click Next after all product information is complete.

Step 3: Decide on a shipping method third. Dropshippers on Facebook can select Shipping Only.

Step 4: Click Publish after selecting Marketplace. Now anybody can view and purchase your product on Facebook Marketplace.

Click Publish after selecting Marketplace - DSers

Fulfill Dropshipping Orders

You don't have to spend anything upfront to make sales on the Facebook store, mainly if you use a free dropshipping platform. You must contact the Facebook Marketplace dropshipping provider for fulfillment when you get orders.

Track Your Orders

Tracking order is an essential step in dropshipping. With Facebook Marketplace dropshipping, it's also an indispensable step. To make it more convenient in order tracking, you can use dropshipping tools that support tracking orders on the Facebook Marketplace.

Bonus Tips: How to Start Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace with AliExpress

By first completing a form, the AliExpress items may be imported to Facebook. To upload product data into Facebook Marketplace, you should contact AliExpress.

Bonus Tips: How to Start Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace with AliExpress - DSers

A dropshipping tool makes it feasible to dropship from AliExpress to Facebook Marketplace. Due to this, Facebook business owners that dropship may get hundreds of products at discounted prices.

Using a product importer tool, you may duplicate things from AliExpress and place them on Facebook Marketplace. Simply click the "save" option to display once you browse the AliExpress product.

Additionally, Google has several dropshipping tools at your disposal. One of them, for instance, is the AliExpress Dropshipping Center, which merits our attention. It is a free resource for learning about dropshipping merchandise.

Final Words

You now have access to all the information you want regarding Facebook Marketplace fees. You may start dropshipping on Facebook and make substantial earnings because of its affordable selling fees. Discover more about dropshipping tips on DSers Blog.

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